Thursday, March 31, 2011

An 'Animal Farm' In Singapore

For those who have not read Animal Farm, it was a story about farm animals who revolt and throw out their whip-wielding owner. The pigs, being the smartest, then run the farm. We will not spoil the book for you by revealing more, but here is how their propagandist, Squealer, justifies the pigs getting the milk and all the apples :

"Comrades!" he cried. "You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples.
Surely, comrades, surely there is no one among you who wants to see Jones come back?"

Now if there was one thing that the animals were completely certain of, it was that they did not want Jones back. When it was put to them in this light, they had no more to say. The importance of keeping the pigs in good health was all too obvious. So it was agreed without further argument that the milk and the windfall apples (and also the main crop of apples when they ripened) should be reserved for the pigs alone.

If you can tell the difference between Animal Farm's pigs and their taking all of the best things, and the PAP's politicians and the obscene amounts they are paying themselves, then we congratulate you.

We cannot.

Note :
Animal Farm was published in 1945. We do not know whether George Orwell would have imagined it to still be happening in 2011, in Singapore. But we are certain, that he would not have expected any country to have combined the worst elements of "Animal Farm" and "1984" in quite the way Singapore has. Courtesy of the milk-drinking, apple-munching PAP.

We Come To Defend Lee Hsien Loong, Not Ridicule Him

Dear Mr.Lee Hsien Loong,

We have heard the scurrillous lies, spread by your political enemies no doubt, that you have collected about S$3,500,000 in salary and bonuses, not including perks. We write to assure you, sir, that we do not believe a word of it.

We still remember, sir, that you had rejected generous offers in England, in order, you said at the time, to return and serve your people. We believe you will not be taking more than S$1 per year as token sum, as long as you are given the opportunity to serve your nation. Because of course you do not need such monies. Why would you accept such horrendous sums? Unlike many Singaporeans even today, you come from an extremely well-off family.

We give even less credit to the calumious untruths we have heard, that your father too collects millions from Singapore's public monies, simply for dispensing 'advice'. Surely he would give you advice for free, if you were to ask him for it.

As for the rumour that you are paying individuals like Mr.Goh Chok Tong, long past their sell-by date, millions, to still sheepishly hang around, why, it's a laughable notion.

Do not be discouraged, sir, by these spreaders of such falsehoods.

We will never believe a word they say. For we still remember and hold dear, your lofty words, of long ago, and can never believe, that you have been so reduced.

Yours loyally,

The Owl

Singapore's Questionable Cabinet

They are, of course, morally corrupt, or they would not be handing out undisguised S$800 bribes just before the elections. But this is not the type of corruption we will be speaking of.

We speak of financial corruption, for what they collect every year from public funds, is indeed corruption. It is blatant, legalised, stealing. Politicians from other countries, have to jump through all kinds of hoops, before they can accumulate such amounts. They have to set up proxy companies, and hand out contracts to their relatives, or stick their hands under the table, to accumulate such funds. At least that way, there is a chance they might be caught, and made to pay for their crimes.

But Singapore's Ministers only have to check their bank balance every month, to make sure it's all there. No country in the world pays so much, for what should be public service. It is not public service, if it is so outrageously remunerated. It is odious legalised corruption.

Meanwhile, some Singaporeans have to survive on one meal a day, on good days two. This statement of course, will be met with quick denial. How can we prove it? We would tell these suffering souls to protest publicly, but they would be quickly arrested, and hit over the head, with some draconian statute, or the other. We would ask them to write to the newspapers, but their letters, would never be published. They know little of social media, and computers, are luxuries they cannot afford.

The average citizen, we know, does not agree with the Minister's salaries. But there is little they can do about it. By overwhelmingly voting in the PAP at every election, they have created a one-party state in Singapore. They may have done it because they felt it safe. But now they are robbed, and helpless. The PAP Ministers can decide, at whim, whatever they want to pay themselves. There is no Opposition to speak of, to stop them, and they have long ago lost fear of the electorate. There was no referendum held on these ridicoulous salaries. If there was, the PAP would have, for once, lost. Singapore's citzens still have a chance, to show their disapproval, in the coming General Elections. If they do not, then the PAP will continue with it's feeding frenzy, and citizens will just have to grin and bear it.

Let the ministers take S$20,000 a month or S$25,000 if they must. Together with their perks of free housing, free cars, free holidays and goodness knows what else, it should be enough to live more than comfortably. Handing out seven-figure sums to Ministers, does not neccessarily make them less corrupt. The more someone has, the more they will want. We know they are not averse to giving out bribes, as in the case of this S$800, so where would they find the moral fibre, to resist taking them as well?

We will run off and join the private sector if you cut our salaries, they will threaten. All the better, for fortune-seekers, should have no place in Singapore's Cabinet.

Peter Chin Spends RM5 Million, To Play Pretend

The pudgy Mr.Peter Chin will spend RM5 Million, we read, to raise public awareness on Green Technology. What on earth for, when he has not implemented any green technology projects, that we have heard of.

In any event, he has the entire mainstream media at his disposal. Including The Star, The New Straits Times, Utusan, Berita Harian, TV1, TV2 and TV3. TV1 and TV2, among that list of propangandic spouters of untruths, are entirely funded from public funds. Is this not enough media for Mr.Peter Chin? Does he need to waste public funds on more? He only needs to open his mouth, and they will stick enough cameras and microphones at him, to knock him off his feet.

This RM5 Million, of course, will be spent on a PR campaign to raise Mr.Chin's profile. It is smoke and mirrors to cover the sad lack of green technology projects in Malaysia. It is clearly entirely meant, to raise public awareness of Mr.Peter Chin, not Green Technology. Of which technology, we see no sign.

What we do see, is RM21 Billion about to be spent on some very ungreen technology.

It will be spent on 2 nuclear power plants, which may soon be built poorly, and maintained haphazardly, not too far from your house.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Acts For Nazri To Table, And We Hand Out A Few Awards

We are concerned that Mr.Nazri Aziz felt compelled to attempt to use the Witness Protection Act to protect a gang of porn exhibitors. Clearly, he needed a Porn Exhibitors Protection Act for this, and finding it yet to be enacted, has been forced to misuse the Witness Protection Act (He has since admitted that he made a mistake, though he didn't sound too sorry).

As such, we feel it appropriate to suggest other Acts that he may find useful to table now, for future use.

The Racist Buffoons Protection Act will come in handy to protect Mr.Ibrahim Ali.

The Just Plain Buffon Protection Act may help save Mr.Bung Mokhtar from being lynched by irate female motorists.

The Never To Be Prosecuted For Daylight Robbery Act will ensure Mr.Samy Vellu ends his days without ever being charged. Or perhaps you have already enacted this one.

The Shockingly Corrupt Chief Ministers And Ex-Chief Ministers Protection Act will at one go, shield both Mr.Taib Mahmud and Mr.Khir Toyo. And it will also help legalise the protection Mr.Taib seems to already enjoy.

The Perfidious Conspirators Protection Act will aid too many to mention, in his own party, Umno.

The Silly Ass Protection Act will, as we have mentioned before, benefit Mr.Nazri himself.

And here are some awards that really must be conferred to these well-deserving recipients.

The Foot In The Mouth Minister Award to Mr.Hishamuddin Hussein for the statements he makes every time he opens his mouth.

The Keep On Announcing Projects Even If You Have No Way And No Funds To Implement Them Award to Mr.Najib Razak.

The So What If I'm Immoral Award should aid Mr.Chua Soi Lek as he goes around unashamedly holding party office, and encourage him to angle for public office.

