Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Mr.Lee Hsien Loong

Dear Mr.Lee Hsien Loong,

We are informed that you are the Prime Minister of Singapore. We had, somehow, mistakenly perceived that the Prime Minister of Singapore was Mr.Lee Kuan Yew. In the event that he really is still the PM, please do us the kindness of passing this letter on to him.

We write to alert you, sir, that Mr.Goh Tok Chong and Mr.Jeyakumar are still claiming to be members of your cabinet. Whatever could they be still doing in the Cabinet, when you are already the new Prime Minister for some years now? We hope you will put an end to their charade, sir, and send them on their way to the lecture circuit.

We are also surprised to note that, despite being ostensibly highly educated, the rest of your Ministers appear unusually uninspiring and uncreative. When questioned, they inevitably hide behind a bunch of numbers and statistics, which they rattle of with alarming rapidity. In an attempt, perhaps, to disguise the fact that they are colourless dullards.

We believe a lot of these bores are attracted to their jobs by the fact that it pays extremely well, and can have additional payoffs of up to 8 month bonuses. Not because of any notion of public service.

We look forward to your return correspondence, and congratulate you on your extremely generous, self-awarded bonus for this year.

Yours In Awe,

The Owl


  1. HAHAHA this made my day!


  2. incase PM Lee is booted out in this coming GE, the walk-over position of President is still available to him and of course, his elderly father will be the President mentor.

    so no worries for both father and son in the event they bite the dust together in the GE.

  3. send to uninformed friends!