Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Haris

We congratulate you and MCLM on cutting ties with SNAP. You may see now, perhaps, how murky these waters of politics are.

Not everybody that you jumped to befriend, deserved your support. As not all that you so quickly and sometimes unfairly castigated, deserved it.

We will not go back to your churlish attacks on PKR for having an election. You gave them no credit, for trying to be a truly democratic party by allowing all members to vote. No other party in Malaysia has done that. They rely instead on having delegates, who may or may not represent the views of the grassroots member. And these delegates, as we have seen too often, are easily perverted. The DAP too, we remind you, practises this questionable delegate system.

And it is the DAP, that you have chosen to support, in your 'Dear Azmin' letter. You may like him, or you may not, it does not concern us. But we believe he was doing his job and that he was working and in tune with Sarawak PKR leaders. Or are you naive enough to believe that the Sarawak PKR leaders wanted to hand over their seats willingly to the DAP, and Mr.Azmin Ali was, single-handed, stopping them?

You support the DAP for asking for 'only' 18 seats. Without considering that they are asking for all the seats with the best chances of winning in the Sarawak elections. Including the seats which PKR contested in 2006.

And the DAP seems to feel, if we have analysed correctly, that they have the sole right to represent all Chinese majority seats or seats with a large percentage of Chinese voters in Sarawak, and by extension, the Peninsula and Sabah as well.

How does this fit in with the aims of MCLM?

Are you not striving for multi-racial politics in Malaysia?

We hope you are, because the DAP, certainly isn't.

PS. We note you have taken no position on the support for animal abusers and by extension animal abuse by DAP representatives. If you think that what they did is all right, or if you keep silent for political consideration, then your MCLM is a sham!

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