Saturday, April 30, 2011

Repenting in Aljunied

According to The Straits Times, Mr.Lee Kuan Yew said, "If Aljunied decides to go that way, well Aljunied has five years to live and repent". So voting for the opposition is a 'wrong' action and like other wrongdoers, the Aljunied  Electorate must repent.

We are sure many voters in Aljunied are already repenting of voting for the PAP all these years. Only to be threatened in this fashion, by the ingrates in the PAP.

Mr.Lee rolls out the same old threats year after year. Is he not aware that 75% of Singaporeans have access to the internet now? They are no longer dependent on the propagandic rubbish printed by 'newspapers' like The Straits Times.

Mr.Lee also says that Aljunied is the only hot seat in this election. He is misinformed, or he is lying. His objective is to make Aljunied feel isolated. It is a common tactic of tyrants. Has he not heard that Mr.Chiam is standing in Bishan-Toa Payoh?

Every seat in Singapore is a hot seat in this election, except for Tanjong Pagar, which Mr.Lee won dubiously.

Malaysia Chronicle Predicts A Singapore Tsunami

We excerpt from the Malaysia Chronicle :

"Change is coming to Singapore. For sure this time. Large crowds are attending the opposition's rallies and more than 20,000 flocked to hear the Workers' Party at Hougang a few nights ago.

Singapore practises a unique kind of electoral system where 75 of the seats are gathered into groups of 4, 5 or 6 and called GRC's. Ostensibly, it is to ensure minority participation but in actuality it stacks the deck against the opposition. In past elections, it was difficult for them to gather the numbers to contest GRCs. It also increased the cost barrier for them, and as a result, the PAP would win the GRCs mostly uncontested. Not this time, though."

Full article in the Malaysia Chronicle at titled "Singapore Tsunami - Much Closer Than You Think!"

The PAP's False Analogies

The other day Mr.Lee Hsien Loong compared Singapore to a plane. He wanted it to be a fighter plane, instead of an Airbus. Hee neglected to mention that fighter planes are more likely to go down in flames. Today he compared Singapore to a car.

It is a pity that Mr.Lee has been reduced to comparing a country to transport vehicles. Here are some more for him to use in the coming days. Singapore should be a sleek air-conditioned bus, not an old jalopy. Singapore should be an ocean-liner, not a sampan.

They are all false analogies of course, meaning their substance is flawed. Countries are complex entities, and cannot be compared in such simplistic ways. Two drivers may not be good for a car, but a strong opposition is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy. While differing views and constant scrutiny ensure governments don't go wrong. If Mr.Lee and the PAP are as clean and competent as he claims, and if they are not doing anything wrong, then why such fear of scrutiny?

 It would make sense, if voters were all 12 years old, for him to talk this way. But all voters are above 21, and it is simply disrespectful, not to mention an insult to their intelligence. The PAP and Mr.Lee never seem to tire, of treating Singaporeans like they are a bunch of schoolchildren.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Time For The Opposition To Cross-Campaign

It's heartening to see the large numbers of people attending opposition rallies across Singapore. The Worker's Party for example, attracted a stunningly huge crowd yesterday at Hougang.

It is reminiscent of Malaysia's 2008 elections, where the huge crowds that gathered in Penang and Selangor translated into votes, and the BN's decades long government was thrown out in those states.

Despite whatever the PAP says, change is coming to Singapore. The opposition has a few stars among them, like Mr.Chiam, Mr.Low, and of course Ms.Seah, among others. This would be the right time for them to campaign for each other. For example. Mr.Chiam could speak at Marine Parade, Mr.Kenneth at Bishan-Toa Payoh or Mr.Low at Holland-Bukit Timah and so on.

Certainly it would increase the average Singaporean's confidence level in the opposition's ability to form a united government.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The NCMP Scam

Mr.Shanmugam would like Singaporeans to vote en masse for the PAP. There is no need to worry about opposition voices in Parliament, he said today, because nine of them will be non constituency MPs. We very much doubt the opposition will accept such odious charity from the likes of Mr.Shanmugam. And they should make it clear they will not.

NCMPs are powerless, pale caricatures of MPs. They may be ignored at will by the PAP because they were not elected and therefore represent nobody. The system has been introduced simply to fool Singaporeans into continuing to vote for the PAP.

You may be tempted to think that Mr.Shanmugam is a half-wit to think he can succeed in such a transparent scam in this election. But you would be wrong to come to such a conclusion. Mr.Shanmugam is not a half-wit, he thinks you are!

Wong's Waterloo?

Mr.Wong Kan Seng, who exhibited gross incompetence in the escape of Mr.Mas Selamat, and then compounded it by refusing to resign and accept responsibility for it, faces what could be his Waterloo in the Bishan Toa-Payoh election. His opponent is Mr.Chiam See Tong, Potong Pasir's redoubtable MP.

If Singaporeans want their leaders to be accountable, they must throw Mr.Wong out. Voting for the PAP in Bishan-Toa Payoh will send them the message that refusing to be held accountable is acceptable to Singaporeans.

A Chauvinist in Marine Parade?

According to The Straits Times, Mr.Goh Chok Tong said, "The four men seem to be leaving it to the young lady to campaign and say all the things.” He was speaking of Ms.Nicole Seah in Marine Parade.

Precisely what is wrong with Ms.Seah taking the lead? Does it bother Mr.Goh that she is a woman taking the lead? Does he feel that she should meekly follow? Or does he perhaps feel that she belongs in some kitchen?

Ms.Seah is intelligent, she is articulate and she has a huge following on Facebook, more than Mr.Goh certainly. If she speaks, it is because people are interested in what she has to say.

Mr.Goh should take his own advice, and focus on the issues, instead of taking cheap and possibly chauvinistic shots, at oppositionists.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Different Rules For Different Parties!

The opposition's team in Tanjong Pagar was disqualified today. Apparently, their seconders, proposers, and assentors were not all seated at the end of nominations! So what, if they were standing? What has it to do with an election? It is a silly rule, enforced selectively by the PAP's Elections Department! To add insult to injury, they were apparently only 35 seconds late! Perhaps they should add more rules, like you should not scratch your nose, or pull your earlobes, or raise your eyebrows at discrimination. Why not, the rules would only be enforced on the opposition, after all!

If Mr.Lee Kuan Yew had been standing, or even standing on his head, we doubt the Elections Department officials would have enforced this rule. In fact, they may all have taken to standing on their heads as well!

Mr.Lee then unashamedly proceeded to give a 'victory speech'. We are certain he did not want a challenge, for the ballot boxes would have been filled with many protest votes against the PAP and it's policies. Mr.Lee would have been embarassed by a victory with a small margin, or even a loss, and he would have been proven to be merely a tin god . We will never know, for they have chosen the poltroon's path to victory. Mr.Lee and his team are not legitimate victors, and Singapore's unfair elections are off to a troubling start.

Meanwhile, the SDP's protest on the PAP's Ms.Sim Ann has been dismissed with no reason given by Election Department officials. She had written on her papers, that she was 'unemployed' while the SDP says she is still serving her notice.

If this is accurate, then writing a falsehood on your nomination papers is apparently acceptable to the Election Department's officials, if you're a PAP candidate. However if you're from the opposition, and are standing instead of sitting, you will be promptly disqualified!

The Election Department's decisions seem to have little to do with infractions of rules, and everything to do with which party you're from!

Note (Update):
The Public Services Division has come out and said that Ms.Sim Ann is no longer in the civil service. Whether this is true, or was made to come true after the SDP's protest, we will never know. The fact remains that the Elections Department chose to quickly dismiss the protest, when it clearly warranted a detailed investigation.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vivian Balakrishnan, Gutter Politician

One would expect someone who had to spend his life burdened with a name like Vivian, and a member of a minority, to show more empathy. But Mr.Vivian has shown that he will sink to any depth, to win an election.

He has clearly picked up a thing or two from Malaysia's Mr.Mahathir. Mr.Mahathir too, will do and use anything, true or false, and no matter how low, to win an election.

Mr.Vivian has asked that some opposition politicians should 'come out of the closet'. Perhaps, like in Borat's Kazakhstan, he would like all gays to wear blue hats, next? Or perhaps he seeks a 'final solution' to this 'problem' like the Nazis did? Is Mr.Vivian, perhaps, a closet Nazi?

This is the ugly face of the PAP, a discriminatory face, and it is a shame to Singapore. Mr.Vivian will not find it so easy to get a visa to some Western countries, the next time he applys. Such homophobia should not be tolerated, and has no place in civilised nations.

We do not know whom he is accusing, but we wonder whether he is certain, that there is nobody 'in the closet' in the PAP.

Note :
The silver lining in this deplorable episode, is that as the PAP becomes ever more desperate, it shows ever more clearly, that they are headed for a thrashing in the elections. And if anybody is unfit for high office, it is unscrupulous politicians like Mr.Vivian.

Living In Disneyland

Mr.Lee Kuan Yew has been kind enough to inform Singaporeans today that they are not living in Disneyland. For some reason, he must think that Singaporeans feel they are living in Disneyland.

Why would Singaporeans think they live in Disneyland?
It could be because of the fact that the subways, like Disneyland's rides, are packed.
Or because, like Disneyland, Singapore is full of people from all different parts of the world, having fun.
The locals in Disneyland, have to work at jobs, sometimes dressed in silly costumes.
Like Disneyland, there are no free rides in Singapore, not even for the poor or unable.
And, like Disneyland, everything is way too expensive.

Singaporeans have some advantages over Disneylanders, though. While people from Disneyland have to drive for hours or catch a 1 hour flight to get to Las Vegas and it's casinos, the PAP has brought the casinos to Singapore.