The Never Mind If I'm Incompetent, Just Give Me A Job Award to Mr.Koh Tsu Koon whose job is done for him by Mr.Idris Jala, while Mr.Koh lounges around, parasitically living off the public purse.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Malaysia, An Entire Political Party, The DAP, That Supports Animal Abuse

In early March this year, a video made the rounds in Malaysia showing an individual kicking, beating and stomping several kittens to death. When the helpless, terrified kittens tried to hide in a drain, she used an umbrella to poke them to death. When the kitten's mother rushed to their rescue, she beat it away using her umbrella as a weapon. This is the link to the video Kitten torture and killing . It still haunts us.

The video made it's way to Facebook, and the individual was revealed to be a Chow Xiao Wei who resided in the Malaysian state of Selangor. She was soon subject to a barrage of criticism, and some threats, on the social media. Malaysia has laws that deal with such miscreants, though sadly, the maximum punishment is a 6 month jail term. This is never handed out, such criminals are usually let of with a USD 60 fine if they are at all brought to court.

What made this incident far worse and threatens even more the safety of helpless animals in Malaysia, is that a Malaysian political party, the DAP, decided to get involved on the side of the animal abuser. On March 6th, two DAP state representatives, Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching, orchestrated a press conference to support and protect Chow Xiao Wei. Animal welfare activists and other compassionate citizens who gathered, outraged, outside the venue of this press conference, were at first not allowed inside. When they were finally allowed in, they were quickly stopped from asking questions by the DAP.

In a nation where poaching is rampant, cruel, ill-run and ill-monitored zoos are everywhere, and animal abuse is a daily but rarely exposed reality, the actions of a political party in supporting such abuse is a serious blow to animal welfare in Malaysia. One of the DAP representatives, Ean Yong, is reported, incredibly, to have said "It's just a cat".

Animal rights activists who later attempted to submit a memorandum to the DAP were met by deliberately closed doors and switched off front lights at the DAP's headquarters. A few days later, the activists went to Parliament and met with some of the DAP's elected MPs. They were entertained with scoffs and rudeness.

Not a single DAP leader or politician, has apologised or shown the least remorse for their actions. The DAP cares not for the welfare of animals. Animals, they reason perhaps, do not vote. Yet they try to pretend to be, a party that champions humane values!

Chow Xiao Wei, meanwhile, has not been brought to justice, and if were up to the DAP, never will be.

Nazri Will Always Have A Place, On Libyan State TV

Libyan State TV is not, for those who are unsure, a comedy channel. They may be hilarious, but that is not their intention. They mean to be convincing.

We believe Mr.Nazri Aziz, Malaysia's minister with neither portfolio nor direction, faces the same predicament. He has no intention of making jokes, but people still laugh at him. It must be quite vexing.

Mr.Nazri, of course, has more in common with Libyan State TV, than just being a source of buffoonish entertainment. They both try to turn victim into perpetrator and perpetrator into victim, equally unsuccesfully. Libyan State TV tries this with Ms.Eman Al-Obeidi while Mr.Nazri takes his shot at Mr.Anwar Ibrahim. Mr.Nazri it seems, is Malaysia's answer, to Libya's Hala Misrati.

In his latest statement, he offers to protect a trio of porn exhibitors, as 'whistleblowers' and 'witnesses'. We do not think this is what the Witness Protection Act and the Whistleblower Act were meant for.

In the first place, what criminal act could they possibly be witnesses to? Unless perfidious conspiracies are a crime, in which case they will have to testify against themselves.

Nor can we understand what they have been blowing their whistles on. The whistle has in fact, been blown on them, by Mr.Johari Abdul who is the MP for Sg.Petani, for attempting to bribe an MP to leave his party. And they are guilty of a blatant attempt at blackmail and extortion, by trying to force the nation's Opposition Leader to resign, by threatening to release, what turns out to be a blatantly false video.

Mr.Nazri then notes that this issue is also about morals. In which case, we suggest he introduce a law on morals. He may then proceed to have Mr.Chua Soi Lek arrested, as he is self-admittedly immoral. As well as quite a few more of his colleagues, in the Barisan Nasional.

And while he is about it, Mr.Nazri should also consider introducing a Silly Ass Protection Act, under which, he could protect himself. As well as, perhaps, Mr.Ibrahim Ali.

Why does Mr.Nazri feel it his duty, to interfere in an on-going police investigation?

Unless he means to send the message, that those who are caught doing Umno's dirty work, will be protected by misuse of the country's laws.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Eman Remains A Prisoner

Mr.Gaddafi, we thought Libyan State TV announced, is a drunken demented whore who is not at all like his sister. We were surprised! While the rest of it made sense, why on earth would Mr.Gaddafi be expected to be like his sister?

But we were mistaken. Libya's State TV had not suddenly decided to expose Mr.Gaddafi, they were instead engaged in attempting to assasinate Eman Al-Obeidi's character.

To our knowledge, Eman is a lawyer, and Wikipedia seems to think so too.

The Libyan authorities claim to have 'freed' her. We cannot say we believe them. If Eman was free, she would not be silent. Wherever she is, she is a prisoner of the state and we believe her family too is now threatened with danger.

She is or was held at the Libyan National Intelligence headquarters. What has National Intelligence got to do with a case of abduction and rape? The Washington Post, meanwhile, has reported that Eman's mother, Aisha Ahmed, was contacted and asked to convince Eman to "change her story" in return for "anything she wanted". Eman refused.

The Free Eman facebook page, has been 'liked' by UN Women, Nicole Kidman, Oprah, Queen Rania and Michelle Obama among others. Protests have been held calling for her to be freed all over the world. Though poor Eman, languishing in captivity, can have no way of knowing what a powerful symbol she has become.

Eman must be freed, and she must be freed now. She should be allowed the freedom to leave the country and she must be allowed the right to speak to the free press.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Future Politics in Malaysia

Many Malaysians will find it hard to imagine, but in the future, there will be no race-based political parties in Malaysia.

Umno, MCA and MIC will either merge into a multi-racial entity, or, they will vanish. The DAP will also cease to exist. It would have been merged into the PKR, or it's members would have been absorbed by other parties. There will, of course, be hold-outs, but they will be as relevant as the KKK is in American politics, a group of racist hardliners distasteful to most citizens.

PAS, however, will survive. Countries with large Muslim populations will always have an Islamist party.

For those who think the DAP is a multi-racial party, you are wrong. They are not. DAP is a Chinese-based party. That is where they draw their strength from. Of course, they say they are multi-racial and might even want to be a multi-racial party. But they will be defeated by their own history and the too-strong negative perceptions of them by the Malay electorate. The Malays will no more join the DAP in large numbers, than the Chinese will join Umno. The only reason the Malays voted for the DAP in 2008 was because Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, or PAS, told them to.

The BN knows that PKR is the force that holds Pakatan together. There can be no PAS-DAP alliance without the PKR, as there never has been, before the PKR. And so the BN attempts again and again, to destroy Mr. Anwar Ibrahim. They hope that if they can destroy Mr.Anwar, PKR will collapse. But PKR will not fail, because it is a multi-racial platform whose time has come. BN will not be able to stop it. Their best hope would be to emulate it.

While Mr.Anwar himself, seems made of Teflon, and comes through every trial the stronger for his suffering. He has become a martyr, thanks to the BN's persecutions, and martyrs, the BN will eventually learn, cannot be destroyed. The continued persecution of Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, will only make him the stronger.

