Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ask Not What The Party Can Do For You

This applies of course to all parties and their members in every country. But in Malaysia, it seems, to too many party members, it is a particularly alien concept.

Among the opposition parties, it is PKR members who seem most publicly affected by this malady. This may be because a large number of them are former members of the BN. Which, of course, is the root of most rot. So used are these PKR members to BN's system of patronage, that some of them become completely outraged when PKR declines to practise that corrupt system.

Perhaps the best example of this is the whiny Mr.Gobala, who seemed most shocked when not 'paid back' for his service. He really seemed to believe that he deserved to be rewarded with a senior post in the party. Even though he was clearly not intelligent, dignified or principled enough to deserve it.

But he is not the only perennial favour-seeker, though perhaps the loudest. There are many who chase party posts, appointments to GLCs, councillorships and what-have-you. The notion of public service appears to have completely eluded them. They want what BN practises, though those practices, as we see all around us today, are rotten and corrupting.

We must clarify, at this point, that most are genuine members who believe in PKR's struggles and in public service. Who do not sit around complaining that the party doesn't help them, but selflessly understand that their role is to help the party. We applaud them for their honesty and dedication.

To those who are in the party only for gain, we say, leave. And join the BN. You will be more comfortable in BN's crooked system.

To those who have perhaps lost their way, who have been led astray, or are beset by corrupting thought, we say, return to the path of public service for it's own sake. Work hard now, for the election is soon, and you will reap, at the very least, the reward of satisfaction. Whining, complaining, petulance and not working will get you nowhere and will cost your party dear.

So stop asking what the party can do for you.

And ask what you can do for your party.

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