Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr.Najib Goes To New York

We had been watching with interest Mr.Najib's visit to New York. Would he perform some miracle which would pull Malaysia out of the economic mess it is in, thanks, in no small measure, to his own incompetence as an economic manager?

We were greeted one morning with the news, in bold headlines in the mainstream media, that he had managed to extract RM 18 billion in investments from companies in the US. Fantastic news! Or perhaps too fantastic to be believed.

Who were these generous investors? Mr.Najib responded that he can't reveal them right now. So, these deals haven't been signed yet, right? They are little more than polite expressions of interest to a visiting dignitary, we suppose. So, why announce them in such haste? Because the elections are coming, of course.

Meanwhile, in the real world, as opposed to Mr.Najib's fairy tale one, prices continue to rise. Plus, Malaysians get to pay for Mr.Najib's pointless trip!

But in today's papers, we see that we are mistaken, and that Mr.Najib is a man with a plan after all. For splashed all over, are pictures of Mr.Najib and his wife attending his daughter's convocation in New York. How very co-incidental, not to mention convenient!

Is this what Mr.Najib's trip was all about? It is a sad sight indeed to see the Prime Minister of a struggling nation, behaving like a mid-level bureacrat, organising official visits around his private schedule.

See What You Need To Do!

In the end, the only thing the PAP understands is the crack of the whip on their well-fed posteriors. No amount of writing or complaining or reasoned argument could convince them to change clearly wrong-headed policies. But punish them at the polls, and they jump to obey (finally) the people.

Well, sort of. It is not enough. It is far from enough. A 'committe' has been set up to 'study' Ministerial pay. The 'committe' should understand that a 10% pay-cut will not be sufficient. In fact, today's ministerial pay cannot be used as a baseline at all. Because today's ministerial is ludicruos. Politicians in Singapore cannot be paid more than leaders in the US, who run a nation of 300 million people. If it's not good enough for them to perform public service, then the nation is well rid of them. The baseline, if the committee wants one, is zero. They may work from there but they would be well-advised to stop at S$25,000 a month. With the kinds of silly perks these guys get, it should be more than enough.

And what about all these draconian laws? Is Mr.Lee planning to repeal them? No, of course not; the message is not clear enough, perhaps.

Meanwhile, Mr.Lee Kuan Yew and Mr.Goh Chok Tong, resigned from posts that they had not been appointed to yet, in a joint statement! What are they, The Two Ronnies?

We must say though, that it is a serious mistake by the opposition to accept the NCMP posts. The PAP will use it again in the next election, to their detriment perhaps.

Desperate in the BN

If there is a ruling party in desperate straits in this part of the world, it is Malaysia's Barisan Nasional. They have trapped themselves in an economic and political morass from which there is no escape.

Years of incompetence and mismanagement of the economy, of natural resources and of human capital are now converging into a tightening straitjacket, which wriggle as they might, there is no way to get out of.

Prices of goods, essential items and transportation are in a never-ending upward spiral, and the people are increasingly affected, and ever more discontented. Experience shows that the economy, more than anything else, will affect votes.

So strained is the government's financial circumstances, that they are talking of cutting subsidies (a sure vote-loser), during this already difficult time for Malaysians. They have no choice, their back is against the wall.

The BN has now taken to playing the race card to try and save themselves. It is unlikely to work. Malaysians are a far more discerning lot these days. They will see right through the BN's ploy. And there is now a proven alternate in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

It is a desperate coalition that holds the reins of power in Malaysia these days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

English Not Welcome

Not in the continent, anyway. If in France, it is best to say something in French, like 'Bon Jour', before ordering your coffee. You may actually get some service.

The same applies if you're in Italy or Spain, it seems. But say something in French in a Madrid cafe, and you will get prompt service, and a 'Merci, Monsieur' as you leave. The French are viewed as cultured, the English as barbarians. English food is considered bland, French food a delight. As far as the food is concerned, it is indisputably true. And not even the English are immune to this French cultural imperialism, despite all their jokes about the French.

