Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attempted Assasination Of Anwar?

Mr.Anwar Ibrahim's driver has lodged a police report on a possible attempted assasination of Mr.Anwar Ibrahim. Applying the brakes routinely on April 19, the car shook violently and he heard a loud bang at the back of the vehicle. Somehow he manged to steer to the side of the road. The Mercedes had to be towed away. In the event, Mr.Anwar was not in the car, but his wife was.

Upon examination, it was found that a caliper-guide bolt-pin that secures the disc brake had been removed. They are not known to fall off and dissapear by themselves.

If the ruling BN is behind this, they are becoming ever more desperate. They have thrown everything at Mr.Anwar, and he is still standing. Obviously fabricated allegations of immorality do not stick; the Malaysian electorate is a highly sceptical one. Shooting him is not an option, the backlash will tear the nation apart, and spell the end of the BN's rule. Enter, perhaps, an 'unfortunate accident'.

Meanwhile, at least until the next general elections are over, Mr.Anwar will have to increase his security, and he will have to watch his cars as well.

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