We doubt if Singaporeans feel they are living in Disneyland. For a struggling family, such a suggestion would be a trivialisation of their difficulties. That Mr.Lee would make such a suggestion, shows the disconnect between the PAP's leaders and the average citizen.

Mr.Lee himself, however, has very reason to think he is living in Disneyland. He is the King who lives in a castle, his son is the Prince, and he may do and have anything he wants. And his Ministers will be quite happy to put on any mask he wants them to, to please him. Though we do not know if he will feel quite so flippant, after this election is over.

We do agree with him on one thing, that Singaporeans have to make the right choice for the future of their children and grandchildren. And that choice should be for a strong opposition in Singapore's Parliament and for a two party state.

Or else their children and grandchildren too, will have to live in a repressive state, led by an in-bred, declining, much detested party, which will fear-monger and sell insurance to stay in power, at every election.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lies, Half-Truths, Najib And Mahathir

Mr.Najib has warned Malaysian bloggers against spreading half-truths and lies. It is remarkable coming from a Prime Minister who presides over a mainstream media that spreads, precisely that. Utusan, not content with merely disseminating half-truths and lies, spreads racial hatred as well.

Not satisfied with issuing this warning, Mr.Najib then contradictorily proceeded to declare the Malaysian blogosphere as the most free one in the world. We do not know where he gets his statistics from, but there are few countries in the world where bloggers are as harrased as Malaysia's. Many have been arrested, some jailed and others, threatened with lawsuits.

No self-respecting Malaysian blogger would have been caught dead in a meeting run by Mr.Najib, and assisted by, of all people, Mr.Mahathir. Mr.Mahathir ran Malaysia with an iron fist where dissent was always quickly crushed. He now pretends to be a blogger, when he is in fact an untransparent propagandist, and often enough a racist one, of his own, and the government's views.

If Mr.Mahathir and Mr.Najib want to do something for freedom of speech, they may repeal the draconian Printing Presses and Publications Act, instead of making hypocritical speeches to a selected and tame audience.

Grace Fu's Little Knowledge

A little knowledge, it is said, is a dangerous thing. To prove this right, we have as example Ms.Grace Fu, who will probably be standing in Yuhua.

Ms.Fu has said that shifting out of manufacturing into services will result in a loss of service jobs! We did not make this up, it was published by the PAP's pliant propagandist, The Straits Times, here .

Would not focusing on the service sector result in more jobs in the service sector? Not, apparently, if you are a PAP administrator.

Ms.Fu feels that she is qualified to make such statements because she sat on an Economic Strategies Committee that looked into other countries. We had thought that she would have published a paper on it, to make so broad and sweeping a statement. Ms.Fu appears to be suffering from that unique delusion common to PAP functionaries, that Singaporeans will swallow whatever they say, no matter how ridicoulous!

The US has for long now started to move from manufacturing to services and it has certainly helped their service sector. During the Great Depression, we remind Ms.Fu, the US economy was predominantly manufacturing based.

It is the knowledge worker who is Singapore's future, not the assembly line worker. In fact, these are jobs that are increasing too fast and by too many, the number of foreign workers in the country. The PAP is trying to cover up for it's failure of foresight in not developing the services sector by coming up with such fallacious arguments.

Ms.Fu advances the outdated argument that R&D and manufacturing are tied together like twins and both must situated in the same place. She would have been more correct, 20 or 30 years ago. The world is now borderless and it is common to  have R&D in one country, manufacturing in another and distribution all over the world.

The SDP has put forward a most reasonable proposal in suggesting a shift to the services sector. The PAP should, if they retain power, pay attention to it, instead of behaving like stubborn ostriches.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jurong's Nostradamus

The GST will not go up for the next five years, Mr.Tharman has asserted. We must remind him that he has not won the election yet, nor been appointed the new Finance Minister. He is, clearly, a presumptuous fellow!

In the event he does win, and is appointed, we are sure that the GST will go up, and soon. At which time, Mr.Tharman will tell you, no doubt, that it is because of some international crisis or the other.

And there will be nothing you can do about it.

Will Mr.Tharman be embarassed to contradict himself? Not at all. He is, after all, not embarassed to be Finance Minister despite having been convicted of being negligent with secret financial figures, and fined S$1,500, in 1993.

The higher the number of seats that the PAP wins, the more arrogant and uncaring of public opinion they will be, and the higher the odds that the GST will go up!

A Liar In Ang Mo Kio, A Faker In Mountbatten

Singapore, says Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, is not a one-party state. The man is a bare-faced liar! What other lies, it makes you wonder, has he been telling?

Perhaps he does not understand the meaning of the word. Or perhaps he hopes that if he repeats a lie often enough, like Goebbels, it will be believed.

He then went on to say that this is not an election where the PAP gets 95% of the vote.

Nor did the PAP get 95% of the vote in 2006, we must point out to him. It got 65% of the vote, but still ended up with 98% of the seats.

And that is because Mr.Lee, and the PAP, engages in gerrymandering, and has rigged the system with abominations like the GRCs.

Note :
Meanwhile, Mr.Low Biow Chuan, PAP's MP for Mountbatten, has claimed that his Facebook page was 'liked' by 23,172 people, when in actuality, it was 'liked' by 244 people. Is the PAP a party made up entirely of fakes and liars?

Friday, April 22, 2011

1 EMail To Rule Them All

It made no sense to us that the shares of Tricubes, the Malaysian company that had apparently offered to spend RM50 million on the dubious 1Malaysia email project, had skyrocketed from 5.5 sen to 32.5 sen.

Considering that they were listed under GN3 on the Stock Exchange, which means they required debt restructuring, or in layman's terms that they did not have RM50 million to splurge, made the rise in their stock even more strange.

Could it be that they were hoping to recoup their investment and turn a profit by running advertisements on their email site? We doubt it.

Mr.Najib has said that this is a privately funded project and would not be depending on government funds. How then could Tricubes be financing this totally redundant email system?

And then we read, in Malaysiakini, that a Pemandu representative has said that government agencies may be charged $RM0.50 per transaction to send their emails.

So, assuming there are 10 million Malaysians who qualify for this email, that would be RM5 million per transaction paid to Tricubes!

No wonder the stock is flying!

Goh Chok Tong, From The Gutter, Calls For A 'Clean' Campaign!

It is almost surreal to read of Mr.Goh Chok Tong's call for a 'clean' campaign. Among other things, he doesn't want to be personally attacked nor does he want to be called rude names.

He appears to have conveniently forgotten that he personally bankrupted Mr.Chee Soon Juan. To give credit where it's due, Mr.Lee Kuan Yew helped. That is how dirty Mr.Goh plays. He bankrupts political opponents who are a threat to him and his PAP. Nor has he had the courage to respond to Mr.Chee's challenge to him to allow Mr.Chee to stand by waiving his damages.

It mattered little to Mr.Goh that Mr.Chee was a Singaporean with a family to support, who was exercising his right to disagree, and his right to fair comment. Mr.Goh was intent on bankrupting him. To silence Mr.Chee and to serve as an example to others from daring to do the same. And he appears to feel no twinge of conscience that he collects S$3 million a year from public funds, while Mr.Chee remains penniless.

We assume Mr.Goh is afraid, among other things, that his and his wife's association with the NKF scandal will be made an election issue. It should, because it is a shame.

Or perhaps he worries that his running mate, Ms.Tin Pei Ling, will become the butt of more joke.

Whatever his reasons, calls for clean campaigns should come from those with clean consciences. Such calls should not be from a politician who uses the dirty tactic of bankrupting his political foe, and whose claim to fame rests on little more than being Mr.Lee Kuan Yew's fawning factotum.

A Valley Of Elah, In Marine Parade

The PAP's champion, Mr.Goh Chok Tong, like an aged Goliath, has strode forth for almost 3 decades now, shouting his challenge. For the last 20 years, his challenge has gone unmet.

But this election, a Singaporean David steps forward, in the unexpected form of Ms.Nicole Seah. Like David, she is young, and like David, she is courageous. She could have taken the easy route by throwing in her lot with the PAP, but she has chosen the hard and thankless path, of being an oppositionist in Singapore.

Mr.Goh is hampered now, by many things. By the weight of a too-long incumbency, by association with the NKF scandal, by his scolding of Singaporeans for complaining about the PAP's haplessness in the face of floods, by his mammoth salary, by his many foot-in-the-mouth comments, and not least, by the burden of Ms.Tin Pei Ling tightly clinging on to his coat-tails.

If at all a message is to be sent to the PAP, it will be sent by speeding Mr.Goh on his way to his long overdue retirement.

We hope Ms.Seah does not blanch at Mr.Goh's inevitable arms-flailing charge, and that she aims well.

It would be a pity indeed if Goliath wins, though those modern day philistines, the PAP, will rejoice.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mr.Lee's Strange Remarks

According to the Straits Times (here ), Mr.Lee Hsien Loong said that "Foreign workers help create good jobs for Singaporeans". It would have made some sense if he had said foreign investors!

There are few nations which would accept the building of an electronic plant, if it required that 40% of that factory's workers be foreign. There will be negative effects in terms of social issues, housing, and overcrowded subways among others. In a small nation, such effects will be magnified.

This is not natural growth. It is a forced, unnatural push to meet some target.

Possibly a target which will result in a higher bonus for the Prime Minister and his team!

And Now, Here's More Threats From The PAP

According to Mr.Lim Swee Say, the PAP's well-paid Minister without portfolio, but with much to say, Singaporeans should not 'gamble' with their future. It is strange advice, indeed, coming from a member of a Cabinet which authorized the building of two huge casinos in Singapore.

Apparently, not voting for the PAP will be a losing bet, in which Singaporeans will lose their future. When you bet in a casino, he says you will lose only money! And if money is lost, will that not affect the future? Not if you're an overpaid Minister in Mr.Lee's Cabinet, it seems.