Mr.Mahathir of course, knows multi-racial politics will be the future. He is trying his best to delay it, and perhaps even hopes that he may be able to stop it altogether with his rabble-rousing and demagoguery. Mr.Mahathir is a product of his environment, and even though the environment has changed, he has not. He will fail, and be forgotten.

Perkasa is not a party, it is a pressure group. It is led by the cunning, but unintelligent, Mr.Ibrahim Ali, who is known more for buffoonery rather than anything else. It may remain, but only as a Malaysian version of the KKK.

Mr.Uthayakumar's HRP too will fail, if it hasn't already. He lacks vision, and does not see that the best hope for the small Indian electorate, is multi-racial politics. Where all the needy, regardless of race, must be assisted. He has degenerated, from being the hope of the Indians, to the leader of a shrill fringe cult.

There will be room for an environmental party in Malaysia, because such a party will be race irrelevant and  because the country still has many forests and wildlife left. This despite the uncaring assault on the environment by some politicians in Malaysia, of which number, Mr.Taib Mahmud may count himself the most well-known.

In the end there will be three main parties in Malaysia; PAS, PKR and what we shall call 'New BN'. Not a single one of them, will be race-based.

And that will be, for Malaysia as a nation, for the best.

Note :
There will be many a battle left, before such a state becomes reality, for status quo will always fight, to remain, status quo. But the end-result, is inevitable.

Michael Palmer, Hypocrite

Mr.Michael Palmer is MP for a GRC, that abomination created by the PAP, with the singular purpose of subverting fair elections and making it yet more difficult for the opposition.

According to Mr.Michael Palmer, there is no such thing as a 'climate of fear' in Singapore. He is, of course, talking about his own reality. There is indeed no such thing as a climate of fear in Singapore, if you are content to be a PAP toady. And with his false reassurances, he seeks to ensure the continued existence of the ISA, and the many other draconian laws, that deprive Singaporeans of their freedom and perpetuate the rule of the PAP.

Let Mr.Michael Palmer leave the PAP and join any of Singapore's beleaguered opposition parties, and we assure him, he will swiftly experience the climate changing from equatorial to one of fear. Or let him leave politics, become an ordinary citizen, and say the wrong thing. He will find himself, before long, face to face with Singapore's secret police, the Special Branch.

He also was quick to say, that he did not agree with Mr.Lee Kuan Yew's comments on the Singapore Malays. It is strange that he did not say so, at the time. We do not have any recollection of Mr.Michael Palmer condemning Mr.Lee's xenophobic statements. And that is because he did not condemn it but kept cravenly silent. Now, after Mr.Lee has withdrawn his statement, Mr.Michael Palmer feels it safe to claim that he had contrary views.

The PAP is filled with people like Mr.Michael Palmer, they bow and scrape to their leaders, hoping to rise in the ranks and become one day, perhaps, Ministers. And Ministers in Singapore, we know, are remarkably well-compensated.

Not one of the PAP's candidates in the forthcoming general election has the courage of his convictions. If they had, they would not be a part of the PAP for long. Not one was principled enough to stand up to Mr.Lee Kuan Yew, despite his grievously hurting comments. This then, is the type of candidates that the PAP offers Singapore's electorate, kow-towing fortune seekers.

Mr.Michael Palmer made no comment on why Mr.Lee has not apologised. Nor will he. But if Mr.Lee apologises, he will no doubt go around saying that he always thought he should have.

We will stop at dismissing Mr.Michael Palmer for a craven hypocrite, when there are far worse names, for such as he.

Free Eman!

Eman Al-Obeidi is a Libyan woman who burst into a hotel in Tripoli filled with members of the international media. She recounted a harrowing tale of arrest, beatings and gang-rape by 15 members of Gaddafi's forces over a period of 2 days. Her crime was having a Benghazi address.

She was grabbed, threatened with a knife, had a tablecloth thrown over her head and was manhandled by Gaddafi's thugs into a white car which quickly sped away. Members of the international media who tried to free her were punched, slammed against the ground and their cameras smashed beyond recognition. We have seen a video by the Associated Press, which captured the incident. It is on YouTube, along with others.

This incident happened yesterday, March 26th, 2011. We do not know if Eman is alive and we do not know how long she will remain alive. Nor do we know, if still still alive, what tortures she is undergoing right now, even as you read.

We know it is pointless to appeal to that buffoon and cruel madman, Muammar Gaddafi, to immediately release Eman Al-Obeidi. But we call on India, on China and on Russia to ensure she is safe and she is freed. We know you have the means to free her. You have stood by and done nothing to help the beleaguered people of Libya and you harmed their cause by declining to support the no-fly zone. See what you have been party to, by supporting Gaddafi! If Eman Al-Obeidi is harmed, dead or 'dissapears', you are complicit.

Eman has already earned a place in Wikipedia and there is a facebook page calling for her to be freed, but she remains a prisoner, in the dark dungeons of a demented despot.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Haris

We congratulate you and MCLM on cutting ties with SNAP. You may see now, perhaps, how murky these waters of politics are.

Not everybody that you jumped to befriend, deserved your support. As not all that you so quickly and sometimes unfairly castigated, deserved it.

We will not go back to your churlish attacks on PKR for having an election. You gave them no credit, for trying to be a truly democratic party by allowing all members to vote. No other party in Malaysia has done that. They rely instead on having delegates, who may or may not represent the views of the grassroots member. And these delegates, as we have seen too often, are easily perverted. The DAP too, we remind you, practises this questionable delegate system.

And it is the DAP, that you have chosen to support, in your 'Dear Azmin' letter. You may like him, or you may not, it does not concern us. But we believe he was doing his job and that he was working and in tune with Sarawak PKR leaders. Or are you naive enough to believe that the Sarawak PKR leaders wanted to hand over their seats willingly to the DAP, and Mr.Azmin Ali was, single-handed, stopping them?

You support the DAP for asking for 'only' 18 seats. Without considering that they are asking for all the seats with the best chances of winning in the Sarawak elections. Including the seats which PKR contested in 2006.

And the DAP seems to feel, if we have analysed correctly, that they have the sole right to represent all Chinese majority seats or seats with a large percentage of Chinese voters in Sarawak, and by extension, the Peninsula and Sabah as well.

How does this fit in with the aims of MCLM?

Are you not striving for multi-racial politics in Malaysia?

We hope you are, because the DAP, certainly isn't.

PS. We note you have taken no position on the support for animal abusers and by extension animal abuse by DAP representatives. If you think that what they did is all right, or if you keep silent for political consideration, then your MCLM is a sham!

Anthony, The DAP And Who Is Against What

Upon visiting Mr.Anthony Thanasayan's blog, we found him defending himself against accusations that he was against the DAP. He has made it clear that he is not against the DAP, but against their recent actions.

We would like to clarify that it us, among those who support Pakatan, who are against the DAP.

We are against Tony Pua of the DAP for his recent callous statements and actions against the disabled.
We are against Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching for their support of the animal abuser and by extension their support of animal abuse.
We are against Tan Kok Wai for his support for caging free-flying birds.

We are against all the other DAP leaders, including Mr.Lim Kit Siang, Mr.Lim Guan Eng, Mr.Karpal Singh and whoever else, for maintaing a craven silence about the actions of their representatives.
We are against their saying one thing and doing another.
We are against them for pretending to support humane values, and then supporting inhumane offenders.
We are against hypocritical leaders, opposition or not, who will say anything to get the vote when they do not at all mean it.

