Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Man With The Big Belly

We must advise The Man With The Big Belly, that it is bad for his health. Having too much fat in the middle may lead to diabetes, heart problems and backache amongst other problems. It may be caused by too much food or too much beer.

We recommend a careful diet and exercise if he wants to reduce his weight. Or perhaps a stay in some expensive health retreat, in the United States, where such clinics are popular among the rich. We believe he can afford it. For he would have been richly rewarded, for his recent acting role in a much advertised pornographic drama. This drama is the first of it's genre, a political pornographic drama. Malaysia, it appears, has broken new ground.

It was made, curiously, in black and white, in tribute to Charlie Chaplin perhaps, or Harold Lloyd. For it is surely a comedy, though that may not have been the maker's motive. Black and White is also an excellent medium, coincidentally, to hide disguise.

The drama appears to have been produced by Mr.T, who seems to have turned from bad actor to bad producer. But then, Mr.T was never known for good acting, he was always, only muscle. And we believe, that this time too, Mr.T is no mastermind, merely hired muscle. The mastermind, we suspect, may never be found. Unless he is one of those politicians who, today, vehemently denied any knowledge of anything about anything. Or perhaps some supposedly retired politician, who never tires of stoking racism, and has more than a passing fondness, for politically motivated, but ill-conceived, fabrications.

On an unrelated matter, we note that Mr.Anwar Ibrahim has never been known to exhibit a paunch. Nor has he acquired one now.

The devil, it is clear, is always in the details. If only The Man With The Big Belly had been put on a diet, or made to run marathons, they may have been able to convince a few more of the credulous, and a few more of the guillible.

But they hurried too much, perhaps to meet the schedules, of a Bornean election.

So now they stand exposed, and must pretend to investigate, that which they already know.

It will not daunt them though, for we believe they are under Sisyphean curse, and so must try, yet again.

Their schedule will no doubt conincide, the next time, with the next General Election.

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