Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Save MIED From MIC And It's Politicians

MIED (Maju Institute of Educational Development), an education fund with RM 1 Billion in assets is currently controlled by the MIC. Or rather, it is controlled by Mr.Samy Vellu, that master of vacuous, unintelligible rhetoric. Who has cunningly stacked the board of trustees in his favour.

On learning this, we are immediately tempted to speculate that if it had a competent manager, it would be worth RM 2 Billion. Or more.

Even more depressing is the news (as reported in Free Malaysia Today) that he is manouvering to maintain control of MIED for the foreseeable future by further stacking the board.

The only practical option then, is for the government to step in, and take control of MIED. Or MIED may end up like MAIKA. They should then appoint competent managers to manage the fund. And responsible, independent, non-political directors to steer the fund towards a successful future. Not lackeys and unindependent syncophants. Because it involves public funds, a large part of which was contributed by the government, meaning us, the taxpayers.

The government is guilty of ignoring Mr.Samy Vellu's shenanigans for 30 years, simply because he pretended to deliver the Indian Vote. In actual fact, the Indians had nowhere else to turn, but Mr.Samy's abomination of a leadership. Now, they have a veritable smorgasbord of choices.

BN does not need Mr.Samy to win them votes anymore. He is, in fact a despised liability, who can only cost them votes. So cut him loose. And while you're about it, strip him of his silly 'envoyship' as well. It is an embarrassment for Malaysia to be represented by such a coarse, loud-mouthed fellow. And we are tired of seeing him gorge himself at the public trough. While strutting around pompously, still full of himself.

And please don't hand MIED over to the MIC.

We trust them just as little.

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