Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Curious Case Of The 1Malaysia NGO

Here they are again, the 1Malaysia NGO, now playing, in Sarawak.

It is apparently an "NGO with no political affiliation". But which only turns up at by-elections and now, the Sarawak State Elections. One could be forgiven for concluding that they are very much a "GO with political affiliation".
The objective of their activities is "to promote the 1Malaysia concept". Well then, shoudn't you be promoting it all the time, not just during elections? Or, is the 1Malaysia concept itself nothing more than a way to try and pick up votes?

They certainly pick a curious way to promote their concept. It appears to be by way of endless dinners, shows by lightly dressed singers and dancers, karaoke competitions and lucky draws.  All of which events, instantly cease, once the voting is over!

The idea we suppose, is to make the voter feel good about 1Malaysia and therefore, by extension, Mr.Najib and the BN. As well as, keeping the more frivoulous voter occupied, and far away from the opposition's ceramahs. You never get to sing karaoke and win cups and saucers, or vouchers and cash, or whatever it is they hand out as 'prizes', after all, at opposition ceramahs.

"Although its activities have received wide media coverage, the person-in-charge has always been keeping away from the media" reports Malaysiakini.

We can't agree with Malaysiakini that the person-in-charge has been keeping away from the media. We see him everyday, plastered smilingly all over the media.

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