Monday, March 7, 2011

"It's just a cat!" says DAP's Heartless Ean Yong

Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching of the DAP have tried to white-wash the most obscene of crimes. Horrible tortures and killings commited against helpless little animals. The kittens were brutally, cruelly stomped to death by Chow Xiao Wei. Her act was caught on video or she would not have been speaking at this press conference, shamelessly pretending to be sorry.

The intent of these DAP reps was clearly to try to get this monster off the hook. Otherwise they would have sent her to the authorities and allowed the law to take it's course. They instead tried  to turn the perpetrator into the victim.They do not at all care about the horror, pain and terror that the kittens suffered in their last moments of life. Ean Yong went so far as to tell an ouraged caller(who will testify to it) that "It's just a cat".

Neither Ean Yong nor Teo Nie Ching are fit to be a part of DAP or any party espousing Universal Justice. They do not understand the meaning of compassion or humane values. They are no different from the BN that they criticise.

We call on DAP and its leader, Mr.Lim Kit Siang, to sack these despicable, uncaring representatives from his party. For if he does not, and we visit his blog where he calls for humane values often enough, he must be deemed hypocritical.

We call on Selangor's Pakatan Rakyat government and the Menteri Besar to immediately drop the callous Ean Yong from the State Exco. He is not fit to hold such high office, or any office at all.

And most certainly, neither of them should be on any Pakatan party's list of candidates for the next General Election.


  1. Despicable Ean Yong- "it's just a cat" How can you represent us if u've this kind of attitude?

  2. it's emotional of you to kutuk EY kaw kaw based on only four words in isolation without
    a) knowing exactly what the outraged caller said to EY to get that response
    b) considering what he's said and done about the entire issue.

    according to news report and photos, EY held a press conference and he must've said 400s of words (not just 4 words only) on the topic, and no where did he ever say that the girl's actions were justified.

    don't simply anger people to lepas geram. chill.

  3. can i just kill him and say "he just a human"..

  4. I love your blog. And i believe you are an animal lover as weell. I just read this letter in Malaysiakini from an activist and think you should reproduce it here . The style of writing is similar to yours ,.....very powerful and meaningful. Keep up the great work.

    This is the letter.

  5. Dear anonymous,

    Irregardless of what the caller said to Ean Yong,his response should not have been "it's just a cat".That shows what he really thinks of animals.If the public is out his blood then it's his fault.He shielded the murdering fiend,answered on behalf of "it" and even went to the extent of stopping NGOs from asking more questions.These are not reported in the news but since I was there so I happen to know its true.So to Mr Ean Yong & Teo Nie Cheng,you are a true warrior of the Kitten Killer and I shall not vote for you in the next election..Off with your heads!

  6. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi

    Ever wonder why some people think that apology is sufficient? These are the reasons:
    1- Cats are Malays
    2- The Malays are forgiving and practice lotsa tolak ansur
    3- The Malays x suka gaduh2 (tak caya gi tengok The Amazing Race Asia S4, or the last time when a surau was vandalized by Chinese boys during the month of Ramadhan)

    Thus some people think that apology is sufficient for killing kittens.

  7. To anonymous from March 9 12:13am,

    Why bring race into this? I don't see your point at all. Since when are cats Malays? Cats are cats.

    I don't think an apology is sufficient from this girl and my respect for DAP has just gone down the drain.

  8. TO "it's emotional of you to kutuk EY kaw kaw ANONYMOUS, whatever it is "A LEADER MUST TALK LIKE A LEADER' or he's not fit to be one. If a person can be so easily angered with just a few words until he can open his mouth without thinking, he is not fit either. And if a person can harness a killer who likes killing harmless animals not just one but 3!not only 2 kittens but also the mother cat who came to the rescue 2 times and not just once, well we should think it over now whether we would want to be led by him. And to all our Malay friends out there, our chinese friends and our Indian friends, its time to speak out. WE DO NOT INTEND TO TAKE ANYONES LIFE LIKE CHAO OR WE WILL SHARE HER MENTALITY, WE ARE NOT HERE TO KILL! WE JUST WANT JUSTICE!