Friday, March 11, 2011

Rolex Watches, And Jewellery, Bought With MIED Funds!

The High Court has ruled, it is reported, that MIED must disclose, among others, all details of recipients of Rolex watches, and jewellery, purchased with MIED funds. We must deduce from this startling order that such items have been bought with MIED funds.

Who could have been the recipients of such lordly gifts? Since MIED is an education fund, albeit under the shady guidance of Mr.Samy for decades, could it be that it has been handing out Rolexes to needy students? Or perhaps to students, as a form of motivation, who achieve good results?

We somehow doubt it. We cannot recall having seen students with such rapper-like bling on their arms.

Those who had dug deep into their pockets to donate to MIED or AIMST, must be feeling rather put out. As should be the Government of Malaysia, which handed out approximately RM300 Million to help build AIMST. In addition to doling out sums unknown to us, to MIED every year.

The list of recipients will be revealing. We will wait for it with bated breath. As we wait also for the list and details of other and no doubt equally dubious contracts, handed out. This, then, in stark reveal, is the odious culture of the MIC.

The Government should not, for even one more minute, countenance the presence of the slippery, Rolex-gifting Mr.Samy as a representative of Malaysia, in his redundant role of Unneccessary Envoy.

Meanwhile, the MACC continues to sit around, twiddling its thumbs, and harassing oppositionists, while staggering daylight robbery goes on under its selectively investigating nose, every day.

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