We are against the DAP, for collectively letting down, all those who fight for humane, human and animal rights when we are the natural allies of all who fight, or like the DAP, claim to fight, for freedom.

And we are against the DAP for making it no longer possible, in too many ways, for us to differentiate between them and the BN.

That, we hope, helps clarify, who is against what!

Prove It Was Not You In Sex Video, Chua Soi Lek!

Mr.Chua Soi Lek yesterday called on Mr.Anwar Ibrahim to prove that it was not him in the sex video. Since Mr.Chua seems only to read his own BN coalition's lies as spewed by the mainstream media, we feel compelled to bring him up to speed.

Mr.Anwar has already proven that he is not the man in the video. He has multiple witnesses, in addition to his family, who place him at his home at the same time that the video was shot. He was also on Twitter as well as Facebook.

But your whereabouts at the time the video was shot, Mr.Chua, are unknown! Where were you, Mr.Chua Soi Lek, at that time? Were you in that room, wearing an Anwar mask? We have watched Mission Impossible and know that even in the '60s, it was a simple thing to wear a mask and disguise yourself as someone else. If you still doubt our credentials, we warn you that we were also ardent followers of The Wild Wild West, where we have seen Artemus Gordon don many such clever disguises.

This is not the only basis of our suspicion of you. The body of the actor in the video is said to be shorter, broader and with a bigger belly than Mr.Anwar. We believe that is a fair description of you.

In addition, you have self-admittedly acted in such videos before while Mr.Anwar has not. This, therefore, makes you a more likely suspect.

Is this the 2nd of your series of porn tapes, Mr.Chua? Did you employ the same actress? We do not blame you if you made a sequel. Your first foray as an actor into the world of pornographic movies, was after all, a huge hit!

Therefore, we call on you, Mr.Chua Soi Lek, to prove that it is not again you, in yet another sex video!

Note :
We found that PKR did not bother to respond tou you, Mr.Chua, perhaps because they do not believe in shooting at sitting ducks. We, however, have no such compunctions.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Let The DAP Leave Pakatan

There are 71 seats to be fought for in the Sarawak elections.

Of these, DAP wants to contest 18 seats. Very reasonable, you might say at first glance. Except that those 18 seats are the seats with the best chance of victory for Pakatan Rakyat. And the DAP, in grasping greed, wants them all. If not given their way, the DAP threatens to pull out of Pakatan.

Let the DAP go, we, unsolicited, advise Pakatan. They are an unending thorn in Pakatan's side. We have not forgotten their greed as they, in most unseemly and dissapointing manner, fought for posts in Perak after the 2008 elections. And their behaviour was no different, we know, in other states that Pakatan won in 2008.

Their behaviour on many other instances is reprehensible, including, but certainly not limited to :
  • their arrogant, uncaring handling of the beleaguered and poor residents of Kpg. Buah Pala.
  • the shocking, uncouth behaviour and utterances by a DAP elected rep, Ng Wei Aik, who personally dragged out gas cylinders from a restaurant instead of leaving it to council enforcers, in what seemed to be racially motivated behaviour.
  • the attack on the disabled and those defending them by Tony Pua.
  • the refusal by Ean Yong, supported by Theresa Kok, to call for three quotations before awarding projects with Selangor State money.
  • the unacceptable and unapologetic action of supporting animal abusers and animal abuse by Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching.
  • the support for the caging of free-flying birds by Tan Kok Wai.
  • the unneccessary, divisive and opportunistic labelling of Malays as 'pendatang', yesterday, by Chong Eng.

The DAP is not a party that belongs in Pakatan. They do not support Universal Justice, they pretend to. Mr.Lim Guan Eng attempts to be the false smiling face of the DAP, but it is no less false. They will never be a multi-racial party, nor do they have any interest in being one, unless it is for show, and votes.They will not apply to themselves, the standards that they seek to impose on the BN. It is a party, of staggering hypocrisy.

Let the DAP pull out of Pakatan in Sarawak, and we will see what happens to their government in Penang, if PKR and PAS do the same there.

So let the DAP go, or expel them if they do not leave of their own violition. Enough of their greed, their brinksmanship and their threats.

If Pakatan does not win control of the Federal Government in the next election because of this, then so be it.

There will be other elections, but there will be no satisfying the greed, of the DAP.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Curious Case Of The 1Malaysia NGO

Here they are again, the 1Malaysia NGO, now playing, in Sarawak.

It is apparently an "NGO with no political affiliation". But which only turns up at by-elections and now, the Sarawak State Elections. One could be forgiven for concluding that they are very much a "GO with political affiliation".
The objective of their activities is "to promote the 1Malaysia concept". Well then, shoudn't you be promoting it all the time, not just during elections? Or, is the 1Malaysia concept itself nothing more than a way to try and pick up votes?

They certainly pick a curious way to promote their concept. It appears to be by way of endless dinners, shows by lightly dressed singers and dancers, karaoke competitions and lucky draws.  All of which events, instantly cease, once the voting is over!

The idea we suppose, is to make the voter feel good about 1Malaysia and therefore, by extension, Mr.Najib and the BN. As well as, keeping the more frivoulous voter occupied, and far away from the opposition's ceramahs. You never get to sing karaoke and win cups and saucers, or vouchers and cash, or whatever it is they hand out as 'prizes', after all, at opposition ceramahs.

"Although its activities have received wide media coverage, the person-in-charge has always been keeping away from the media" reports Malaysiakini.

We can't agree with Malaysiakini that the person-in-charge has been keeping away from the media. We see him everyday, plastered smilingly all over the media.

Stop Calling Each Other 'Pendatang'!

How, Ms.Chong Eng, are you different from those who call the non-Malays 'pendatang'? And why rake up this muck, when it is not at all an issue right now.

If you are saying such things because you are on a narrow mission to win votes for the Sarawak election, then you are being highly irresponsible. You only cause resentment where there may have been none. And you are now no different from those you castigate, for you too have called others 'pendatang'!

Unless you felt it's clever to point it out, and that you are the only one to notice that the Orang Asli got here first. Or were you trying to respond to, of all people, Mr.Mahathir? The man is an semi-demented demagogue who only understands the dated principle of divide and rule. Are you too, a racist, Ms.Chong Eng?

How do you expect to attract the Malay members that your party so desperately needs, if you will say such things?

Are we all not trying to build a society where everyone has peace, prosperity and freedom?

It is not those who stoop low who will be able to build a just, equitable society, but those who stand above the fray and work to unite and prosper us all, despite our different cultures and worldviews.

Zaid Rushes In

Following a link from Malaysiakini, we found ourselves, unexpectedly, in Mr.Zaid Ibrahim's blog. We have no interest in what he says, generally, for we have not forgotten that he had once suggested that a member of the Executive, a Minister, should head the Bar. To our surprise, we find that he confesses, in his blog, to having watched a pornographic video.

It is a stunning confession indeed, coming from someone who aspired, and still aspires, for very high office. He was under no pressure to offer such a confession. He then went on to insinuate, that he believed the video was real. He rushes to try and legitimise it, when everybody else laughs at it, and BN backpedalls furiously to try, too late, to disassociate themselves from it. Even Chegu Bard, an oftentimes PKR dissident, has declared that it is not Mr.Anwar. Mr.Zaid, rushed too, to urge Mr.Anwar to hand over his DNA, to an untrusted authority that wilfully ignores the importance of chain of custody when gathering evidence.

Some may decide to assume that he is a tool of the BN. Perhaps, but we think that it may be his own internal demons that have made him stoop so low.

