Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please Sir, We Want No Nuclear Power Plants

We are baffled by Mr.Muhyiddin's statement today that Malaysia will be going ahead with the building of  two nuclear power plants.

Did he not want to wait until the nuclear crisis in Japan was over?

Surely that would be the right thing to do. We could then have a full understanding of what happens when things go wrong.

Yet he rushes to proceed with it in most unseemly haste and over-eager manner!

There is no need, it seems, for sober re-evaluations based on the Japanese situation. Considering that we just went through some serious and unexpected floods in Malaysia, during which the government seemed quite helpless, there should be.

We understand that lucrative contracts to the tune of RM 21 Billion are at stake.

But so are 30 million Malaysian lives. As well as, depending on where the unneccessary things are built, lots of Thai and Singaporean lives.

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