Thursday, March 24, 2011

The DAP's Poster Boy For Animal Abuse, Ean Yong, Turns Up

The DAP's Ean Yong had been keeping a low profile of late. But he turns up again, this time to declare that he doesn't need three quotations to award projects. He never tires, it seems, of putting his foot, squarely in his mouth.

Why wouldn't he want to get three quotations?
Isn't that the bare minimum number to ensure the state gets the best price?
Shoudn't he be maximising the use of taxpayer money?
Is accountability not the A in SELCAT?

Again, we find the DAP does the opposite of what it claims to represent. Whether the issue is transparancy, accountability or humane values, the DAP falls far short.

His circuitious explanation of why 10% of state funds found its way into the DAP's coffers, also looks more like an afterthought rather than the truth.

Hypocrisy reigns in the DAP.

And in the forefront is that unapologetic, incorrigible supporter of animal abusers, Ean Yong.

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