Mr.Zaid took it as a personal affront that he lost in the recent PKR election. He had decided to blame Mr.Anwar, amongst others,  for it, and seems quite happy to take the low path, if only he can get back at Mr.Anwar.

Those possesed of such low vindictiveness, will make poor material for Parliament. And Parliament is already filled, with enough poor material.

Where angels fear to tread, fools rush in - Alexander Pope

The DAP's Poster Boy For Animal Abuse, Ean Yong, Turns Up

The DAP's Ean Yong had been keeping a low profile of late. But he turns up again, this time to declare that he doesn't need three quotations to award projects. He never tires, it seems, of putting his foot, squarely in his mouth.

Why wouldn't he want to get three quotations?
Isn't that the bare minimum number to ensure the state gets the best price?
Shoudn't he be maximising the use of taxpayer money?
Is accountability not the A in SELCAT?

Again, we find the DAP does the opposite of what it claims to represent. Whether the issue is transparancy, accountability or humane values, the DAP falls far short.

His circuitious explanation of why 10% of state funds found its way into the DAP's coffers, also looks more like an afterthought rather than the truth.

Hypocrisy reigns in the DAP.

And in the forefront is that unapologetic, incorrigible supporter of animal abusers, Ean Yong.

False Uniforms, And 'Fresh' Faces In Singapore

We suppose the PAP wears white uniforms to try and prove they are pure, or clean, or something equally untrue. They are of course, as many Singaporeans will have realised by now, none of those things.

What they are is an entirely false set of hypocrites. With, we grant them, fat paychecks. Like apparently attracts like, if the new set of PAP candidates are any measure. They quickly don, like Kim's little helpers, the PAP's white uniforms, rendering them instantly cogs in the PAP's ugly political machinery. Hyped and ready to participate in unfair elections, support repression and even, in the case of one particularly unprincipled and sycophantic fellow, promote the very laws that incarcerated his father.

These are not the agents of change that Singapore needs. These are the opportunistic pursuers of office and the benefits that go with it. Taking the case of Mr.Janil as an example, we have watched him speak and find him false, saying things he does not believe in, and really too much focused on himself.

On the ISA, he thinks it pragmatic for the state, and offers no explanation, other than vague mumblings about 9/11. He does not know, nor does he, we presume, particularly care. It matters little to him that citizens have spent decades in Singapore prisons simply for being the elder Lee's political enemies. Already, he sounds like yet another fear-mongering, repression justifying PAP politician. The only real reason for the continued existence of the ISA in Singapore is to ensure the citizenry is cowed, their voices silenced and to perpetuate the PAP's rule.

Singapore is a 'wonderful' place he says, hoping, we assume, that this will endear him to more credulous voters. In wonderful places, we would like to point out to him, you should be able to speak your mind, without fear of arrest by the 'Special' Branch, Singapore's own secret police. Is it normal to have secret police in wonderful places? Or is he not aware that they exist?

Liberty and freedom of the individual, of assembly, of the press, of fair elections means nothing to the PAP's 'new' faces. They will indeed fit very well, into the PAP. And if these are the 'talents' that the PAP offers, then freedom and fair play in Singapore's future will be as in Singapore's past; non-existent.

It is left now to the opposition to gain the support of the electorate, and to the electorate, to free themselves, by the vote.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun with D And A

It should, we know, be Dick and Jane
but this is not a children's tale,
and so we must stick,
with D 'n A!

If only we had some D 'n A
we could stick it here and there,
on trousers and pants,
or toothbrushes and towels,
and even the odd, anus!

If only we had some D 'n A
we could first plant it,
and then ask for some,
to prove that what we planted,
is indeed what we planted!
While pretending all the time,
that we didn't plant,
what we did plant!

If only we had some D 'n A,
we could pretend we didn't,
and ask for some more,
and if we didn't get it,
why, we could just reverse ourselvelves!

If only we had some D 'n A,
and all seemed lost,
and all our mischievous efforts discredited,
then we just might try,
planting it on an Omega watch!

Note :
This posting will not make any sense,
and may seem Carrollian nonsense,
unless you've been following,
the farcical trial,
of Anwar Ibrahim.

Larry, Curly And Moe Come To Kuala Lumpur!

One of our favorite TV shows, when we were much younger, was The Three Stooges. We loved their antics and would wait faithfully every week for their all too-short shows.

Decades later, they seem to have made a reappearance in, of all places, Kuala Lumpur. They are not as funny and look entirely different. Nor do they seem any longer to be knocking each other on the head or pulling each others noses. We miss that part, we must admit. However, we have to grant that they still make a fine comedic trio. 

We find their change of appearance puzzling, since in all other ways, they are clearly three stooges. The key question then, is if they are not The Three Stooges, then whose stooges are they?

Let us see, one of them is a former Umno Chief Minister, the other belongs to Perkasa, which many see as being allied with Umno, while the third is in a press conference with two individuals associated with Umno. Thinking hard, we see that the obvious and common link here is Umno. Could it be, then, that they are actually Umno's three stooges?

If they are, then Umno really should stop staging reruns. Because reruns can be terribly dull, even if they turn into, as in this case, laughable farce!

The Man With The Big Belly

We must advise The Man With The Big Belly, that it is bad for his health. Having too much fat in the middle may lead to diabetes, heart problems and backache amongst other problems. It may be caused by too much food or too much beer.

We recommend a careful diet and exercise if he wants to reduce his weight. Or perhaps a stay in some expensive health retreat, in the United States, where such clinics are popular among the rich. We believe he can afford it. For he would have been richly rewarded, for his recent acting role in a much advertised pornographic drama. This drama is the first of it's genre, a political pornographic drama. Malaysia, it appears, has broken new ground.

It was made, curiously, in black and white, in tribute to Charlie Chaplin perhaps, or Harold Lloyd. For it is surely a comedy, though that may not have been the maker's motive. Black and White is also an excellent medium, coincidentally, to hide disguise.

The drama appears to have been produced by Mr.T, who seems to have turned from bad actor to bad producer. But then, Mr.T was never known for good acting, he was always, only muscle. And we believe, that this time too, Mr.T is no mastermind, merely hired muscle. The mastermind, we suspect, may never be found. Unless he is one of those politicians who, today, vehemently denied any knowledge of anything about anything. Or perhaps some supposedly retired politician, who never tires of stoking racism, and has more than a passing fondness, for politically motivated, but ill-conceived, fabrications.

On an unrelated matter, we note that Mr.Anwar Ibrahim has never been known to exhibit a paunch. Nor has he acquired one now.

The devil, it is clear, is always in the details. If only The Man With The Big Belly had been put on a diet, or made to run marathons, they may have been able to convince a few more of the credulous, and a few more of the guillible.

But they hurried too much, perhaps to meet the schedules, of a Bornean election.

So now they stand exposed, and must pretend to investigate, that which they already know.

It will not daunt them though, for we believe they are under Sisyphean curse, and so must try, yet again.

Their schedule will no doubt conincide, the next time, with the next General Election.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The DAP Vs. Humane Values In The Sarawak Election

We have just read the latest posting on . We understand their grief, and we share their pain.

We are less than impressed with Mr.Kulasegaran's tepid, weak comments on the issue as reported by the Malaysia Chronicle. Mr.Kulasegaran appeared to have been instantly dismissed by Ean Yong, who is reported in the same article to have said he has no comment on the matter, and would leave it to the authorities. That, we would like to tell Mr.Kulasegaran, is what happens when you leave matters to the "good judgement" as he said, of those who have shown none.

