Saturday, March 19, 2011

Muhyiddin And The Demons Of Sarawak

Mr.Muhyiddin, apparently, sees demons and ghosts, as reported in The Malaysian Insider today. And he does not have, Bruce Willis for a psychiatrist.

We are concerned for him and must advise, that he should visit a psychiatrist, even if a lesser-known one. He may be suffering from schizophrenia, the symptoms of which can include bizarre hallucinations. Another symptom is disorganised speech and thinking, which we have also observed in Mr.Muhyiddin, though he is not the only BN politician we have seen, to be so afflicted.

He looks somewhat anxious, and may therefore be suffering from anxiety disorder, which is also common in schizophreniacs.

Though, to be fair, his anxiety may perhaps be caused, by the announcement of the Sarawak Elections. Which Elections the BN was forced to call, as their time is up. In more ways than one. And so Mr.Muhyiddin tries to quell his anxieties by showering projects and money, like so much confetti, on all and sundry. While the Election Commission turns its head away, and pretends not to notice, these gross violations of electoral rules.

We hope the people of Sarawak, will not be affected by mass hysteria suggested by Mr.Muhyiddins visions, and start seeing phantoms as well. Unless it is the insatiable vampirical apparition of Mr.Taib Mahmud. Which ghoulish presence is reported to have sucked their state dry of its wealth for many a decade, and due perhaps to indigestion caused by over-indulgence, vomitted it out on various prime real estates and banks around the developed world.

For Mr.Taib Mahmud and his crew of fiends, are indeed, Sarawak's real bogeymen.

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