Thursday, March 24, 2011

False Uniforms, And 'Fresh' Faces In Singapore

We suppose the PAP wears white uniforms to try and prove they are pure, or clean, or something equally untrue. They are of course, as many Singaporeans will have realised by now, none of those things.

What they are is an entirely false set of hypocrites. With, we grant them, fat paychecks. Like apparently attracts like, if the new set of PAP candidates are any measure. They quickly don, like Kim's little helpers, the PAP's white uniforms, rendering them instantly cogs in the PAP's ugly political machinery. Hyped and ready to participate in unfair elections, support repression and even, in the case of one particularly unprincipled and sycophantic fellow, promote the very laws that incarcerated his father.

These are not the agents of change that Singapore needs. These are the opportunistic pursuers of office and the benefits that go with it. Taking the case of Mr.Janil as an example, we have watched him speak and find him false, saying things he does not believe in, and really too much focused on himself.

On the ISA, he thinks it pragmatic for the state, and offers no explanation, other than vague mumblings about 9/11. He does not know, nor does he, we presume, particularly care. It matters little to him that citizens have spent decades in Singapore prisons simply for being the elder Lee's political enemies. Already, he sounds like yet another fear-mongering, repression justifying PAP politician. The only real reason for the continued existence of the ISA in Singapore is to ensure the citizenry is cowed, their voices silenced and to perpetuate the PAP's rule.

Singapore is a 'wonderful' place he says, hoping, we assume, that this will endear him to more credulous voters. In wonderful places, we would like to point out to him, you should be able to speak your mind, without fear of arrest by the 'Special' Branch, Singapore's own secret police. Is it normal to have secret police in wonderful places? Or is he not aware that they exist?

Liberty and freedom of the individual, of assembly, of the press, of fair elections means nothing to the PAP's 'new' faces. They will indeed fit very well, into the PAP. And if these are the 'talents' that the PAP offers, then freedom and fair play in Singapore's future will be as in Singapore's past; non-existent.

It is left now to the opposition to gain the support of the electorate, and to the electorate, to free themselves, by the vote.


  1. If we don't cast our vote wisely, who knows, one of our very own children, relatives or friends might end up in jail for the most flimsiest excuse that some of the most cunning politicians on this planet will not hesitate to resort to.

    The same applies whether we are in Singapore or Malaysia, as long as cunning and ruthless politicians are in power.

  2. Singaporeans, do recognise that these are the dogs that would be unleashed on you once they have conned you into getting them into parliament.

    They shake your hands and grin from ear to ear now for your votes. But once they are in, you can only see them about your problems after your name rank and serial numbers have been taken and your private and personal problems screened and APPROVED by his personal bodyguards and grassroot helpers. That is if he even agreed to see you. This is nothing new as it has been happening for a long time. It is time to wise up to being used by such people, with the audacity to call themselves the people's representatives in parliament.