Monday, May 23, 2011

See What You Need To Do!

In the end, the only thing the PAP understands is the crack of the whip on their well-fed posteriors. No amount of writing or complaining or reasoned argument could convince them to change clearly wrong-headed policies. But punish them at the polls, and they jump to obey (finally) the people.

Well, sort of. It is not enough. It is far from enough. A 'committe' has been set up to 'study' Ministerial pay. The 'committe' should understand that a 10% pay-cut will not be sufficient. In fact, today's ministerial pay cannot be used as a baseline at all. Because today's ministerial is ludicruos. Politicians in Singapore cannot be paid more than leaders in the US, who run a nation of 300 million people. If it's not good enough for them to perform public service, then the nation is well rid of them. The baseline, if the committee wants one, is zero. They may work from there but they would be well-advised to stop at S$25,000 a month. With the kinds of silly perks these guys get, it should be more than enough.

And what about all these draconian laws? Is Mr.Lee planning to repeal them? No, of course not; the message is not clear enough, perhaps.

Meanwhile, Mr.Lee Kuan Yew and Mr.Goh Chok Tong, resigned from posts that they had not been appointed to yet, in a joint statement! What are they, The Two Ronnies?

We must say though, that it is a serious mistake by the opposition to accept the NCMP posts. The PAP will use it again in the next election, to their detriment perhaps.

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