The roots of this linguistic discrimination is hard to pin down. The French have quarreled too often with the English perhaps, and so will not tolerate their language. And the Spanish may yet mourn their armada.

But if you're planning to stroll down the Champs Elysee, now filled with American stores, or walk down the shady sidewalks of the Paseo De La Castellano on your way to the Prado, you may want to pick up a smattering of French first.

Note :
Americans are more tolerated, they are such generous tippers.

Saving Pakistan

Eight hundred yards from the house where Mr.Osama was shot, stands Pakistan's version of West Point. This is in Abbottabad, which teems with serving and retired army personnel, security checks and ID checks for residents. It is impossible to believe that the Pakistanis did not know.

But what possible motive could Pakistan's Intelligence Agency, the ISI, have to shelter Mr.Osama? The answer may be partly a very earthly one, money. As long as Mr.Osama was free, the US would continue to spend freely to find him and to fight terrorism. Much of that funding would find it's way to Pakistan.

He had become a feared symbol in the United States; killing him every American President's, and for that matter, most Americans, fantasy. For the Pakistani Army, he may have been a cash cow. If so, they had to keep him alive, and they had to keep him hidden. Where better, than in the ultra-safe city of Abbotabad. Meanwhile, keep feeding the Americans red herrings, and have them searching Afghan caves. Of course, there was the danger that he would keep ordering up bombings and killings all over the world. But perhaps, they just sipped their teas, shook their heads, and dismissed it as the nature of the beast.

The Americans, despite their success in eliminating Mr.Osama, look terribly foolish now, for having generously funded Pakistan. They will not be easily mollified or appeased. And they are in possesion of information that they collected at Mr.Osama's hideout.

It would be best for Pakistan and it's army now, to move away from those they may have supported in the past, for whatever reasons. Terrorism is a doubled-edged sword, as likely to hurt it's wielders as it's targets. And terrorists, are not amenable to being managed. Cross them, and they will surely turn on their backers, whoever they may be.

The complicated game that Pakistan's army and the ISI seem to play, of attempting to play off the US against China, the US against Terrorism, India against China, and of seeking to control Afghanistan through queit support of the Taliban, may be wholly unnecessary. It is also fraught with contradictions, which results in contradictory policies, and general confusion.

Pakistan is not a safe place for anybody to visit now, and if the authorities don't institute radical changes, there is never going to be a Visit Pakistan Year. It is a pity, because it is a beautiful country and is blessed with the stunning Pakistani Himalayas, rarely visited now by climbers, trekkers or tourists.

Pakistan will also have to be safe, before it can save it's economy. It's people are intelligent and industrious, but unemployed and made desperate by poverty. Foreign investment in the economy is hard to come by, and will be even harder now. A few more years in this seemingly insolvable imbroglio, and Pakistan will surely become, like Somalia already has, a failed state.

Pakistan is worried constantly by it's giant neighbour India, but they will have to let this unhealthy obsession go, if they are to progress. They are the same people, after all, and speak the same languages. There is a Punjab in India and there is a Punjab in Pakistan. In both cases, it is populated by Punjabis. They are separated only by religion. Pakistan has the 2nd largest Muslim population in the world, and India is 3rd, with 160 million Muslims. But India progresses and is on it's way to becoming an economic superpower, while Pakistan, sadly, regresses. It may be time now, to look past old quarrels. Money spent on guns, could be spent on infrastructure and development.

The army will have to renounce politics in any form, and stay away from business. It must occupy itself with defense, and extending it's fiat over what are now lawless regions, and only that. Politicians and their parties will have to become mature and more responsible, but this cannot happen if the army keeps toppling them. Corruption will have to be totally eradicated, and for this they will have to look to Hong Kong for example. For economic policies, they will have to look to Singapore, or Malaysia, or even, sometimes, to India.