We have little interest in false, half-hearted apologies from unrepentant offenders like Ean Yong, or, for that matter, Teo Nie Ching, both swept into office in the political 'tsunami' of 2008. They have now become, in unexpected office, arrogant and uncaring. Their offence is grave, that of supporting an animal abuser, and by extension supporting animal abuse. While the DAP is stained for good, by it's outrageous, unprincipled silence in this matter.

We will focus instead on the election in Sarawak. The capital of which, is called Kuching. Which in Malay means cat. What strange fate, or divine providence, brought about this curious co-incidence we do not know. But we will take it as a clarion call to stand against the DAP in the Sarawak election.

As should all those who fight for a humane society, human rights and animal rights. For there will be no repentance from the DAP. We know this from their silence, we know this from their twice disrespectful treatment of activists who attempted to submit them memorandums, we know that as they disdain the activists, so they disdain humane values and animal rights. They only understand the language of cynical political calculation, so we must teach them, political lesson. It is an election where every vote will count, and your vote will make a difference.

Having said that, in seats where the DAP is not standing, vote for Pakatan parties.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Muhyiddin And The Demons Of Sarawak

Mr.Muhyiddin, apparently, sees demons and ghosts, as reported in The Malaysian Insider today. And he does not have, Bruce Willis for a psychiatrist.

We are concerned for him and must advise, that he should visit a psychiatrist, even if a lesser-known one. He may be suffering from schizophrenia, the symptoms of which can include bizarre hallucinations. Another symptom is disorganised speech and thinking, which we have also observed in Mr.Muhyiddin, though he is not the only BN politician we have seen, to be so afflicted.

He looks somewhat anxious, and may therefore be suffering from anxiety disorder, which is also common in schizophreniacs.

Though, to be fair, his anxiety may perhaps be caused, by the announcement of the Sarawak Elections. Which Elections the BN was forced to call, as their time is up. In more ways than one. And so Mr.Muhyiddin tries to quell his anxieties by showering projects and money, like so much confetti, on all and sundry. While the Election Commission turns its head away, and pretends not to notice, these gross violations of electoral rules.

We hope the people of Sarawak, will not be affected by mass hysteria suggested by Mr.Muhyiddins visions, and start seeing phantoms as well. Unless it is the insatiable vampirical apparition of Mr.Taib Mahmud. Which ghoulish presence is reported to have sucked their state dry of its wealth for many a decade, and due perhaps to indigestion caused by over-indulgence, vomitted it out on various prime real estates and banks around the developed world.

For Mr.Taib Mahmud and his crew of fiends, are indeed, Sarawak's real bogeymen.

Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Money

It is not quite Patrick Henry, and Cato would be unamused, but this is the choice that the PAP would have Singaporeans believe they are faced with.

The PAP wants voters to believe that without them, Singapore's success would vanish overnight. If this is true, then the hard work and sacrifices of Singaporeans over the last 50 years, are for nothing. Because they have only been able to build a house of cards.

The PAP, is of course, misleading the electorate. Their purpose is to perpetuate their own power, for the next five years, and beyond. And with that power they will be able to do, as they have, for the past 50 years, whatever they please.

The PAP feels certain that they will be able to buy themselves another election victory. They do this by insidiously planting the idea that they cannot be done without, by both direct and indirect means. And just to make sure, they hand out cash just before the elections.

Reject the money, and choose liberty. You will have your freedom, and the prosperity will still be there. Singapore's economic success, despite the PAP's unceasing propaganda, is not a house of cards held together by them.

While the climate of fear which envelops Singapore, no matter how much economic prosperity it has been blessed with, will be an unpleasant dream of the past.

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"-Patrick Henry, at St.John's Church, Richmond on March 23rd, 1775.

The PAP Blinks

The PAP's Mr.Lee Kuan Yew has retracted his statement on the Singapore Malays recently. We must admit to having been caught by surprise.

We feel compelled to reproduce his statement on June 3rd, 1965, unusual, by any standards, for its conceit and pompousness;
"I never withdraw one single word, one single statement I say, and I stand by them, as I stand by every tape-recording that I made."
He sits still, glowering, 46 years later, in Singapore's cabinet.

He has yet to apologize. For his benefit, we would like to explain that apologizing is something you do when you have said, or done, something wrong. We don't know if he has said in the past that he will never apologize. If he has, then, we suppose, he will soon apologize.

The retraction is half-hearted, done, perhaps, against his will.

But the reason for it is what is of concern to us. We do not believe it is because, as he claims, he has received more information on the matter and, therefore, 'stands corrected'.

The reason, we think, is quite simply, fear and political calculation.

The PAP knows perhaps, now, that it will be losing some seats in this coming election. And it is working not to lose too many. For they fear nothing more, than they fear loss of power.

The people of Singapore, meanwhile, have a unique opportunity in this coming election. They may deal the PAP a very sharp rap on the knuckles, to cure them of their long ailment of authoritarianism. We will not go into a long list of the PAP's misdeeds. Many have written them down. But the latest outrage is handing themselves fat bonuses on top of already fat monthly salaries of about S$100,000 or more a month and too many perks. While tossing pennies to the crowds, like some feudal despot of old.

We hope Singaporeans don't fall for the PAP's usual fear-mongering. What protects the country is a professional armed forces, not an authoritarian government. And Singapore's armed forces are both professional and armed to the teeth.

A number of factors have coalesced to give Singaporeans this, perhaps, one-time shot.
The opposition will be contesting every seat.There are many more young Singapore voters this year, and they will, we suspect, rebel against the PAP's oppressive administration. They have many inspiring examples around the world to draw upon, even next-door Malaysia. And Mr.Lee has managed to, unneccessarily, antagonise an entire PAP-voting community. But it will not have enough of an effect, unless older Singaporeans too, stand forward for freedom in this hopeful hour for Singapore.

The result will be a better, kinder and still prosperous Singapore, but no longer, a first-world nation with third-world laws.

And no longer a rich nation with a repressive political atmosphere and a climate of fear more befitting some tin-pot dictatorship in Africa or the Middle East.

Don't Censor 'Interlok'

We cannot agree with the proposal to censor 'Interlok'. Books, when censored, are immediately stripped of their value.

Writers may be good or writers may be bad. You may read their books, or you may dismiss them, that is your individual choice. But you cannot change what they have written, to suit yourself, current values or political situations. Interlok, is, in any event, a mediocre novel, and if we were to write a book review, it would be scathing.

But not one word in 'Interlok', including the demeaning 'pariah', should be changed. 'Interlok' is a product of it's times, and the perceptions of an individual writer, and now, due to the controversy surrounding it, it is a book of some significance even if it is, factually inaccurate and poorly researched.

Having said that, we are against it being used, or taught, in secondary schools. Malaysia's educational system does not promote, in our opinion, critical thought and analysis. Students who are products of such an educational system may lack the maturity to handle the book with the appropriate detachment or the critical eye and review that all books merit.

It may, however, be used, in tertiary institutions, and perhaps in view of the notoriety it has attained, it must.

The Education Ministry was short-sighted in including the book in the school curriculum. They now find themselves trapped between two opposing groups, unable to turn left or right, in the middle of what could very well be an election year. They have only themselves to blame for the predicament they are in.They will have to find the strength, somehow, to do the right thing, remove it from the schools, and introduce it in universities instead.

But do not destroy literature, whether you like it or no, by attempting to introduce a hundred changes, to one book written decades ago. It is wrong and it is regressive and it is what this Special Panel on 'Interlok' seeks to do. For those who are educationists or writers, and sit on this panel, how dare you, sirs, to be a party and complicit in such abominable attempt.