It is voting for the PAP which is the losing bet. By voting for the opposition, Singaporeans may win themselves a two-party state, their freedom and a government that listens. As a bonus win, you will rid yourselves of arrogant fear-mongerers like Mr.Lim Swee Say.

An English Lesson For Shanmugam

First World and Third World are English expressions which refer to advanced and backward states of existence. It need not refer to specific countries, as Mr.Shanmugam ignorantly suggests.

An example of a Third World state of existence, if he must have specifics, is Singapore's just dissolved Parliament. When one party controls 98% of the seats, it means that the people's will has been subverted. Especially when the party that has 98% of the seats, as in 2006, only got 65% of the votes.

The people's wishes have been denied by the PAP's crude, Third World system of gerrymandering using GRC's. As well as by the PAP's Third World repression of those pillars of any true democracy, freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

If Mr.Shanmugam needs further understanding of the Workers Party's concept, he only needs to read their manifesto. Unless he is too busy organizing the hangings of misled, poverty-stricken children like Yong Vui Kong.

Mr.Shanmugam would do better to occupy his time with improving the PAP's own flimsy manifesto, which is so sadly short on specifics, and which is so clearly inferior, to the WP's manifesto.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WP Manifesto vs. PAP Snake Oil

The Workers Party manifesto consisted of 17,440 words while the PAP's manifesto was a flimsy document of 1,688 words. The PAP's 1,688 words included a used-car salesman type sales pitch by Mr.Lee Hsien Loong.

We are quite convinced that the PAP manifesto was written by a PR consultant. It is full of empty words, unmeasurable promises, and high-sounding rhetoric. It is generic gibberish! Whoever wrote it, he is a slippery fellow; he promises you everything, but you can't hold him down to anything. In the event the PAP loses and he is booted out of his job, he will no doubt be found standing on a street corner in some disreputable part of town, selling snake oil!

The Workers Party manifesto is, by contrast, a thoughtful and carefully put together piece of work. They seem to have burned the midnight oil, and perhaps brainstormed for long hours, with input from ordinary citizens, before completing it. It is very clear, that they have the competency, to succesfully manage Singapore.

If you think us biased, please read both manifestos for yourself.

The Workers Party manifesto is here .

The PAP manifesto may be found as a silly set of children's slides at their website. We can only conclude that the PAP is used to treating Singaporeans like schoolchidren, and so present their manifesto in this way.


Temasek Review Downed By DDOS Attacks

If you can't access the Temasek Review, it is because it has been downed by DDOS (denial of service) attacks. Similar attacks during the Sarawak Election brought down Malaysia's Alternative News Sites like Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle and the UK-based Sarawak Report. The Sarawak Report was forced to go 'on the run' moving from server to server as each new server came under attack.

In the case of Malaysia, there was little doubt that the attack was ordered by the BN. The PAP seems to have taken a leaf out of the BN's dirty tricks playbook and may be intent on doing the same to the Temasek Review. These attacks, we note, are illegal.

The Singapore voter is expected to swallow the propagandic gibberish spewed by the Straits Times and other such 'news' sources to make his or her decision. The fact that the PAP is engaging in such tactics should be reason enough to vote against them. They wish to deny the Singapore voter, access to their most implacable, and no-holds barred, critic, the Temasek Review.

It is an insult to the Singapore voter's intelligence that tactics seen as being succesful against natives in Sarawak's remote interiors are being used to deny them information.

It is a clear sign that the PAP is afraid, and the PAP is desperate. And they now seem willing to use methods favoured by Malaysia's disreputable BN. No matter how despicable, or how illegal, such methods are.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Putting An End To The PAP's Habit Of Bankrupting Their Political Opponents

The only way to end their unhealthy habit, is for you to pay the fines!

Because it would immediately defeat their purpose.

And the PAP's purpose is simply to scare everybody into keeping silent. They do this by frightening critics that they will lose all their possesions.

But if the fines are paid by all citizens, then nobody will lose their possesions. And they may then do what Singapore so desperately needs, speak out when they see wrong.

In addition, citizens who keep having to fork out money to the Lees or Mr.Goh Chok Tong or any other PAP luminary, will be very angry.

And the PAP  would not like such public anger focused on them, not when they are carefully pretending to be the good guys.

Alternatively, and to save yourself some money, you could just vote them out!

Muzzling Chee Soon Juan

Mr.Chee will not be able to stand in the Singapore Elections just announced. He has been declared a bankrupt, and may neither stand nor involve himself in the elction campaign. The first he cannot overcome, but the second rule we know he will defy.

If there is one trait he has consistently exhibited in all these years, it is defiance of unjust authority. In Singapore, it is a most unusual trait. His struggle, consciously or not, appears to be based on Gandhian principles. He advocates non-violence, goes on hunger strikes, refuses to pay unjust fines, and would rather be incarcerated than compromise his principles. Every one of which acts, Mr.Gandhi too embraced. Mr.Chee has been ridiculed by his political enemies and called 'a dud' by Mr.Lee Kuan Yew. Mr.Gandhi was called a 'fakir in a loincloth' by Mr.Churchill. Not that we are comparing Mr.Churchill to Mr.Lee; Mr.Churchill was no shameless bully.

It is a pity that Mr.Chee cannot stand in this election because he would most likely win. Which is why the PAP fears him and why they will not allow him to. They cannot handle him now, and they do not want to have to contend with him in Parliament.

It may be time  for Mr.Chee to ask Singaporeans to donate towards paying off his fine. He owes S$300,000 to Mr.Lee Kuan Yew and S$200,000 to Mr.Goh Chok Tong. We are certain he will be able to collect enough. Though it is a shame that even more of Singaporean's hard earned money, will find it's way into Mr.Lee's and Mr.Goh's already thick wallets.

MIC's Smoke And Mirrors Show

Last Friday, MIC held a gathering for Malaysian Indians, in the 5-star Mines Resort in Kuala Lumpur. Considering that the majority of the Indians in Malaysia are living in poverty-stricken conditions, it is indeed a curious venue to choose. It would have been more appropriate for the MIC to organise their 'gathering' in one of the many dilapidated estates or urban slums where most Malaysian Indians actually live, in penniless penury.

Twelve thousand Indians gathered, or rather, were gathered, like so many sheep to the slaughter. Some were paid to gather, and some were bussed in in paid transport. The objective of this 'gathering' was to celebrate the Indian New Year. There is, in fact, little for the Indians to celebrate about.

Fifty years of marginalisation by the Barisan Nasional, have turned the Indians into 3rd class citizens in the nation of their birth. They are practically, now, a slave peoples, and their overseers are the MIC. Ilegal immigrants, not being burdened by having the MIC as a representative, are doing better than them! The MIC is too servile (to Umno) and too inept a party to aid the Indians in any real way. And so, to hide it's shortcomings, it puts on such shows.

How much did the MIC spend, in this false presentation? How much for the venue? For the food? For the singers, the entertainers? How much for the transport to bus in the attendees? A million? Two million?
Whatever the sums, it would have been better spent on tangible projects, instead of this expensive, unproductive nonsense. MIC neither cares to, nor knows how to, help the Indians so they throw them a party instead!

Of course, the MIC has it's own, self-serving reasons for this orchestrated 'gathering'. The election is coming, and they would like to pretend that they have have regained the support of the Indians that they lost in 2008. They would particularly like to pretend so to Umno, to ensure they get enough seats and that those seats are in places which can be won, courtesy of Malay Umno voters. They can then continue to posture as the representatives of the Indians, while doing, as usual, nothing to improve their lot.

In 2008, outraged by the sight of police beatings and persecutions of their fellows, the Indians mostly voted for the Opposition. It would be a pity if they are taken in by the MIC's charlatans, and vote for the BN in the next elections. Neither the MIC, nor the BN, are the answer to Indian woes; they are the cause of them.

The only real hope for change for the Indians is in the establishment of a 2-party state and in a system where those who are disadvantaged will be assisted regardless of their race. And to achieve that, their only choice, for now, is Pakatan.

Chua Soi Lek's Gambit

Mr.Chua has called on the SUPP not to accept any posts in the Sarawak cabinet. This was after the SUPP, which purportedly represents the Chinese in Sarawak, was thrashed at the state polls.

Why would Mr.Chua have any interest in the matter? Because he wants to send Peninsular Chinese a message. His message is vote for the Opposition, and you will have no representatives in the Cabinet. Some, of course, will argue that it is better to have none, than to have a servile party like the MCA represent them.

Mr.Chua was asked why he did not stop the MCA, which was similarly thrashed by the DAP and PKR in the 2008 elections, from accepting posts in the Cabinet. He replied that he was not the President, then. In that case, why didn't he pull them out when he became the President?

We do not think Peninsular Chinese will be made fearful by Mr.Chua's latest transparent scare tactic. They are more likely to be convinced, that Mr.Chua and his entire BN coalition, should be dumped, where they belong, in history's rubbish bin.

Mahathir Calls DAP Racist!

Mr.Mahathir, as unrepentant a racist as you could find outside of the KKK, has labelled the DAP a racist party. This, apparently, is how they doubled their number of seats in the Sarawak election, by being racist.

We were sure the reason why the DAP got more seats, was because, among other reasons, the Sarawak State government was widely perceived as being corrupt, being unresponsive and because Mr.Taib Mahmud is much reviled. We thank Mr.Mahathir, for correcting us. For who would know more about racism, and racist parties, if not Mr.Mahathir.

He reigned for decades over Umno, which only accepts Malays into it's fold. His major coalition partners MCA and MIC, were respectively only for Chinese and Indians. With this anachronistic coalition, Mr.Mahathir ruled Malaysia for decades. His party's mouthpiece, Utusan, to this day, has never grown tired of running racist articles.

