Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Come To Defend Lee Hsien Loong, Not Ridicule Him

Dear Mr.Lee Hsien Loong,

We have heard the scurrillous lies, spread by your political enemies no doubt, that you have collected about S$3,500,000 in salary and bonuses, not including perks. We write to assure you, sir, that we do not believe a word of it.

We still remember, sir, that you had rejected generous offers in England, in order, you said at the time, to return and serve your people. We believe you will not be taking more than S$1 per year as token sum, as long as you are given the opportunity to serve your nation. Because of course you do not need such monies. Why would you accept such horrendous sums? Unlike many Singaporeans even today, you come from an extremely well-off family.

We give even less credit to the calumious untruths we have heard, that your father too collects millions from Singapore's public monies, simply for dispensing 'advice'. Surely he would give you advice for free, if you were to ask him for it.

As for the rumour that you are paying individuals like Mr.Goh Chok Tong, long past their sell-by date, millions, to still sheepishly hang around, why, it's a laughable notion.

Do not be discouraged, sir, by these spreaders of such falsehoods.

We will never believe a word they say. For we still remember and hold dear, your lofty words, of long ago, and can never believe, that you have been so reduced.

Yours loyally,

The Owl


  1. LOL, how about the $3+ million rubber-stamp residing in the little shack we call the istana?

  2. Didn't you read that the Istana jaga had his pay upped by 26% to $4.268 million this year? All the ministers and their cronies will get similar increases as a result.