Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr.Najib Goes To New York

We had been watching with interest Mr.Najib's visit to New York. Would he perform some miracle which would pull Malaysia out of the economic mess it is in, thanks, in no small measure, to his own incompetence as an economic manager?

We were greeted one morning with the news, in bold headlines in the mainstream media, that he had managed to extract RM 18 billion in investments from companies in the US. Fantastic news! Or perhaps too fantastic to be believed.

Who were these generous investors? Mr.Najib responded that he can't reveal them right now. So, these deals haven't been signed yet, right? They are little more than polite expressions of interest to a visiting dignitary, we suppose. So, why announce them in such haste? Because the elections are coming, of course.

Meanwhile, in the real world, as opposed to Mr.Najib's fairy tale one, prices continue to rise. Plus, Malaysians get to pay for Mr.Najib's pointless trip!

But in today's papers, we see that we are mistaken, and that Mr.Najib is a man with a plan after all. For splashed all over, are pictures of Mr.Najib and his wife attending his daughter's convocation in New York. How very co-incidental, not to mention convenient!

Is this what Mr.Najib's trip was all about? It is a sad sight indeed to see the Prime Minister of a struggling nation, behaving like a mid-level bureacrat, organising official visits around his private schedule.

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