Friday, March 25, 2011

Let The DAP Leave Pakatan

There are 71 seats to be fought for in the Sarawak elections.

Of these, DAP wants to contest 18 seats. Very reasonable, you might say at first glance. Except that those 18 seats are the seats with the best chance of victory for Pakatan Rakyat. And the DAP, in grasping greed, wants them all. If not given their way, the DAP threatens to pull out of Pakatan.

Let the DAP go, we, unsolicited, advise Pakatan. They are an unending thorn in Pakatan's side. We have not forgotten their greed as they, in most unseemly and dissapointing manner, fought for posts in Perak after the 2008 elections. And their behaviour was no different, we know, in other states that Pakatan won in 2008.

Their behaviour on many other instances is reprehensible, including, but certainly not limited to :
  • their arrogant, uncaring handling of the beleaguered and poor residents of Kpg. Buah Pala.
  • the shocking, uncouth behaviour and utterances by a DAP elected rep, Ng Wei Aik, who personally dragged out gas cylinders from a restaurant instead of leaving it to council enforcers, in what seemed to be racially motivated behaviour.
  • the attack on the disabled and those defending them by Tony Pua.
  • the refusal by Ean Yong, supported by Theresa Kok, to call for three quotations before awarding projects with Selangor State money.
  • the unacceptable and unapologetic action of supporting animal abusers and animal abuse by Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching.
  • the support for the caging of free-flying birds by Tan Kok Wai.
  • the unneccessary, divisive and opportunistic labelling of Malays as 'pendatang', yesterday, by Chong Eng.

The DAP is not a party that belongs in Pakatan. They do not support Universal Justice, they pretend to. Mr.Lim Guan Eng attempts to be the false smiling face of the DAP, but it is no less false. They will never be a multi-racial party, nor do they have any interest in being one, unless it is for show, and votes.They will not apply to themselves, the standards that they seek to impose on the BN. It is a party, of staggering hypocrisy.

Let the DAP pull out of Pakatan in Sarawak, and we will see what happens to their government in Penang, if PKR and PAS do the same there.

So let the DAP go, or expel them if they do not leave of their own violition. Enough of their greed, their brinksmanship and their threats.

If Pakatan does not win control of the Federal Government in the next election because of this, then so be it.

There will be other elections, but there will be no satisfying the greed, of the DAP.

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