Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Mr.Gani Patail

Dear Mr.Gani Patail,

We write to bring to your attention the deplorable quality of prosecution that one of your employees is exhibiting.

We are referring to the case of Mr.Anwar Ibrahim. We fear that, despite your unswerving dedication to your many duties, you may have quite missed this one.

Apparently Mr.Anwar is charged with attempting 'something', which we will not name, as we don't wish to offend your sensibilities. Yet his DNA has been miraculously found in the self-admitted victim. Which is not very likely to happen if the 'something' has only been attempted. The charge, we fear, may have been carelessly framed by your prosecutor.

Further, the alleged victim appears to have been involved, based on the evidence of multiple DNAs being found in him, in some Roman orgy. We are concerned this may impact his credibility, thus negatively affecting your case.

We are also puzzled by the demeanour and answers given by the doctors and chemists involved. They seem to be not at all interested in ensuring all the facts are presented to the court. They also give clear indications of having been coached, though we both know this cannot be the case.

You may, at this point, want to consider dropping the charges against Mr.Anwar, in order to avoid the indignity of losing yet another high-profile case.

Unless you are convinced that, despite all these gaping holes in the prosecution's case, you will win anyway.

Yours respectfully,

The Owl

PS : We are troubled by the perception, of most people we have spoken to, that this entire case has been fabricated to unceremoniously throw Mr.Anwar Ibrahim in prison, where he might prove less of a challenge to the ruling party, the Barisan Nasional. We would not want our famously and unfailingly Just BN, to be burdened by such slanderous perception, in case this prosecution succeeds, in its transparent purpose.

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