Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mr.Najib Squanders Public Funds On An Unnecessary 'Envoy'

Mr.Najib has seen fit to appoint, two months ago, a Special 'Envoy' On Infrastructure to South Asia. In the bunterish form of the rotund, whining Mr.Samy Vellu. The title is a mouthful, as made-up titles for made-up jobs usually are.

For years, try as he might, Mr.Najib appeared unable to rid BN and himself of the suffocating burden that is Mr.Samy Vellu. He was a dead weight around BN's neck, at least as far as the Indian Vote was concerned. But Mr.Samy simply would not take the hint. He resisted every attempt to dislodge him, encouraged by the syncophantic cries of his well-reimbursed supporters. He had lost his own seat in 2008, but two years later was still unashamedly hanging around. There seemed no way to scrape the barnacle-like Mr.Samy off BN's corrupt, rotting hull.

In the end, it appears, Mr.Najib felt obliged to do a deal with Mr.Samy to get rid of him. Among the components of which, was this redundant appointment as 'Envoy'. For Malaysia already has a Ministry of International Trade, fully staffed and paid from the public coffer. And MITI is supposed to be performing this function of helping generate international business for Malaysian companies. While Mr.Samy is more likely to help degenerate the same.

MITI's Minister, Mr.Mustapha Mohamed, is undoubtedly a hundredfold more competent than the inept Mr.Samy. We hazard that even it's Deputy Minister, Mr.Mukhriz Mahathir, though we cannot pretend to hold him in high regard, would do a far better job than Mr.Samy Vellu. For at least Mr.Mukhriz speaks English, while Mr.Samy, butchers it.

Mr. Samy's appointment carries ministerial rank, which means ministerial pay and ministerial perks. All at struggling taxpayer expense. To waste taxpayer money on this serial incompetent is a disgrace. As it is an embarrassment for Malaysia to be represented by this clownish, incoherent malcontent.

If Mr.Najib made this appointment because of political compulsion, then he has greatly wronged the Malaysian taxpayer. It is irresponsible and a betrayal of public trust for Mr.Najib to squander public funds to solve BN's political problems. Especially at a time when he is stripping Malaysians of critical subsidies.

It is not too late for Mr.Najib to revoke Mr.Samy's appointment and dump this eternal scrounger. For too long his foraging, porcine snout has been buried deep into the public trough, gorging relentlessly, with hardly a breath between greedy gulp and belch. Get rid of Mr.Samy Vellu and let MITI do it's job!

And when Mr.Najib has done that, he should run a fine tooth comb through MAIKA, MIED, AIMST and whatever Ministries that have had to endure Mr.Samy's graceless presence. Every contract, every decision, every over-priced purchase and construction. We are covinced that there would be more than enough there to put Mr.Samy Vellu away for a long, long time.

If that happens, his upkeep in gaol will still be paid for by the taxpayers.

He will perhaps, as he peers beadily through metal bars, brighten up at that.

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