Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Perkasa

Dear Perkasa,

We congratulate you on exercising your right to assemble by demonstrating outside the PKR HQ. We wish all Malaysian citizens had the rights you seem to so easily enjoy.

We are curious, though, why you were demonstrating on this issue. Surely, it has nothing to do with your stated aim of defending Malay rights.

What could it possibly matter to you whether Mr.Anwar hands over his DNA or not?

We hope there isn't a Hidden Hand behind you. And we hope that you were not specially created by this hand for specific purpose, like Saruman's Uruk-Hai. We only mention this, because then, we would have to address our letters to a Hidden Hand. And we don't really know if we should be exchanging correspondences with hands or for that matter, noses or tails. Though we are quite sure we have the Hidden Hand's address which is, honestly, between you and us, not at all hidden.

And why would Mr.Anwar's DNA be needed? We hope it's not to plant it somewhere. Because no matter how much water and sunlight you provide, it really won't grow. Therefore, no matter how good a farmer you are, you will have nothing to sell. And if you did, I don't think you will have any buyers. Because your produce gets ever more difficult to swallow. You will have to look for really guillible customers. Of which there are less and less in Malaysia as they all seeming to be learning too much from the Internet.

We will end on a different note, if you don't mind. You should really consider giving up racism. As we have written to you before, it is highly unfashionable these days.

Yours Unracially,

The Owl

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