And do not burn books.

Only the barbaric, the crass, and the unlearned would burn a book. As well as those who do not read, and therefore cannot understand, that books are, to some of us, faithful companions. Every one of us, would be uneducated, ignorant and unseeing, if it were not, for books.

Books should be treasured companions, or not, but it hurts us to see them used, to feed some flame.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shahrizat Shows Her Quality, Or Rather, The Lack Of It

Whatever was the head of Wanita Umno, a lawyer, a Senator and a Minister doing leading a protest on whether Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, should hand over his DNA or not? We forgot to add failed election candidate to her accomplishments.

It is ugly and unpalatable enough an issue that we would expect self-respecting politicians, particularly female politicians, to stay far from such low gatherings. Instead, Ms.Sharizat gleefully jumps into dirty, muddy pool, the better to grab handfulls to smear her opponent with. And failing to notice, as she steps out, that she is now a stinking mess.

Considering that the BN is costantly trying to pretend that the trial is simply a case of one individual against another, why would Umno's Wanita wing feel obliged to stage a political protest?

What did this have to do with women's rights? As PKR's Ms.Zuraida Kamaruddin pointed out, she would be better employed championing the rights of raped Penan women and children. Those are atrocities which she has ignored, exposing her for an unprincipled syncophant, who will not dare, to fight for the exploited, if it does not suit her political masters. All she has done is to grandly tour Ulu Baram, in a waste of taxpayer funds, while accomplishing, and doing, precisely nothing.

And why, of all places, have this protest in Perak, which has nothing to do, with this purposeful trial. If Perak was the scene of any deplorable act, it was the act of perverting democracy, by grabbing power using extra-electoral means.

Perhaps Ms.Shahrizat will stand in Perak in the next election and that is why she demonstrates there.

It is far enough from Lembah Pantai, we suppose, that she will feel safe.

The Unrepentant DAP

Animal Rights and Civil Liberties activists met with a few DAP MPs in Parliement on Wednesday the 16th of March. It was not, we hear, a good meeting.

Prominently missing from this not-good meeting was the MCLM. So busy they must be with politics, that they have little time for civil liberties. Nor have they, to our knowledge, bothered to issue a statement on the atrocity of the kitten killing or the despicable behaviour of the DAP politicians involved.

There were five of these MPs including Mr.Kulasegaran, Ms.Chong Eng, Ms.Fong Po Kuan and the MP for Kota Kinabalu, whatever his name is. We are informed that the MP for Kota Kinabalu behaved in ill-manner and was downright rude.

They watched the video of the torture and killing stony-faced and unmoved. One would have expected more of the gentler sex among them, but for them too, it seems, political calculation is all and compassion, long evaporated from their stony hearts. Unless of course, a show of it wins votes.

Only Mr.Kulasegaran, apparently, cringed, while watching the video. But he has made no public statement on the matter, so we will have to assume that he has cast his lot, with the inhumane. In which case, we may take his recent article on the state of the Indians, as so much political poppycock. For right is right, wrong is wrong and wrong must be condemned, whether it is committed by opposing party or your own.

The result of the meeting, as too often are results of meetings with politicians, was nothing. It was a waste of time.

The DAP is unrepentant, and will remain so. Dealing with them is familiarly like dealing with the BN. They ignore, defame and accuse their critics of political motive, just like the BN. And try to justify even the most heinuous acts of their own representatives.

So, we will have to continue to propose our 'Solution to the Opposition Voter's Conundrum' as outlined in earlier post.

While we applaud those untiring defenders of the helpless, led by Ms.Shenaaz Khan in this case, who, the DAP will find, will not give up, until justice is done.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bible Story

It is contradictory, of course.

One minute, the Government wants everybody to speak, read and write the National Language, Malay. The next minute, they try to block Bibles precisely because they are written in the Malay language.They then play a will-they, won't-they game with the whole nation watching.

If nothing else, it shows that the internal conflicts that afflict the BN, both, in government, and within the BN coalition, is as bad as the conflicts that they claim Pakatan strains under.

When they finally release the Bibles, they unneccesarily create another issue by stamping the bibles.

If the BN doesn't trip over it's left foot, it trips over it's right.

The MCA meanwhile, with, it's only objective being to try to ensure that it doesn't lose more votes, pretends it isn't part of the Government and jumps up and down. It's sheer hypocrisy. The MCA cannot pretend to be against the BN's actions and policies, while supporting the BN and being a part of it. It is almost immoral to posture in this manner. But then, Mr.Chua Soi Lek is not unfamiliar with immorality.

We very much doubt, if the Sarawak election wasn't so soon, whether the Bibles would have been released so quickly, if at all.

So much fear, of the written word.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Protest This Wednesday by Animal and Human Rights Groups At Parliament

Notification as posted at the Lawyers for Liberty Website. We hope Mr.Lim Guan Eng and the DAP handle it with more grace this time. - The Owl

Notification of Event : Memorandum of Protest to Parliament

Animal rights groups  Malaysian Animal Welfare Society, Malaysian Animal Rights Society and PETPOSITIVE, together with Lawyers for Liberty and others are handing over a memorandum of protest to Democratic Action Party’s Secretary-General Mr. Lim Guan Eng over the press conference of self-confessed kitten killer by 2 DAP elected representatives.

They are demanding an apology from DAP ‘s assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah and Serdang Member of Parliament Teo Nie Ching  for defending the kitten killer instead of handing her over to the police to be arrested and investigated.

Animal welfare groups are particularly outraged by Yong’s statement that “it was only a cat.”
Following the failure of  YAB Lim Guan Eng or a DAP representative in receiving the memorandum on Saturday, 12th March 2011, the groups will proceed to Parliament to hand over the memorandum of protest.

All concerned citizens are invited to join the protest which will take place this Wednesday.

Details are as follows:
Date:   16/03/2011
Time:  11.30am
Venue: Bangunan Parliment
Jalan Parlimen
50680 Kuala Lumpur

Issued by Malaysian Animal Welfare Society.

For further information, please call Shenaaz Khan 016-2956996.

Please Sir, We Want No Nuclear Power Plants

We are baffled by Mr.Muhyiddin's statement today that Malaysia will be going ahead with the building of  two nuclear power plants.

Did he not want to wait until the nuclear crisis in Japan was over?

Surely that would be the right thing to do. We could then have a full understanding of what happens when things go wrong.

Yet he rushes to proceed with it in most unseemly haste and over-eager manner!

There is no need, it seems, for sober re-evaluations based on the Japanese situation. Considering that we just went through some serious and unexpected floods in Malaysia, during which the government seemed quite helpless, there should be.

We understand that lucrative contracts to the tune of RM 21 Billion are at stake.

But so are 30 million Malaysian lives. As well as, depending on where the unneccessary things are built, lots of Thai and Singaporean lives.

No, Minister!

According to Mr.Peter Chin, the Minister of Green Technology amongst others, we should wait for the nuclear agency, Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation, to explain the impact of explosions and radioactive leakage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant in Japan.

He also advised the people not to speculate.                             

That was 2 days ago.

We are still waiting.

Are we allowed to speculate now, sir?

Actually we don't have to speculate. Because we can go to the internet and get all the information we need. While Mr.Peter Chin and his nuclear agency sit around twiddling their thumbs.

How we hate it when the authorities roll out that pompous phrase, 'Do Not Speculate'.

Do they think it is still 1960?

