Sunday, March 20, 2011

The DAP Vs. Humane Values In The Sarawak Election

We have just read the latest posting on . We understand their grief, and we share their pain.

We are less than impressed with Mr.Kulasegaran's tepid, weak comments on the issue as reported by the Malaysia Chronicle. Mr.Kulasegaran appeared to have been instantly dismissed by Ean Yong, who is reported in the same article to have said he has no comment on the matter, and would leave it to the authorities. That, we would like to tell Mr.Kulasegaran, is what happens when you leave matters to the "good judgement" as he said, of those who have shown none.

We have little interest in false, half-hearted apologies from unrepentant offenders like Ean Yong, or, for that matter, Teo Nie Ching, both swept into office in the political 'tsunami' of 2008. They have now become, in unexpected office, arrogant and uncaring. Their offence is grave, that of supporting an animal abuser, and by extension supporting animal abuse. While the DAP is stained for good, by it's outrageous, unprincipled silence in this matter.

We will focus instead on the election in Sarawak. The capital of which, is called Kuching. Which in Malay means cat. What strange fate, or divine providence, brought about this curious co-incidence we do not know. But we will take it as a clarion call to stand against the DAP in the Sarawak election.

As should all those who fight for a humane society, human rights and animal rights. For there will be no repentance from the DAP. We know this from their silence, we know this from their twice disrespectful treatment of activists who attempted to submit them memorandums, we know that as they disdain the activists, so they disdain humane values and animal rights. They only understand the language of cynical political calculation, so we must teach them, political lesson. It is an election where every vote will count, and your vote will make a difference.

Having said that, in seats where the DAP is not standing, vote for Pakatan parties.

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