Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Root Of All Singapore's Problems (Last Post Before The Elections)

It is not housing, rising prices, transportation, immigrants or flash floods. Nor is it overpaid Ministers, or incompetent ones like Wong or Vivian. All of these are symptoms.

The root evil in Singapore that leads to all these problems is the suppression of free speech and press freedom. It is the suppression of freedom in all forms. It was never possible to have robust discussion about any topic because you could be hounded from your job, suffer petty tyrannies, be arrested, or be bankrupted. Without free and robust input, the PAP has gone terribly wrong.

They are their own counsels, and only a fool would appoint himself to such a post. The decision-makers are surrounded by syncophants, who are quick to agree with them, right or wrong. There are no robust discussions in the PAP; it is an in-bred party. Though we do not doubt that they love their country, even as they set it firmly on the path to ruin.

The shadow of Lee Kuan Yew still smothers the PAP. His prescriptions from another age are the wrong medicine for today's Singapore. He thinks he helps, when in fact, he crushes civilised progress with his gnarled iron fist.

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, despite being educated in a free England, lacks the will to do the needful, to release Singapore from the yoke of Draco's code. He seems bereft of a mind of his own, and appears to blunder about like his father's zombie.

The PAP cannot change, they can only be changed at the polls by the people. This is not the time to think about whether you will get a better bus-stop, or relinquish your vote for a packet of rice. Whatever form that packet of rice may take. It is not the time to worry about oneself or one's own constituency. This is not a time for fear.

This is the time for her citizens to stand up for Singapore.


  1. well spoken and thank you!

    i hope majority of singaporeans realise they are in dire straits. if the PAP wins by a large majority, singaporeans may not get another chance like this again especially with import of up to 2 million plus foreigners becoming citizens, voting in future elections.

  2. I agree with anon 5,00.

    The writing is on the wall. Singaporeans must open their eyes in this election. The window is fast closing on the opposition challenge. It is now or never.