It is laughable that Mr.Mahathir would think he was in any way qualified, to comment in this way, on such matters. But then, he did claim a few years ago, that his right to free speech was infringed upon, by Mr.Baddawi. It was a remarkable claim, considering that during his tenure as Prime Minister, he had used every method, including brutal ones, and the ISA, to clamp down on dissent.

We do have to grant Mr.Mahathir one thing.

He is not at all afraid, of looking a fool!

Goh Chok Tong Distances Himself, From Tin Pei Ling

Given his way, it seems doubtful that Mr.Goh would want to have Ms.Tin Pei Ling on his 'team'.

It was reported in TodayOnline, that "When asked whether the PAP's youngest candidate, Ms Tin Pei Ling, 27, will be an asset or liability to his team in the Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency, he said he will not know until the election results are out".

He could not bring himself to say that she would be an asset.

Mr.Goh then goes on to say :

"Of course unfortunately for her, YouTube, people have put it on, and then it's a complete distortion and of course some soundbites of her which pitted her as a rather light weight person. Well, that's a superficial view of her."

We watched an entire interview of Ms.Tin, and still found her terribly light-weight. The only reason she is on the PAP ticket, we suspect, is because she is young, and the PAP is under threat, of being rejected by Singapore's youth. Ms.Tin Pei Ling, then, is their superficial solution to their problem!

Mr Goh also said "... Is this election about Tin Pei Ling? No. This election is more than just Marine Parade GRC. It's about the future of Singapore."

We must point out to him, that elections anywhere, are automatically always about the future of countries. Stating the obvious is not going to save him from having the details scrutinised.

And this particular election in Singapore, is also, among other issues, about rising costs, about the loss of jobs of Singaporeans to too many outsiders, about Mr.Goh and his colleagues fat salaries, about the dubious quality of some of the PAP's candidates, and about the need to have more oppositionists in Parliaments to stop the in-bred PAP from going wrong. Which they most certainly have.

Chok Tong Ducks The Real Issue

Mr.Goh came up with this one yesterday :

“I would not duck the issue, because politics is about people’s livelihood. Therefore, rising cost is a very big issue facing, not just Singapore, but facing every other country,”

Now he says Singapore is like every other country. It is strange, because the he and the PAP are always saying that Singapore is not like every other country. That, they usually justify, is why Singapore can't have a free press, freedom of speech, or any other freedoms. That is also part of the justification for Mr.Goh's monstrous salary, and that of his colleagues.

The issue Mr.Goh is ducking, while pretending not to, is that the PAP is entirely responsible for rising costs. They run the Government, always have run the Government, and seek, by any means available, to always continue to do so.

He also says that having more opposition in Parliament will not solve the problem. In fact, that is precisely what Singapore needs. More opposition in Parliament, to question the PAP. More opposition in Parliament, to force the PAP to listen to voters. What Singapore's Parliament is filled with today, is a bunch of nodding PAP syncophants, falling over each other to agree with their leaders.

Mr.Goh is running away from responsiblity, by attempting to blame Singapore's problems on some global malaise. The troubles in Singapore, are of the PAP's making.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mr.Taib Goes To Vote, In A Silver Rolls Royce!

As the Chief Minister of one of Malaysia's poorest states, one might have expected Mr.Taib Mahmud to be a little more careful about flaunting his wealth. But no, Mr.Taib must go to vote in a silver Rolls-Royce.He enjoys absolute power in Sarawak, and is unconcerned with appearances. Or, for that matter, public opinion.

Mr.Taib has won another term as Chief Minister, of the exploited state of Sarawak. He will face more elected opposition members in this term, than he has ever dealt with before. But he still wields a two thirds majority, which allows him to amend the State's Constitution, as he pleases.

If the elections had not been marred by fraud, Mr.Taib would not still have his 2/3rds. And may even have lost. Tellingly, Mr.Taib had barred all independent observers from entering Sarawak, including the former head of Malaysia's Bar Council, Ms.Ambiga Sreenivasan.

 In Senadin, a thousand postal votes miraculously turned up to save the BN candidate. Their candidate still only won by 58 votes! The results are being disputed as we write, but the Election Commission official, of course, refuses to allow a recount.

In Bakun, BN won by 227 votes the last time. This time their margin of victory was close to three thousand! A remarkable turn-around in voter sentiment, indeed. It is, of course, preposterous! They may have overdone it. Rigging votes, is clearly a tricky business. Rig too little and you might lose. Rig too much, and you may get, a Bakun!

Based on their "success", we expect Malaysia's ruling party, the BN, to call for the General Elections soon. They will have a much harder time, in Malaysia's West. Mr.Taib's odious formula for winning elections, combining the ingredients of fraud, rampant vote-buying, and intimidation, will not work so well there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Communications Jammed In Sarawak

The tactics used by Egypt's Mubarak, are now being used in Sarawak. Mobile phone networks have been disrupted. Radio Free Sarawak has been jammed. Alternative news sites, like Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report (both now on Wordpress), have been brought down by cyber-attacks. Dirty work, is clearly afoot.

The lessons of history, as in Egypt, are being ignored, even though they are only months old. We wish to point out to the BN and the tyrannical Mr.Taib, that their actions will be counter-productive. We know, as do most of the people, in case they think themselves disguised, that it is they who are behind these actions and attacks. And it is causing a lot of anger, which will be directed squarely at them, in polling tomorrow.

These are actions of desperate men. And the BN right now, is a coalition of increasingly desperate men. Their ceramahs attract few listeners, while the opposition's attracts voters in the thousands. To disrupt the opposition speakers, BN plays loud music opposite, hires goons to jeer loudly and then invites listeners to free buffets, if they will only leave the opposition ceramah!

All these sinister and sometimes farcical machinations will not stop the BN from being dealt a resounding blow in the elections tomorrow.

Barring Ambiga, And Rigging An Election

Ms.Ambiga Srinivasan is the former president of the Bar Council and currently the Bersih 2.0 Chairperson. Bersih 2.0 is an organization focused on ensuring free and fair elections in Malaysia.

She was barred from entering Sarawak today, the day before polling, by the office of Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. He seems to be supremely arrogant, and frightened out of his wits, all at the same time.

Ms.Ambiga is the fourth activist to be barred from Sarawak in the past two weeks. The others were Steven Ng, Wong Chin Huat and Haris Ibrahim. PKR's Mr.Sivarasah was also barred a few weeks ago.

His reason for barring Ms.Ambiga, who is committed to ensuring that elections are not rigged, can only be because that is precisely his intention. If Mr.Taib cannot win by fair means, and we know he cannot this time, he means to win by foul.

But if the swing against the BN is strong enough, even Mr.Taib and his thugs, will not be able to silence the long-suppressed voice of Sarawak's people.

This tyrannical despot and his party may yet be cast out of power in Sarawak, including in his own seat of Balingian.

And then Sarawak will be free.

Barring Haris

Why bar Mr.Haris Ibrahim, of all people, from entering Sarawak? He is not a particularly influential figure in Malaysian politics. He is more of a civil rights activist, and could under normal circumstances, have little say in Sarawak.

He has only been barred, we believe, for one reason. To stop him from exposing SNAP, with which party he was associated until recently.

SNAP is not a part of the BN, but it was BN which barred Mr.Haris. SNAP is, however, standing, and forcing 3 way contests in seats where it should be a straight fight between BN and PKR. This is SNAP's value to the BN. They will help split the opposition vote, and this will benefit BN. The BN does not want Mr.Harris turning up, and spilling the beans on SNAP.

We cannot confirm the rumours that SNAP has been bought over by the BN, but the ugly nexus between BN and SNAP, as in this act of barring Mr.Haris, is undeniable.

Voting for SNAP in Sarawak, is as good as voting for Mr.Taib Mahmud and the Barisan Nasional.

Dissociated In Sarawak

Sarawakians have a chance to free themselves on the 16th of April. And they do not need to resort to the methods employed by Egyptians, Libyans or Ivorians. All they have to do, is mark the X in the right place, for the opposition, on their ballot papers.

They have suffered long enough, and their leaders have been profligate in their excesses enough, that their decision should be an easy one. Yet there are many, who will still vote for the BN in the form of the PBB and the SUPP. Though there will be much less of those who vote for the SUPP.

There are several posible reasons for such self-defeating behaviour. Some may be suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome where captives or victims of kidnappings develop positive feelings for their captors. In some cases they will even feel adulation for their tormentors. A key element for this kind of scenario to develop is for the perpetrator to show some form of kindness to the victim. The victims will then, in a bid to protect themselves, focus on the kindness rather than the abuse. This will not happen if the abuser is unremittingly harsh. Lack of abuse may also be seen as kindness.

The BN shows this temporary 'kindness' to Sarawakians every five years or so, during elections. They hand out impermanent goodies when they should be developing the state for the long-term good of it's residents. Mr.Taib Mahmud has shown little interest in doing that. Nor, are we certain, if he actually wanted to, that he knows how.

A Dissociated state, a psychological defence mechanism, may also stop people from acting in their own interests. People become accepting, and dissociate themselves, from the abuse they have to endure, in one form or another. They may not take the chance to escape, even when they can.

These are conditions that also existed in Peninsular Malaysia, until 2008, as they still do, in Singapore. Penang became free then, as did Selangor. Kelantanese had long ago rejected the BN. Both Penang and Selangor are far better off today, than they were under the BN.

It is up to Sarawakians now, to set themselves free.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

For A Strong Opposition, Vote The PAP Out Of Office!

Well, if the PAP loses the election, they will be the Opposition, and Singapore would automatically have, a strong opposition!

The leader of the opposition, will be Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, who will be feeling rather silly, when he starts clamouring, for freedom of speech! As he will, when he starts demanding, for a more transparent government!

