Sunday, March 27, 2011

Michael Palmer, Hypocrite

Mr.Michael Palmer is MP for a GRC, that abomination created by the PAP, with the singular purpose of subverting fair elections and making it yet more difficult for the opposition.

According to Mr.Michael Palmer, there is no such thing as a 'climate of fear' in Singapore. He is, of course, talking about his own reality. There is indeed no such thing as a climate of fear in Singapore, if you are content to be a PAP toady. And with his false reassurances, he seeks to ensure the continued existence of the ISA, and the many other draconian laws, that deprive Singaporeans of their freedom and perpetuate the rule of the PAP.

Let Mr.Michael Palmer leave the PAP and join any of Singapore's beleaguered opposition parties, and we assure him, he will swiftly experience the climate changing from equatorial to one of fear. Or let him leave politics, become an ordinary citizen, and say the wrong thing. He will find himself, before long, face to face with Singapore's secret police, the Special Branch.

He also was quick to say, that he did not agree with Mr.Lee Kuan Yew's comments on the Singapore Malays. It is strange that he did not say so, at the time. We do not have any recollection of Mr.Michael Palmer condemning Mr.Lee's xenophobic statements. And that is because he did not condemn it but kept cravenly silent. Now, after Mr.Lee has withdrawn his statement, Mr.Michael Palmer feels it safe to claim that he had contrary views.

The PAP is filled with people like Mr.Michael Palmer, they bow and scrape to their leaders, hoping to rise in the ranks and become one day, perhaps, Ministers. And Ministers in Singapore, we know, are remarkably well-compensated.

Not one of the PAP's candidates in the forthcoming general election has the courage of his convictions. If they had, they would not be a part of the PAP for long. Not one was principled enough to stand up to Mr.Lee Kuan Yew, despite his grievously hurting comments. This then, is the type of candidates that the PAP offers Singapore's electorate, kow-towing fortune seekers.

Mr.Michael Palmer made no comment on why Mr.Lee has not apologised. Nor will he. But if Mr.Lee apologises, he will no doubt go around saying that he always thought he should have.

We will stop at dismissing Mr.Michael Palmer for a craven hypocrite, when there are far worse names, for such as he.


  1. michael palmer should learn that 'silence is golden'......sometimes!
    in trying to portray he is capable of having a contrary view to that of LKY, this palmer character unwittingly made it easier for netizens to confirm he is indeed a bloody hypocrite and without a doubt, boh liao! (no substance!)

    my hard truth for michael palmer, 'it's best that you try not to talk while blowing the oldfart.'

  2. The saying fits: "No one know you are a fool, till you open your mouth and remove all doubts."
    This Palmer guy is a fool to think that we are idiots.

  3. i love your writing. to the point and witty

  4. " they bow and scrape to their leaders, hoping to rise in the ranks and become one day, perhaps, Ministers."

    This sounds so much like those ass-licking scholars who hail from the much revered Singaporean education system and one day hope to rise up to the ranks of those ministers whose shoes they clean with their tongues.

  5. The writer is full of crap and does not know Michael Palmer well. He is such a responsible and passionate man to his constituency. I am very lucky to have him as my MP, PAP or not.
    Just wasted last 5 mins of my time here reading idiotic posts.