Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Larry, Curly And Moe Come To Kuala Lumpur!

One of our favorite TV shows, when we were much younger, was The Three Stooges. We loved their antics and would wait faithfully every week for their all too-short shows.

Decades later, they seem to have made a reappearance in, of all places, Kuala Lumpur. They are not as funny and look entirely different. Nor do they seem any longer to be knocking each other on the head or pulling each others noses. We miss that part, we must admit. However, we have to grant that they still make a fine comedic trio. 

We find their change of appearance puzzling, since in all other ways, they are clearly three stooges. The key question then, is if they are not The Three Stooges, then whose stooges are they?

Let us see, one of them is a former Umno Chief Minister, the other belongs to Perkasa, which many see as being allied with Umno, while the third is in a press conference with two individuals associated with Umno. Thinking hard, we see that the obvious and common link here is Umno. Could it be, then, that they are actually Umno's three stooges?

If they are, then Umno really should stop staging reruns. Because reruns can be terribly dull, even if they turn into, as in this case, laughable farce!

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