Or Mr.Lee Kuan Yew, may decide that Singapore 'needs him', and return to head the PAP. For he has long forgotten, that the PAP is not Singapore, and Singapore is not the PAP!

Of the rest of them, many, and we mean many, will jump ship. They will not be able to tolerate a life, where they are not living off, public funds.

The other possibility is that the PAP's cadre will rebel, and dump the Lees.

In which case, they will start, the Lee Family Talk Show.

For they do very much, like to talk.

The show's ratings will quickly plunge, as they mostly like to talk, about how clever they are!

Or perhaps they will start, a travelling circus, which we think, will do rather well, even if they only feature; themselves!

Note :
If you think Singapore cannot do without the PAP, you may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
As an immediate remedial measure, stop reading The Straits Times and other mainstream papers, and stop watching TV.

We Sell Out, To The BN!

We've sold out, guys!

Because it's the fashion nowadays!

Because the offer was too good to resist!

Because all our legal problems will go away!

Because we miss roti canai, and we miss teh tarik, and it doesn't taste quite the same, in London!

We will be giving an interview soon, to a state-owned TV Channel, possibly TV3. We may even do it in several parts, then we can draw the issue out longer, and so that it coincides with the Sarawak Elections!

In future all our posts will be sickeningly, unstintingly, toadyingly, in support of the Barisan Nasional.

Because they're actually all lovely people, and also because they are being very generous to us now!

Oh, and by the way, for the real news go to the NST, The Star, Utusan and, of course, Malaysia Today!

The Emperor Has No Clothes On!

He's not particularly clever, is he, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong? Certainly not on his Q & A session on Channel NewsAsia the other night.

What we saw was an average politician giving run-of-the-mill answers. If he showed any special skill during what became a duller-by-the minute session, it was in being evasive. Whatever he is worth, it is not S$4 Million a year.

He was assisted by a 'moderator', who seemed to be have been deployed for the purpose of deflecting difficult questions, and abruptly changing the topic. It is also a rare sight, to see a moderator, herself asking questions! Helpful ones, of course!

Why would his well-paid PR advisers put such mediocrity in so exposed and public a display? It seems to be an indicator of the low opinion they have of Singaporean's intelligence. Mr.Lee may waltz in wearing a pink shirt, act surprised when told NCMPs are unrepresentative, avoid the issues, make threats; and they are convinced that you will still vote for them.

He had no qualms about publicly stating that he would discriminate against those who vote against his party. It is an undisguised, uncivilized threat. In many countries, it is a crime to make such threats. It will be a pity if Singaporeans allow such political thuggery to frighten them.

Development funds should not be based on whether the voters in an area voted for the PAP or not; it should be based on need.

Yet Mr.Lee and the PAP, insist on treating Singaporeans like a pack of mules, with their carrot and their stick. Mr.Tharman offers them carrots in the form of S$800 bribes, then Mr.Lee turns up armed with a club!

Withholding development funds based on politics, has not worked in Malaysia. Those Malaysian voters so persecuted, grow more sullen still, and continue to vote for the opposition.

We doubt the voters of Potong Pasir and Hougang will appreciate, or give in, to such threats.

Nor should any other voter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lee Hsien Loong, Donald Duck And The ISD

For those who didn't notice, we were at the Q & A session with Mr.Lee Hsien Loong last night. To make sure you didn't miss us, we were wearing a full Donald Duck costume. Imagine our surprise, when we watched the replay and found we had been completely edited out. What an outrage! Blatant censorship! Just when we finally got to be on TV!

At the start of the session, we found ourselves sitting on an uncomfortable ugly green lighted box. Why, we asked, can we not have a chair, like Mr.Lee over there? Because, we were told, we want you to focus on how uncomfortable you are feeling, instead of coming up with clever questions, which may stump Mr.Lee. Besides, it makes for good TV and you musn't forget that we are playing pretend.

Apparently, we were all playing pretend that Mr.Lee is an open, friendly PM who can sit down with the people and answer all their questions without having them arrested, in the middle of the night, by the ISD. None of us would be bankrupted either. Unless, we asked such questions tomorrow, or after the show. Then we would be labelled an unconstructive troublemaker and possibly, a dud, who deserves whatever he/she gets.

We got into trouble, shortly after. Mr.Lee was saying, waving his hands about, that politics was, in Singapore, "a tussle for power". No kidding, we found ourselves interjecting. It was a mistake, we had brought attention to ourselves!

What, Mr.Lee demanded, is Donald Duck doing here? He is an American, and this session is only for citizens!We are new citizens, we tried. We ran away from Disneyland, after Tin Pei Ling threatened to visit. Rubbish, he rebutted us, she was only going to visit Universal Studios. It is nearby, we persisted, she might have made a side visit.

It was no good, we were summarily ejected and spent the rest of of the night, in an ISD cell. In case you are wondering where the ISD came from, they were hiding behind the curtains, at the back of Mr.Lee. We were only released after signing many autographs, as "Donald Duck".

We will not be able to use our Donald Duck costume again. ISD may figure out; that we are not actually Donald Duck. We will perhaps wear a Mickey Mouse disguise, since it would better suit, Mr.Lee's mickey mouse answers to important questions.

Lee Hsien Loong And The Cardboard NCMPs

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong has assured Singapore's electorate that there will always be opposition MPs in Parliament. He said this today during his Q & A session with 12 members of the public on that Channel 9.  It is very generous of him. You may now vote for the PAP with no misgivings as there will always be 9 appointed members of this pseudo-opposition in the House. We can then, he said, "have a debate".

One of the 12 however, Kurt Wee, was unconvinced. They would not be, he more or less and quite rightly said, be representative of the elctorate. Mr.Lee looked suitably perplexed. Well, he tried to look suitably perplexed and went so far as to furrrow his brows, but being perhaps a graduate of the Britney Spears Shool of Acting, he did not succeed very well. He looked, in fact, like he was acting. "But why not" he squeaked, in a hurt, surprised voice. Clearly, more acting classes needed. He was quickly saved by Melissa Hyak, the 'moderator', who abruptly moved to another question!

There is one other problem with this concept. Singapore will now have to pay for, an addittional 9 MPs simply because they didn't in the first place, elect some opposition members. This would result in addittional costs, in the form of allowances and administration.

As it is taxpayer money, we have, we think, a brilliant suggestion, on avoiding this expenditure. Mr.Lee could commission 9 cardboard cut-outs and have them play the role of Non-Constituency MPs. Other than the initial outlay on cardboard and a box-cutter, they would cost nothing. They would be as representative of the electorate as Mr.Lee's human appointees would be.

He may still debate them, but would save much time, as they are unlikely to have anything to say. It would be a perfect arrangement. Singapore's electorate will have their opposition, pseudo and wooden though it may be, and Mr.Lee would have, his way!

Note :
We hope Singapore's Opposition parties, and members, reject this sham system. It only benefits and perpetuates the PAP's rule. The electorate should be informed that they may vote or not for the opposition candidates, but if none win, then there will be no opposition MPs in Parliament, not even pseudo-ones. They must take a joint stand that none of them, including Sylvia Lim, will accept such posts. It is a psy-war that Mr.Lee is engaged in, to mislead the elctorate, and the opposition should not be suckered into it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

News : All Malaysian Alternative News Sites Down

Malaysiakini has been unavailable since 11am, downed by denial-of-service attacks. You may still access them here at and at .

Malaysiakini reports that it is in the process of trying to bring up a new set of servers.

We are also unable to access  Free Malaysia Today or Malaysia Chronicle.

Sarawak Report has been under attack for days. They are now on the run, moving from site to site, as the spybots track them down.

Hacking into sites and d-o-s attacks are illegal, we advise those who are behind these co-ordinated attacks.

It is ever more clear, that the Malaysian Opposition is heading for victory in Sarawak's elections.

Malaysians may expect yet more dirty deeds, before this week is over.

Suffer The Children

What kind of nation is Malaysia, that they would stop orphans from going to school? This is what the Headmistress of SJKT Ladang Linsum in Seremban, A.Gracy, has done. At the behest of, she offers as her excuse, The State Education Department headed by a Mr.Abdul Hakim. This news, for those who disbelieve that such madness still goes on in Malaysia, was reported in The Star, a mainstream newspaper.

The Education Minister, Mr.Muhyiddin Yassin, is away on an extended tour of Sarawak trying to gain new voters, while failing his existing ones. Whatever he is fit for, he is not a fit person to head the Education Ministry.

The children, 8 of them, have been stopped from going to school since February 24th. Three of them are orphans. They range in age from seven to twelve. They are all of them ethnic Indians, members of Malaysia's poverty-stricken, marginalised minority.

None of them have birth certificates, a common problem among poorer sections of the Indian community. The children, despite their lack of a birth certificate, are unmistakably Malaysian. Their parents (of the five lucky enogh to have them), are all Malaysian citizens, but this does not matter to an uncaring authority.  They have callously proceeded to bar the children from school, while their applications for birth certificates are considered by the National Registration Department. The NRD, is not known to make quick decisions, when they make decisions at all.

Ms.Gracy says she will be fined RM 1,000 per child by the State Education Department if she allows the children into school. She will not let them in. The children are stranded outside the gates. Incredibly, it is a Tamil school! They will not take a risk, even for their own. We are sickened to see such sorry educators like Ms.Gracy, in charge of entire schools.

The total fine to be levied on her if these children were let into school, is RM12,000. We would like to see the Education Department, try and collect it. There is no law that allows them to impose or collect, such fines. But it will take some educator who is more concerned for her students, than herself, to stand up to the petty tyrannies of Mr.Muhyiddin Yassin's Education Department.

