Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Eman!

Eman Al-Obeidi is a Libyan woman who burst into a hotel in Tripoli filled with members of the international media. She recounted a harrowing tale of arrest, beatings and gang-rape by 15 members of Gaddafi's forces over a period of 2 days. Her crime was having a Benghazi address.

She was grabbed, threatened with a knife, had a tablecloth thrown over her head and was manhandled by Gaddafi's thugs into a white car which quickly sped away. Members of the international media who tried to free her were punched, slammed against the ground and their cameras smashed beyond recognition. We have seen a video by the Associated Press, which captured the incident. It is on YouTube, along with others.

This incident happened yesterday, March 26th, 2011. We do not know if Eman is alive and we do not know how long she will remain alive. Nor do we know, if still still alive, what tortures she is undergoing right now, even as you read.

We know it is pointless to appeal to that buffoon and cruel madman, Muammar Gaddafi, to immediately release Eman Al-Obeidi. But we call on India, on China and on Russia to ensure she is safe and she is freed. We know you have the means to free her. You have stood by and done nothing to help the beleaguered people of Libya and you harmed their cause by declining to support the no-fly zone. See what you have been party to, by supporting Gaddafi! If Eman Al-Obeidi is harmed, dead or 'dissapears', you are complicit.

Eman has already earned a place in Wikipedia and there is a facebook page calling for her to be freed, but she remains a prisoner, in the dark dungeons of a demented despot.


  1. Humans are born to be free.Despot, release Eman !

  2. Eman must be released. I appeal to all sane people everywhere to please do all you can to save Eman. Will all of Europe please do something before it is too late? We have to save her.