And why, we must ask, is Mr.Peter Chin as The Minister For Green Technology, not opposing the plan to build nuclear power plants? It is hardly green technology, is it? In fact, it is the very opposite of green technology.

Nor, we note, have we seen any green technology in Malaysia so far.

Unless Mr.Chin counts trees and bushes as green technology.

In which case, to avoid any confusion, he really should change his title to The Minister of Greens Technology.

An 'Animal Farm' In Malaysia

We have outlined a method in our last post, where the voter may punish erring politicians, without worrying if they belong to the party or coalition of their choice or not. It is ironic that animal abuse started our series of posts on this issue, and co-incidental that an arrogantly ignored animal rights protest, by the duplicitious DAP, further fuelled the fire of our outrage. What we are trying to do, other than ensuring justice is dealt out to a demented abuser, and to those who protected and tried to white-wash her crime, is to avoid an 'Animal Farm' in Malaysia.

This has already happened in Penang's Kpg. Buah Pala, where the residents, barely having completed celebrating that they had got rid of the BN, found themselves facing the BN. No, it is not a typing error.

So, we seek a tool, a method to ensure that the voter is treated with due respect throughout, rather than only during elections. Power must remain, in the hands of the citizens, and not transferred to politicians, who wield it carelessly and effectively cease to fear the vote, and the voter. Citizens must have the ability to punish any party, and any politician, for their transgressions, no matter which side of the divide they belong to, without being hobbled by the chains of coalition, or party, loyalty.

Or we will end up like the animals in 'Animal Farm', which after vanquishing a cruel whip-wielding owner, found themselves years later, and we quote :
"As for the others, their life, so far as they knew, was as it had always been. They were generally hungry, they slept on straw, they drank from the pool, they laboured in the fields; in winter they were troubled by the cold, and in summer by the flies. Sometimes the older ones among them racked their dim memories and tried to determine whether in the early days of the Rebellion, when Jones's expulsion was still recent, things had been better or worse than now".

Ean Yong did what he did for one reason and one reason only, to gain more votes from his constituents, however miniscule that number of votes. For a few paltry votes, he was only too willing to pervert the course of justice and allow a self-admitted criminal to go free. He may have watched the awful video of the killing, but clearly felt nothing, or he would not have acted as he did.

This is the fatal flaw of the DAP as well, they subject non-negotiable Humane Values and Principles to cold, uncaring political calculation. They scream of the need for Humane Values, while burying it, with cynical smirk, in their own backyards.

As for his statement that he was 'only' trying to give the abuser a platform to apologize, we ask him to save these nonsenical defences for the more guillible. It is no business of legislators and public officials to try to protect criminals. They should be upholding what little law there is in uncaring Malaysia to protect the defenceless, be they animal or human.

To the crass, unfeeling Ean Yong, it was only a cat, and he would not have expected this unceasing furore. To us, it is a distraction from our duties to keep writing about this small-time politician. But his transgression is grave, and we will see him punished.

We will end by saying, to those who think that this is a 'small' issue, that it is not. Every inhumane act, big or small, must be punished. No transgressor or abettor can be allowed to escape punishment. For if we weigh crimes by our own perceptions, instead of letting the law take it's course, and let them off lightly, they will only grow more bold, and we all, human and animal, will find our rights in jeopardy.

And we may find ourselves remembering too late Martin Niemoller's words, when 'they' come for us and there is no one left to protest.

Or, we may wake up one day, in the future, after thinking ourselves successful in ridding Malaysia of a tyrannical government, and find we are living in Malaysia's own 'Animal Farm'.

Note : We have referred to 'Animal Farm' several times in this post and perhaps should explain, as some may not be aware, that it is a short book by George Orwell. For those who have not read it, you will have to. For those who have, it may be time to re-read it. Though it is always hard to read of Boxer's fate, which broke our heart, when we, still a child, read it, and had thought it really was, a story about an animal farm.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Solving the Opposition Voter's Conundrum

Having criticised the DAP several times recently, we realise it might leave some with a puzzle which may seem to have no answers.

What does the voter do when the party that he hopefully voted for in 2008, dissappoints him, or her?
Especially when that party, remains a member of a coalition that said voter still supports.

Our proposed solution, we shall call, Targeted Lessons.

So here then, is our suggestion :

  • In all states, vote for the Pakatan parties, including the DAP, for parliament and state seats.
  • In Penang, vote the Pakatan parties in all parliament and state seats. But in all Penang state seats where the DAP stands, vote for the BN in protest. 
  • But in Parliament seats in Penang, continue still to vote for DAP.
  • In Ean Yong, Nie Ching and Tan Kok Wai's seats, wherever they stand, parliament or state, vote for the BN in protest.

This will ensure the continued strength of Pakatan and may yet give the DAP a lesson in humility. A lesson that they sorely need.

We have focused on the DAP, as it has proven particularly arrogant of late. And seems to have become hard of hearing. For those who are unsure of what we are talking about, we refer them to Ean Yong's attempted saving of a grotesque animal-abuser or his BN-like attempt to cast long-standing animal rights activists as being politically motivated. We refer also to Nie Ching's abettment and justification of his actions and Tan Kok Wai's callousness (as reported by Kua Kia Soong) in supporting the caging of birds. They are despicable politicians, and in particular Ean Yong, not fit for public office.

We have deliberately stopped at only citing the DAP for inhumane acts. There is, of course and unfortunately, far more. We will not delve into it.

But we cannot let them get away with BN-like acts, as in deliberately not accepting a memorandum which is critical of them. In fact, even the BN, we must note, does not treat citizens with such disrespect when they calmly attempt to submit memorandums.

We are concerned that letting them get away with it clean, will cause them to further evolve into the authoritarian PAP or that they will, in Orwellian fashion, turn into the BN before our disbelieving eyes.

We do not like feeling trapped into voting for the DAP when they misbehave in the manner they have. We suspect they know our dilemma, and feel secure in the knowledge that voters are willing to overlook a lot to pursue the ideal of a 2-party state. In short, they take us for granted.

We see no other way to cure the DAP of this malaise of arrogance, deafness and disrespect of voters that they have contracted.

Our suggestions will be repeated, with such additions or subtractions as are appropriate, when the elections are called, which we believe, is very soon.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" - George Orwell

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Perkasa

Dear Perkasa,

We congratulate you on exercising your right to assemble by demonstrating outside the PKR HQ. We wish all Malaysian citizens had the rights you seem to so easily enjoy.

We are curious, though, why you were demonstrating on this issue. Surely, it has nothing to do with your stated aim of defending Malay rights.

What could it possibly matter to you whether Mr.Anwar hands over his DNA or not?

We hope there isn't a Hidden Hand behind you. And we hope that you were not specially created by this hand for specific purpose, like Saruman's Uruk-Hai. We only mention this, because then, we would have to address our letters to a Hidden Hand. And we don't really know if we should be exchanging correspondences with hands or for that matter, noses or tails. Though we are quite sure we have the Hidden Hand's address which is, honestly, between you and us, not at all hidden.

And why would Mr.Anwar's DNA be needed? We hope it's not to plant it somewhere. Because no matter how much water and sunlight you provide, it really won't grow. Therefore, no matter how good a farmer you are, you will have nothing to sell. And if you did, I don't think you will have any buyers. Because your produce gets ever more difficult to swallow. You will have to look for really guillible customers. Of which there are less and less in Malaysia as they all seeming to be learning too much from the Internet.

We will end on a different note, if you don't mind. You should really consider giving up racism. As we have written to you before, it is highly unfashionable these days.

Yours Unracially,

The Owl