And where is the MIC, the supposed representative of the Indians in the Barisan Nasional? No MIC politician, nor the MIC itself, has offered to pay the fine or solve the problem, although it is the Barisan Nasional that rules in Negeri Sembilan.

And it is the Barisan Nasional, aided by the MIC, that is responsible for the Dickensian plight of these poor children.

Lee Hsien Loong's 'Answers' to TOC's Open Letter

An Open Letter was sent to Mr.Lee Hsien Loong by a TOC reader today. The full letter is here . Mr.Lee, contrary to expectations, has promptly responded and answered most of the questions. However he has mistakenly sent his responses, to us. We therefore feel it our duty to publish his remarkably honest replies (which are in italics), together with the original questions, as follows:

Financial crisis: What were the exact losses suffered by Temasek Holdings (Temasek) and the Government Investment Corporation (GIC) between 2008 and 2009 owing to the global financial crisis? How much of the losses were recovered in 2010?

We cannot provide you this information as it is not in the interest of national security. Besides, it would make us look bad!

Shin Corporation, ABC Learning etc: How much has Singapore lost on its investments in these and similar companies over the past five years?

We can't tell you how much because it's a state secret. What would you do with it, anyway? Let bygones be bygones.

Has anyone been held accountable for the losses? (We are specifically interested in the second question).

No, she has not. It is not her fault anyway, she just invested in those companies, she didn't manage them. Are you trying to cause friction between me and my wife? How would you like it if somebody interfered in your family affairs?

Myanmar: How much of Singapore’s public money is invested in Myanmar? Did Singapore sell arms to the military junta and is it continuing to do military deals with the government in that country? Why does Singapore continue to have relations with this repressive regime at all?

We have no choice as we too are oppressors. If they fall, and Singaporeans see that authoritarian governments can be defeated, it may give them ideas. It's bad enough what's happening in the Middle East! Order and a strong government like Egypt's and Libya's replaced by a rabble? We can't have that!

Failed SGX-ASX merger: We understand the Australian government has rejected the proposed merger of the Singapore and Australian Stock Exchanges owing to its strongly negative perception of the government’s holdings in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) through Temasek. Would you care to comment on why Temasek’s interests in SGX should be viewed negatively?

The Australians are biased against us because we are Asians.

Could it be because of excessive government control of business and industry in Singapore?

No, it's because they're jealous of our success.

Would you say it has something to do with the opaque manner in which the government operates its businesses and its tendency to monopolise certain sectors of the economy?

We are not opaque. If we don't give you information, it's for your own good or because it's a matter of national security.

Road traffic: .... The people would like to know whether your government and specifically, your talented cabinet, has a similar culture of accountability and acceptance of responsibility?

No, we obviously don't! duh!

However, we agree with you that we are talented and would like to add that we are the best of the best and the cream of the crop. We are also fully deserving of our enormous remunerations. If you try to cut our salaries, we will immediately leave and join the private sector. And then where would you be?

Median wages: The median income for all households in Singapore rose by barely 1.6% per year in real terms over the past decade[ii]. Income for the bottom third of households increased by much less. During this time, Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 86% from $162.6 b to $303.7 b[iii]. Your Ministers have, of course, rewarded themselves handsomely based on the growth of the economy.
Would you care to explain why wages have not kept pace with the growth of the economy?

No clue. It may be because you're not putting enough effort. My wages, for your information have outperformed the economy. It is because I work hard. And because I decide on my own salary.

Would you agree that your single KPI, GDP growth, is hopelessly misaligned with the interests of Singaporeans as a whole?

Yes, I would agree.

 Shouldn’t the main KPI for senior civil servants and ministers be median wages rather than the GDP?

We can't do that. We wouldn't make any money!

Other indicators: Shouldn’t non-material indicators such as work-life balance of Singaporeans, working hours and leisure time, flexible working hours for young parents, our carbon footprint, population density and so on also be included in the KPI of senior officers in your government?

If you're interested in quality of life, please migrate to Austalia or something. Others have, without complaining like you!
What's a carbon footprint?
Our KPI's are based on real facts, like how much we can make. They are not based on the arty-farty, fancy-pancy stuff you have suggested.

We have already touched upon the stagnant wages of the bottom third of society. There have been many stories in the media concerning the elderly and the homeless in Singapore. Why is it that despite Singapore’s phenomenal economic growth, we continue to have an underclass of desperately poor people? Could it be because your government’s mindless pursuit of economic growth has been divorced from all concerns of whether or not the growth benefits all segments of society?

Yes, we cannot be concerned with these people. They are lazy fellows. Many foreigners are doing very well here. Be more like them.

2. The number of hospital beds in Singapore has been stagnant over the past decade. In fairness to you, several new hospitals are coming on-stream over the next few years. Nevertheless, we hear that large sections of the people are not covered under the Medishield programme for various categories of serious illnesses, such as cancer, as has been highlighted on this blog recently. Why is it that Singapore, with a per capita GDP approaching $60,000[iv] cannot provide a basic safety-net for the poorest or the stricken in our society, in keeping with those in other countries at a similar level of development?

If they exercised and followed a proper diet, they wouldn't get sick and we wouldn't have this problem. It is their own fault that they are sick. If you want cheap medical care, go to Malaysia.

Would you agree with the charge that your government’s liberal foreign worker policy has disadvantaged and impoverished our people?

No, I would not agree. We have never been liberals. The people are not impoverished. They are fine. Don't cause trouble.

Would you agree that a country can have a high GDP per head while maintaining a low population density and a high quality of life (eg Luxembourg)? Do you not agree that the business model pursued by your government has resulted in a congested and environmentally degraded city? Has this overcrowding not resulted in public housing (HDB) prices rising by over 60% in the past three years?

That's a good thing because your house is worth more. If you don't yet have a house, work harder. Please don't talk about the environment. It is fine. Are you one of those forign greenpeace types? We don't need people like you radicalising our pliable citizens.

After almost half a century since independence and the end of the Malayan Insurgency and Konfrontasi, and 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, why are Singapore citizens still not allowed to freely:
  • Assemble
  • Because you will block traffic and disrupt business and bring attention to our incompetencies.
  • Speak in public
  • Why not just speak in private. Are you looking for attention?
  • Demonstrate peacefully
  • How do we know you will be peaceful? You will more likely break windows and burn cars. If that happens we will have a national security crisis and may be invaded by Malaysia. What is your address?
  • Publish newspapers
  • Why would you want to publish newspapers? There are already many newspapers being published. You would not make any money. Don't you want to make money? Please focus on making money. The future of all Singaporeans depends on it.
  • Broadcast on television and the Internet?
  • What do you want to broadcast? We will have to approve it first. Please submit to us in triplicate together with 6 photos of yourself. No nudity, spitting, chewing-gum or making fun of us.
Why do we need a law that allows detention without trial? Surely your government can produce a proper anti-terrorism law that allows those charged the benefit of a fair trial? Why are we still stuck in the past with retrograde, repressive laws?

So that you will be intimidated and frightened of us. So that we may continue to run the country, uninterrupted, and pay ourselves whatever we wish!

We hope it is not too much to expect an answer from you to these questions?

It is too much. I am a busy man with many responsibilities and cannot be bothered to account myself to ordinary people like you.

With a salary approaching $4 million a year for yourself, three full ministers assisting you and a budget for the Prime Minister’s Office of close to $348 million per year we pray these questions will not burden you too much.

How did you get this information? And besides, my salary is not approaching $4 Million a year. It is only $3.4 Million. If you round it up to the closest million, I can only be said to be earning $3 Million. Please don't exaggerate!

The people look forward to your reply to this brief report card so they can decide whether or not to give you and your government a clean bill of health in the coming General Election.

The people don't get to decide such things. We will decide for them. They only need to do, and vote, as they're told!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

You're welcome.

Yours sincerely,
A Concerned Singaporean

PS: We know you will be overwhelmed with questions at the Q&A session on Channel NewsAsia “live” on Tuesday and that the editors will have a hard time picking the questions for you to answer. I am sure there is no truth to the rumour that they will pick the ones that show your government in the best light.

Of course they pick the ones that show us in the best light. If there are none, they write it themselves.

 In any case, we hope the written questions above will give you time to ponder over them at your leisure and reply at your convenience. Singaporeans await your reply with bated breath.

We have answered. You don't need to hold your breath anymore!

The Hopeful Mr.Muhyiddin

Mr.Muhyiddin has stated, in Sarawak, that there is no need for change and that the BN can transform from within. It is indeed strange then, that we see no sign of this 'transformation', three years after their thrashing in the 2008 elections.

The ISA continues its existence, unchanged, and has recently been invoked, on a one-armed man. The police force has yet to be reformed, or an IPCMC put in place. Suspects and witnesses, mysteriously fall out of MACC windows. Freedom of assembly is still disallowed, and protests greeted often brutally, by phalanxes of policemen. Gutter politics is BN's order of the day, as in the case of this sex video. Wrongdoers freely roam, while the victims are strenuosly investigated. Freedom of speech is only allowed, if you are a BN mouthpiece.

If the BN is indeed transforming from within, it is for the worse.

Is Mr.Muhyiddin really optimistic that the BN can change from within?

No, he is hopeful that you will believe him!

Sarawak's Political Tsunami

We think it's coming. A tsunami in Sarawak, to rival that of the Peninsular's 2008 event. The BN, mainly in the form of the the PBB and the SUPP, is in trouble. They have been arrogant, they have learnt nothing from the Peninsular experience, and now they will pay for it.

The opposition rallies, particularly those featuring Mr.Anwar Ibrahim and other leaders are attracting unprecedented crowds. Some of the rallies appear to have attracted 8 to10 thousand rapt, cheering listeners. The BN rallies, by contrast, have sparse crowds.

