Monday, March 28, 2011

Eman Remains A Prisoner

Mr.Gaddafi, we thought Libyan State TV announced, is a drunken demented whore who is not at all like his sister. We were surprised! While the rest of it made sense, why on earth would Mr.Gaddafi be expected to be like his sister?

But we were mistaken. Libya's State TV had not suddenly decided to expose Mr.Gaddafi, they were instead engaged in attempting to assasinate Eman Al-Obeidi's character.

To our knowledge, Eman is a lawyer, and Wikipedia seems to think so too.

The Libyan authorities claim to have 'freed' her. We cannot say we believe them. If Eman was free, she would not be silent. Wherever she is, she is a prisoner of the state and we believe her family too is now threatened with danger.

She is or was held at the Libyan National Intelligence headquarters. What has National Intelligence got to do with a case of abduction and rape? The Washington Post, meanwhile, has reported that Eman's mother, Aisha Ahmed, was contacted and asked to convince Eman to "change her story" in return for "anything she wanted". Eman refused.

The Free Eman facebook page, has been 'liked' by UN Women, Nicole Kidman, Oprah, Queen Rania and Michelle Obama among others. Protests have been held calling for her to be freed all over the world. Though poor Eman, languishing in captivity, can have no way of knowing what a powerful symbol she has become.

Eman must be freed, and she must be freed now. She should be allowed the freedom to leave the country and she must be allowed the right to speak to the free press.

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