Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun with D And A

It should, we know, be Dick and Jane
but this is not a children's tale,
and so we must stick,
with D 'n A!

If only we had some D 'n A
we could stick it here and there,
on trousers and pants,
or toothbrushes and towels,
and even the odd, anus!

If only we had some D 'n A
we could first plant it,
and then ask for some,
to prove that what we planted,
is indeed what we planted!
While pretending all the time,
that we didn't plant,
what we did plant!

If only we had some D 'n A,
we could pretend we didn't,
and ask for some more,
and if we didn't get it,
why, we could just reverse ourselvelves!

If only we had some D 'n A,
and all seemed lost,
and all our mischievous efforts discredited,
then we just might try,
planting it on an Omega watch!

Note :
This posting will not make any sense,
and may seem Carrollian nonsense,
unless you've been following,
the farcical trial,
of Anwar Ibrahim.

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