Mr.Najib Razak, brought in to strengthen the BN's campaign in the last week, only managed to attract two to three hundred people in Saratok today. There is no 'Najib Factor', in Sarawak. Even Bernama, the government's propagandic mouthpiece, dared not exaggerate the number beyond a thousand.

Mr.Anwar smells blood, and is tearing through Sarawak like a fury, conducting 6 or 7 ceramahs a day. Few can keep his pace, so determined and untiring is he. His vaunted oratarical skills are on full display, his charisma undiminished and he yet retains, his legendary common touch. Opposition campaigners who planned 2 day trips, are now staying on, infected by the enthusiasm of the crowds, and the now undeniable prospect of victory.

Mr.Najib, on the other hand, struggles to escape his patrician upbringing. And he carries the weight of Mr.Taib Mahmud, like a millstone around his neck. Mr.Taib is as reviled by Sarawakians now, as Mr.Samy Velu was by the Indians in 2008. So lost and out-of-touch is Mr.Taib, that he appears to think to satisfy Sarawakians, by offering to leave in 5 years! He is, indeed, a Mubarak with a beard! While the morale of the BN's campaigners crumbles, as they face the unthinkable reality, of defeat.

The people, in towns and in rural areas, are angry. Much of their hatred is directed squarely at Mr.Taib Mahmud, who has clearly overstayed his welcome. Whoever you talk to, taxi driver or shopkeeper, you get the same message. Even in rural areas, where his writ is still supposed to run strong, they are unforgiving when it comes to the issue of stolen native lands.

The SUPP, the party which represents Sarawak's Chinese electorate, will suffer the fate of the Gerakan. They will be wiped out. Mr.George Chan, the SUPP's leader, dismissed as an ineffective syncophant by his constituents, will struggle to keep his own seat.The PBB will suffer severe damage.

We grant that a week is a long time in politics, but when this election is over, we may very well have a new State Government, headed by the unassuming Mr.Baru Bian.

Note :
The vote may yet be rigged, but it will have to be on a scale too massive to be ignored.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Singapore's Publicly Funded Family

No country in the world has so many members of a single family in so many well-paid positions of power. Unless you count Saudi Arabia or Libya or other such States.

It would not matter if they were running private or, multinational, companies in Singapore. But in curious coincidence, every member of Mr.Lee Kuan Yew's immediate family is entrenched in organisations where their overlarge remunerations come from public funds.

Here is the list then :

Mr.Lee Kuan Yew
Minister Mentor
Chairman, GIC

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister
Deputy Chairman, GIC

Mr.Lee Hsien Yang
Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Chairman, Fraser & Neave
The incongruence of being in charge of the CAAS and selling sugared water at the same time, seems to have escaped him.

Ms.Lee Wei Ling
Director, National Neuroscience Institute

Ms.Ho Ching
Director, Temasek Holdings
Despite losing large sums in the takeover of a Thai company some years ago, she has not been fired. And never will be.

The above may not be a full list of the jobs that they hold. And we have not bothered with their aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives.  Though it is available here .

Anywhere else, it would be scandalous. In Singapore, it is shrugged shoulders and a "What to do".

This is of course, good reason why they can never let the opposition take over. Good reason why they so grimly hold on to power.

They can't have the entire family, suddenly unemployed!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Election Santa Goes To Sarawak!

The Election Santa, we must explain, is not to be confused with Santa Claus. Where Santa Claus has elfs, he has goblins. Where the real Santa hands out presents, he hands out projects and cash.

The Election Santa is also an extremely elusive creature, you will never find him unless there is an election going on. If you are a persistent fellow and somehow manage to track him down at other times, you will find that you will get nothing out of him.

He had left Sarawak to his goblins, but finding them floundering, will now appear himself, for an entire week. Both his chief goblins, one white-haired and the other not, seemed to be heading for a fall. They had lost the towns, they had lost the Christians and they had lost the Chinese electorate. Now, their bases in the rural areas are threatened.

The Election Santa will blaze across the state in private aeroplanes and helicopters. He will promise anything and everything. And don't expect any of his actions to be questioned by the Election Commission, for they too, are his goblins. They will not be so bold as to question their master.

After the elections, those Sarawakians trusting enough to vote as the Election Santa wants them to, will find him gone. He will not turn up, until the next elections.

They will be left, instead, to the mercies of the white-haired goblin, who is, of course, a grinch. And grinches we know, are coarse, and they are greedy.

Unlike the Election Santa, he will never leave.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

S$3.4 Million For Me, Bowl of Noodles For You

That is how Mr.Lee Hsien Loong splits up the loot, in Ang Mo Kio. It would not go down very well if Mr.Lee was the head of a gang of bandits (which some may argue he is), and it is even less palatable when he is the Prime Minister of Singapore.

The unemployed man in his 40's who was subsisting on this diet of a bowl of noodle soup a day, was arrested after turning over a set of buffet trays richly laden with food by his neighbour in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on the 2nd of April. Such a diet, we  must point out, may cause anybody to do irrational things, as their bood sugar levels plummet. He was caught, and handed over to the police. Sadly, nobody thought to offer him a plate of rice. He said "I don't know why I got angry, or why I did that". He cannot be expected to understand the effects of a starvation diet, on the human mind.

He is clearly a victim of circumstances. In Singapore, there is no place for such people. Particularly since he is a victim of circumstances, created by the PAP. He is a Singaporean, and he is unemployed in his native land, while many people of foreign origin, are actively employed. Some of them are even standing for elections, under the PAP banner. Surely, there is something wrong, with the PAP's system.

The MP for Ang Mo Kio, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, does not survive on a bowl of noodles a day. He is busy going around making pompous statements, or twisting the arms of voters, in a bid to win yet another election. He would like to pretend that people like this unknown unemployed man, do not exist in Singapore. In fact, there are legions of them, living lives of queit desperation in the midst of 'prosperity'.

This man will now have to face the censure of Singapore's strict Courts. We hope they make an exception, and  go easy on him.

Food deprivation and it's effects, cannot be cured by spells in Singapore jails.

Nazri And Baljit Don't Agree To Disagree

Mr.Baljit Singh from the Gerakan, an almost defunct party that is part of the Barisan Nasional, criticised his own coalition leaders today. We have no idea why he did this, it is not what members of the BN usually do. It was reported in Free Malaysia Today, an online news portal, that he had asked the Prime Minister Mr.Najib Razak and his cabinet to take religious vows that they are of impeccable moral standing.

This is extremely unfair of Mr.Baljit as they are in no position to take any such vow. Certainly Mr.Chua Soi Lek, we know, will be taking no such vow. Mr.Baljit was therefore making a futile call.

He did, however, manage to get Mr.Nazri Aziz, the BN's Minister of we are not really sure what, to fly off his handle. Again. Mr.Nazri first requested of the reporters present, to tell this 'Punjabi boy' where he is coming from. We do not know why he called him a 'boy'. The picture of Mr.Baljit showed him sprouting a full beard.

Mr.Nazri, we suspect, may have been trying to put him down. It is a pity that he found it neccesary to refer to him by his race. Now he is going to be called a racist, in addition to all the other things he is usually called.

Mr.Nazri went on to say that those who aspire to be Prime Minister must show 'high morals'. This rule, apparently, need not apply to those who only want to be Ministers. They may, it appears, be of  'low morals'.

He also said that he himself need not take a vow, as he 'did not have a video'. We know of at least three dubious fellows, who can remedy this shortcoming, if he wants.

He further noted that he would not have called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, if the opposition hadn't 'blamed them'. Now, at least, we know the basis of calling for RCIs. It is if the BN is blamed.

Nor did Mr.Nazri like Mr.Baljit questioning whether he (Mr.Nazri) knew Mr.Anwar's body better than his wife. The point, said Mr.Nazri, was that Dr.Wan Azizah, being Mr.Anwar's wife, would be conflicted in her interests. Curiously, we found that he had not said any such thing earlier. He had only said that Dr.Wan Azizah was not qualified (we assume forensically), to be able to identify the person in the video.

We do not know what Mr.Nazri Aziz will say tomorrow.

It will be, we suppose, whatever comes into his head.

Singapore Government To Sue 'Anonymous'

Singapore's Government will be suing 'Anonymous'. They are not sure whether 'Anonymous' is Mr or Ms, but they will be proceeding regardless. They also admit they don't know how old 'Anonymous' is but estimate that he/she is between 14 and 70.

They accuse 'Anonymous' of saying things about them, and saying things about their Ministers, particularly about the Minister Mentor. Aparently these outrageous things are being said about them online.

They have not decided on the quantum of damages but it ranges from S$5 to S$5 Million. It will depend, they say, on how much 'Anonymous' has. The point, it appears, is to bankrupt 'Anonymous', or if 'Anonymous' is still in school, to take all his/her pocket-money.

'Anonymous' may also be detained and held under the ISA, they warned. Calling Mr.Lee Kuan Yew a 'rotten old buzzard' or asking him to 'get lost' may result in National Security being threatened. This is because he is unique, unlike other Singaporeans, who are not unique.

Calling the senior Mr.Lee names, may result in him losing his uniqueness. Which would result in investors losing confidence in Singapore, which would cause a massive loss of jobs, which would cause riots, which would lead to Singapore becoming weak, which would result in an attack on Singapore by the joint armies of Malaysia, Indonesia, Klingons and Chewing-Gum Manufacturers.

When contacted, 'Anonymous' expressed surprise and said "really ah?".

When asked why he/she chose to be  'Anonymous', the response was "No choice mah, then they catch me how!?"

When asked on the state of his/her finances, 'Anonymous' said "B**ger, where got money!!?? Everything they whack a-ready!"

We would give you our source in the Ministry of Law who gave us this piece of news, but he has chosen to remain, anonymous.

