Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Malaysia, An Entire Political Party, The DAP, That Supports Animal Abuse

In early March this year, a video made the rounds in Malaysia showing an individual kicking, beating and stomping several kittens to death. When the helpless, terrified kittens tried to hide in a drain, she used an umbrella to poke them to death. When the kitten's mother rushed to their rescue, she beat it away using her umbrella as a weapon. This is the link to the video Kitten torture and killing . It still haunts us.

The video made it's way to Facebook, and the individual was revealed to be a Chow Xiao Wei who resided in the Malaysian state of Selangor. She was soon subject to a barrage of criticism, and some threats, on the social media. Malaysia has laws that deal with such miscreants, though sadly, the maximum punishment is a 6 month jail term. This is never handed out, such criminals are usually let of with a USD 60 fine if they are at all brought to court.

What made this incident far worse and threatens even more the safety of helpless animals in Malaysia, is that a Malaysian political party, the DAP, decided to get involved on the side of the animal abuser. On March 6th, two DAP state representatives, Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching, orchestrated a press conference to support and protect Chow Xiao Wei. Animal welfare activists and other compassionate citizens who gathered, outraged, outside the venue of this press conference, were at first not allowed inside. When they were finally allowed in, they were quickly stopped from asking questions by the DAP.

In a nation where poaching is rampant, cruel, ill-run and ill-monitored zoos are everywhere, and animal abuse is a daily but rarely exposed reality, the actions of a political party in supporting such abuse is a serious blow to animal welfare in Malaysia. One of the DAP representatives, Ean Yong, is reported, incredibly, to have said "It's just a cat".

Animal rights activists who later attempted to submit a memorandum to the DAP were met by deliberately closed doors and switched off front lights at the DAP's headquarters. A few days later, the activists went to Parliament and met with some of the DAP's elected MPs. They were entertained with scoffs and rudeness.

Not a single DAP leader or politician, has apologised or shown the least remorse for their actions. The DAP cares not for the welfare of animals. Animals, they reason perhaps, do not vote. Yet they try to pretend to be, a party that champions humane values!

Chow Xiao Wei, meanwhile, has not been brought to justice, and if were up to the DAP, never will be.

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