Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Muzzling Chee Soon Juan

Mr.Chee will not be able to stand in the Singapore Elections just announced. He has been declared a bankrupt, and may neither stand nor involve himself in the elction campaign. The first he cannot overcome, but the second rule we know he will defy.

If there is one trait he has consistently exhibited in all these years, it is defiance of unjust authority. In Singapore, it is a most unusual trait. His struggle, consciously or not, appears to be based on Gandhian principles. He advocates non-violence, goes on hunger strikes, refuses to pay unjust fines, and would rather be incarcerated than compromise his principles. Every one of which acts, Mr.Gandhi too embraced. Mr.Chee has been ridiculed by his political enemies and called 'a dud' by Mr.Lee Kuan Yew. Mr.Gandhi was called a 'fakir in a loincloth' by Mr.Churchill. Not that we are comparing Mr.Churchill to Mr.Lee; Mr.Churchill was no shameless bully.

It is a pity that Mr.Chee cannot stand in this election because he would most likely win. Which is why the PAP fears him and why they will not allow him to. They cannot handle him now, and they do not want to have to contend with him in Parliament.

It may be time  for Mr.Chee to ask Singaporeans to donate towards paying off his fine. He owes S$300,000 to Mr.Lee Kuan Yew and S$200,000 to Mr.Goh Chok Tong. We are certain he will be able to collect enough. Though it is a shame that even more of Singaporean's hard earned money, will find it's way into Mr.Lee's and Mr.Goh's already thick wallets.

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