But it is not challenges of policies that Pakistan really faces, it is the challenge of changing deeply-ingrained mindsets. And it is the challenge of leaving behind a siege mentality that is no longer relevant.

When Mr.Jinnah fought for an independent Pakistan, he cannot have imagined the chaos that it is descended into now. Nor would he have envisioned it becoming a failed state.

If Pakistan is to be saved, it is now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attempted Assasination Of Anwar?

Mr.Anwar Ibrahim's driver has lodged a police report on a possible attempted assasination of Mr.Anwar Ibrahim. Applying the brakes routinely on April 19, the car shook violently and he heard a loud bang at the back of the vehicle. Somehow he manged to steer to the side of the road. The Mercedes had to be towed away. In the event, Mr.Anwar was not in the car, but his wife was.

Upon examination, it was found that a caliper-guide bolt-pin that secures the disc brake had been removed. They are not known to fall off and dissapear by themselves.

If the ruling BN is behind this, they are becoming ever more desperate. They have thrown everything at Mr.Anwar, and he is still standing. Obviously fabricated allegations of immorality do not stick; the Malaysian electorate is a highly sceptical one. Shooting him is not an option, the backlash will tear the nation apart, and spell the end of the BN's rule. Enter, perhaps, an 'unfortunate accident'.

Meanwhile, at least until the next general elections are over, Mr.Anwar will have to increase his security, and he will have to watch his cars as well.

The PAP In Decline, Drop Lee And Goh, And Reject The NCMP Posts

It was a small step, but a meaningful one, for Singapore, on May 7th. The PAP's popular vote was slashed to 60% from the 66% of five years ago. And in Aljunied they were betrayed by their own foul creation, the GRC, losing 5 seats.  It can no longer be disputed, that the PAP is in decline.

The voters of Aljunied rejected the PAP's old politics of threats and fear-mongering. Indeed, they rebelled against it. This despite a direct threat from Mr.Lee Kuan Yew, that they will 'regret' it. Mr.Lee had thought it was the 60's and that he could intimidate voters, while they have reminded him that it is 2011, and that it is the age of the Internet. We will watch with interest, and report, whatever the PAP does to Aljunied. Every act of 'revenge' that they attempt, will be another reason to vote against the PAP in the next General Election.

Mr.George Yeo is a casualty of the PAP's overbearing actions and policies. He had called for a more open system, but did nothing about it. He promised to be the 'voice of reform' in the PAP. He has had 20 years to do that. If he was the 'voice of reform', he was an ineffectual one. His line of promising to be one, 'from now onwards', is not something he should expect an increasingly sceptical electorate to buy. He is a lesson for other PAP parliamentarians, they had better walk their talks, now.

Mr.Goh Chok Tong has won, but has had his winning margin slashed. He will perhaps learn some humility now. Mr.Lee Hsien Loong will be wise to drop him from the cabinet, as he should drop Mr.Lee Kuan Yew. They are both outdated liabilities to the PAP.

The NCMP post, like the GRCs, is another, and equally foul creation, of the PAP. It's sole purpose is to convince Singaporeans to vote for the PAP, and think that there will be an 'opposition' voice in Parliament anyway. Oppositionists must stand on principle, and reject it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Root Of All Singapore's Problems (Last Post Before The Elections)

It is not housing, rising prices, transportation, immigrants or flash floods. Nor is it overpaid Ministers, or incompetent ones like Wong or Vivian. All of these are symptoms.

The root evil in Singapore that leads to all these problems is the suppression of free speech and press freedom. It is the suppression of freedom in all forms. It was never possible to have robust discussion about any topic because you could be hounded from your job, suffer petty tyrannies, be arrested, or be bankrupted. Without free and robust input, the PAP has gone terribly wrong.

They are their own counsels, and only a fool would appoint himself to such a post. The decision-makers are surrounded by syncophants, who are quick to agree with them, right or wrong. There are no robust discussions in the PAP; it is an in-bred party. Though we do not doubt that they love their country, even as they set it firmly on the path to ruin.

