Thursday, March 10, 2011

DAP's Unprincipled Silence

As the storm breaks over Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching's actions and words while involving themselves on the wrong side in the unspeakable atrocity that is the kitten killings, we find that the DAP is uncharacteristically silent.

Not a word from the usually forthcoming Mr.Lim Kit Siang. Not a peep from the always voluble Chief Minister of Penang. No stinging rebuke from the generally quickly outraged Mr.Karpal Singh.

Will they only stand forth when there is political gain?

Or when there is political turf to be protected?

Or votes to be had?

Will they keep silent because their own reps are involved?

Are their frequent appeals for humane values so much political poppycock?

They dissappoint us, sorely.

They may hope that this whole issue will go away. It will not.

Or they may feel that cats don't vote.

But they should take care to remember that we do.

And that some of us, can even write.

Note : We know that senior members of PKR have spoken out against this atrocity. On behalf of poor, helpless, dumb beasts everywhere, we thank them.

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