Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zaid Rushes In

Following a link from Malaysiakini, we found ourselves, unexpectedly, in Mr.Zaid Ibrahim's blog. We have no interest in what he says, generally, for we have not forgotten that he had once suggested that a member of the Executive, a Minister, should head the Bar. To our surprise, we find that he confesses, in his blog, to having watched a pornographic video.

It is a stunning confession indeed, coming from someone who aspired, and still aspires, for very high office. He was under no pressure to offer such a confession. He then went on to insinuate, that he believed the video was real. He rushes to try and legitimise it, when everybody else laughs at it, and BN backpedalls furiously to try, too late, to disassociate themselves from it. Even Chegu Bard, an oftentimes PKR dissident, has declared that it is not Mr.Anwar. Mr.Zaid, rushed too, to urge Mr.Anwar to hand over his DNA, to an untrusted authority that wilfully ignores the importance of chain of custody when gathering evidence.

Some may decide to assume that he is a tool of the BN. Perhaps, but we think that it may be his own internal demons that have made him stoop so low.

Mr.Zaid took it as a personal affront that he lost in the recent PKR election. He had decided to blame Mr.Anwar, amongst others,  for it, and seems quite happy to take the low path, if only he can get back at Mr.Anwar.

Those possesed of such low vindictiveness, will make poor material for Parliament. And Parliament is already filled, with enough poor material.

Where angels fear to tread, fools rush in - Alexander Pope

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