Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Acts For Nazri To Table, And We Hand Out A Few Awards

We are concerned that Mr.Nazri Aziz felt compelled to attempt to use the Witness Protection Act to protect a gang of porn exhibitors. Clearly, he needed a Porn Exhibitors Protection Act for this, and finding it yet to be enacted, has been forced to misuse the Witness Protection Act (He has since admitted that he made a mistake, though he didn't sound too sorry).

As such, we feel it appropriate to suggest other Acts that he may find useful to table now, for future use.

The Racist Buffoons Protection Act will come in handy to protect Mr.Ibrahim Ali.

The Just Plain Buffon Protection Act may help save Mr.Bung Mokhtar from being lynched by irate female motorists.

The Never To Be Prosecuted For Daylight Robbery Act will ensure Mr.Samy Vellu ends his days without ever being charged. Or perhaps you have already enacted this one.

The Shockingly Corrupt Chief Ministers And Ex-Chief Ministers Protection Act will at one go, shield both Mr.Taib Mahmud and Mr.Khir Toyo. And it will also help legalise the protection Mr.Taib seems to already enjoy.

The Perfidious Conspirators Protection Act will aid too many to mention, in his own party, Umno.

The Silly Ass Protection Act will, as we have mentioned before, benefit Mr.Nazri himself.

And here are some awards that really must be conferred to these well-deserving recipients.

The Foot In The Mouth Minister Award to Mr.Hishamuddin Hussein for the statements he makes every time he opens his mouth.

The Keep On Announcing Projects Even If You Have No Way And No Funds To Implement Them Award to Mr.Najib Razak.

The So What If I'm Immoral Award should aid Mr.Chua Soi Lek as he goes around unashamedly holding party office, and encourage him to angle for public office.

The Never Mind If I'm Incompetent, Just Give Me A Job Award to Mr.Koh Tsu Koon whose job is done for him by Mr.Idris Jala, while Mr.Koh lounges around, parasitically living off the public purse.

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