The Bullying, Blackmailing Mr.Lee Hsien Loong

Too strong a charge, some may say. Then we must refer them to the definitions of the words :

Blackmail is the exertion of pressure or threats, in an attempt to influence someone's actions.

Extortion  is the crime of obtaining money, or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority (your vote, we think, is a thing of value).

A Bully is an overbearing, or blustering person who intimidates or threatens those who are weaker, or smaller.

Mr.Lee has said that if you vote for the opposition, your constituency will not receive development funds, or will be the last to do so.

Mr.Lee blackmails you with the threat of withholding development, if you do not surrender your vote to him. It is extortion, of course, because he will use the power of his office, to make good his threat.

What would cause a Prime Minister to publicly make such an odious and undisguised threat? Surely, he should be concerned about the backlash against such remarks. The reason he does not care is arrogance. Arrogance born of the fact that you have continually voted for his party, no matter what they say or what they do.

Yet, despite his unseemly arrogance, he is also frightened. He may sense that the ground is shifting in Singapore. And he is willing to use repressive, unconscionable tactics to terrify you into continuing to vote for him and his party.

Blackmailers will not stop. Every time you give in to them, they will come back for more. And if they think their tactics work, they will repeat them.

We learned as a child that the only way to stop the schoolyard bully, was to stand up to him, even if it results in bruises.

As Singapore's electorate must stand up to the PAP, if they wish to be freed, once and for all, from their bullying and their blackmails.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tharman And George Yeo, Must Resign, And Join The Opposition!

Actually, we're not joking. They really must show that they have the strength to defend their convictions. They have stated that a stronger opposition is good for Singapore, and what better way for them to strenghten the opposition, than to join it.

They have been rebutted publicly, and possibly admonished privately, by the Prime Minister, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong. When they disagree over such a basic question, they must, if they be principled men, resign. We hope they do not keep queit, and pretend they never said it.

Malaysia would not have a strong opposition today, if Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, had not left the Barisan Nasional and joined the opposition. Well, he was cast out, but the effect is the same. With Mr.Anwar, came many experienced administrators of the government.

Nations which have been ruled by the same party for 50 years, like Malaysia and Singapore, will find that most of their politicians with experience of governing, are in the ruling party benches. The only way for the Opposition to be quickly strengthened, is for significant numbers of ruling party politicians, to join it. Malaysia is far better off a country today, than it was before 2008. Surely there must be, in the political sense, a few inspiring Anwar Ibrahims in the PAP.

Mr.Tharman and Mr.George Yeo would make a good addittion to those already fighting for democracy and freedom in Singapore. They may, if they like, start their own party. Mr.Tharman may stand against Mr.Goh Tok Chong in Marine Parade, and Mr.George Yeo, against Mr.Lee Hsien Loong or, well, anywhere they like.

Such an event will be without doubt, good for Singapore. Though not so good, for the PAP.

Though they will have to take the risk, if they be men of courage, that they may end up co-authoring a book, if the Lees use their ususal odious methods, titled "From Minister, To Bankrupt, In The Blink Of An Eye".

Note :
We realise that some or many, may find this eventuality unlikely and may deem our suggestions, outrageous. But we are quite certain that an event of this nature, will happen in Singapore, if not today, then certainly in the future. The PAP has too many policies, that are repugnant to progressive, thinking persons for it to go on as it has.

Shut Up, Tharman! And You Too, George!

We didn't tell them to shut up, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong did. But then, we're for freedom of speech, and Mr.Lee, isn't.

Mr.Tharman committed the cardinal sin, as far as the PAP and Mr.Lee were concerned, of saying that a stronger opposition would be good for Singapore. Mr.George Yeo, then, went and said the same thing. And they were bluntly rebutted, by the Prime Minister, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong. He, like his father, is a great proponent, of the one-party state. As most kings, are supporters, of feudalism.

Mr.Lee said a two-party state, will not work, in Singapore. He neglected, to tell us why. Perhaps he meant to say that it will not work, for him!

Calling for a strong opposition is actually a statement of the obvious. A strong opposition is critical, for the proper functioning, of any democracy. When a democracy has one party holding 98% of the seats in Parliament, that is not a democracy. It is a twisted caricature, as in Singapore, of a free democracy.

Mr.Tharman also suggested that Ministers be limited to two terms. Again he was cut down by Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, and we completely understand why. What will Mr.Lee's father do for a job, if such a statute, were put in place? And his and his father's friend, Mr.Goh Chok Tong, who has been muddying Marine Parade's waters for 26 years, what will he do? Who on earth will pay them S$3 Million a year? On top of which, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong himself, will have to immediately resign!

It was most thoughtless of Mr.Tharman to suggest such things. He will no doubt, pay a price, for speaking up and pointing out the obvious. If he keeps it up, he may yet find himself, in bankruptcy court!

Take The Garbage Out, In Marine Parade

There is an online petition now asking for Ms.Tin Pei Ling to stand in an SMC. That is not going to happen. She will be standing in Marine Parade GRC, and will waltz undeservedly into Parliament, riding on the coattails of Mr.Goh Chok Tong. That, at least, is the PAP's plan.

So, what can the voters do, about having Ms.Pei Ling shoved down their throats? The answer is simple of course, though to most Singaporeans, almost unimaginable. Simply throw out Mr.Goh Chok Tong. Vote against the PAP in Marine Parade.

There are several benefits to throwing out Mr.Goh Chok Tong.
  • It will save S$3.4 Million a year in taxpayer money, because that is what he extracts every year from the public purse. By contrast, an opposition MP in Parliament, will only cost Singapore S$15,000 a month.
  • Singapore will be spared the embarassment, of having a Senior Minister, who was closely associated with the NKF scandal.
  • The next time there is a flood, and you complain about the PAP's ineptness in managing it, he will not be able to pompously scold you, treating you like an errant schoolchild. And ask you to see how much better off you are, as compared to Japanese affected by the tsunami. Or, perhaps, how much better off you are than Somalians, Libyans, Congolese, Rwandans or some other nation equally irrelevant to Singapore's situation.
  • You will be spared his false, ingratiating grin, most often exhibited during the election season.  
  • You will be spared juvenile, bad jokes in bad taste.
  • Since Tin Pei Ling will automatically also lose along with him, having no merit of her own, you will be spared the sight of Tin Pei Ling, grossly out-of-place and totally lost, in Parliament.

There are of course some negatives to throwing out Mr.Goh, which, as non-partisan writers, we must point out.
  • He will still find a way to collect S$3 Million a year from public funds, by getting himself appointed to the board of some public company, or the other.
  • The PAP will still treat Singaporeans like so many schoolchildren, and continue to pompously scold you as they see fit. They are sure you will still vote for them, no matter how disdainfully and disrespectfully they treat you.
  • For those who like bad humour, you will have lost a proponent of it.
  • There will be no Tin Pei Ling, to entertain you, by trying to look cute or stamping her feet, when frustrated by some question.

As that is 6 positives to 4 negatives, we will have to go with the majority.

Take the garbage out, in Marine Parade!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Carpetbaggers And Now, A Carpetbeggar

Carpetbaggers and scalawags were of course, much hated figures in Southern States, after the Civil War, during Reconstruction. But we have never heard of a carpetbeggar, until, perhaps, now.

When Mr.Deepak Jaikishan, his multiple chins quivering, rudely shoves his pudgy face at us, out of a Malaysiakini report.We have heard his name before but paid little attention, for reports of businessmen having cosy relationships with political figures are a dime a dozen.

"Most bloggers are very entrepreneurial. For the right price they will write anything” he says. We would like to inform him that he is mistaken. And that he is in no position to complain of being defamed, if he is intent on spreading such a vile calumny. Most bloggers, in fact, do not make any money from writing. They write because they feel strongly about certain issues, be it political or otherwise. Most bloggers, are not, oily businessmen with debts in the hundreds of millions, so there is no reason for them to be involved in unethical, or corrupt, practices, like writing falsehoods for money.

That of course, does not include, the many new BN-sponsored blogsites, who give themselves away very quickly, by writing untruths, by always praising the BN, or by constantly and unfairly attacking the opposition.

We must also point out to him, that people who write anything for the right price are not 'entrepreneurial'. As far as we are concerned, they are corrupt. The word entrepreneurial is best applied to businessmen like Mr.Deepak himself, who we are sure, is 'entrepreneurial'. He is certainly fortunate that there are banks that are willing to loan hundreds of millions to carpet-sellers. As he is fortunate, to be given, contracts to supply carpets for public works, paid for by the taxpayer. We hope he charged the market rate for his carpets, and not some exorbitant price.

If Ms.Rosmah is like an older sister to him, as he claims, and he was awarded contracts related to the renovations of her husband's official residence, it raises many ugly questions. For we can hardly have public officials awarding contracts to their own relatives, or to those who are 'like relatives'. We hope, of course, that he is only an empty boaster, that he has no such relationship with Ms.Rosmah, and that due process was followed in the award.

Mr.Deepak certainly, though perhaps unwittingly, brings attention to the fact that Ms.Rosmah is fond of visiting the Arab States and that he is the recipient of a generous loan from an Arab Bank. If indeed Mr.Deepak is Ms.Rosmah's 'brother', then he is an idiot one, and she should not be letting him out unsupervised.

As for asking Raja Petra to come back and face the music, what is stopping Mr.Deepak from suing him in the United Kingdom? He claims to be an international businessman, so he should surely know how to go about it.

He further accuses Raja Petra of being not worth 'two dimes', when he himself is self-admittedly in debt to the tune of RM200 million. If anybody is not worth 'two dimes', it is dubious, lucre-driven businessmen like Mr.Deepak who cannot differentiate between entrepreneurship and corruption.

And he should first weigh his words, before calling for others to watch theirs.