The shadow of Lee Kuan Yew still smothers the PAP. His prescriptions from another age are the wrong medicine for today's Singapore. He thinks he helps, when in fact, he crushes civilised progress with his gnarled iron fist.

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong, despite being educated in a free England, lacks the will to do the needful, to release Singapore from the yoke of Draco's code. He seems bereft of a mind of his own, and appears to blunder about like his father's zombie.

The PAP cannot change, they can only be changed at the polls by the people. This is not the time to think about whether you will get a better bus-stop, or relinquish your vote for a packet of rice. Whatever form that packet of rice may take. It is not the time to worry about oneself or one's own constituency. This is not a time for fear.

This is the time for her citizens to stand up for Singapore.

The Mountbatten Faker Resurfaces

Here's Mr.Lim Biow Chuan resurfacing again. For those who don't remember he is the guy who claimed that 23,172 people had 'liked' his facebook page when the true number was 244.

According to him, the NSP has no record of serving the people in Mountbatten. Well, how could they, when the PAP has gerrymandered, threatened and bought their way to victory at every election? He's probably not even talking to Mountbatten voters; they're more likely to have been ferried there by chartered buses from Tanjong Pagar and supplied with food packets.

Talk is cheap, he went on to say. Yes, he's right, and so is faking the number of people who 'like' you on Facebook. Mr.Lim clearly has a desperate need to be liked. Caused, no doubt, by some childhood trauma. Invite him to 'Oprah' and all will be revealed!

According to Mr.Lim, Ms.Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss only surfaced 2 months ago. This despite the fact that she grew up in Mountbatten!

The Straits Times also reported that "On Mrs Chong-Aruldoss' claims that she is a better-qualified candidate that Mr Lim, he said: 'I have thousands of residents in my constituency who are equally qualified, but being an MP is more than just about intelligence and talent."

It's also about being a PAP suck-up, we suppose. And about being a nodding syncophant in Parliament so that you may eventually be appointed a PAP Minister and be paid S$2 Million a year!

Vivian Spins Excuses

"The YOG exceeded it's budget 3 times over because it was the first time such an event was organised" says Mr.Vivian Balakrishnan, as reported by the propagandic Straits Times.

Since the PAP uses the private sector as an excuse for their fat salaries, then they should be held to private sector standards of performance. By those standards, Mr.Balakrishnan should have been fired for incompetence. We can understand a deviation of plus or minus 20% from budget, but a 300% over-run is certainly grounds for sacking. It shows the minister up for a fool who does not even know how to plan a budget.

He then went on to say that 70% of the budget went to local companies for services provided. So what? Is that supposed to be an excuse for so ludicruous a budget over-run? This is precisely the problem with the PAP and it's officials. Instead of addressing the issue, they try to confuse it, to fool Singaporeans. Whether it went to a Singaporean or foreign company has nothing to do with the fact that Mr.Balakrishnan is an incompetent manager.

It is clear that a formal investigation must be conducted by independent bodies, and we mean independent of the PAP, to look into the details of this YOG scandal. All elements must be investigated, every line item examined, and any unusual relationship between the companies involved and Mr.Balakrishnan, his officials or the Ministry examined in minute detail.

Needless to say, it must be a public enquiry.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sorry No Cure!

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong has said he is sorry for past mistakes. It's funny he should choose to say it now, in the middle of an election campaign where it has become clear that the PAP is going to take a bruising.

We know what it is of course, it is an 'Election Sorry'. An 'Election Sorry' is much like an election promise, it means nothing. His sorry did not stop the flash floods in Ang Mo Kio today, a result of poor planning by his PAP government.

No, Mr.Lee is not at all sorry. He just wants you to keep voting for him, and will say anything he thinks you want to hear.

All this time Mr.Lee has been adamant about how good his government is, and how wonderful his Ministers are. Mr.Lee has also consistently insulted the intelligence of Singaporeans by trying to sell the NCMP idea. Now he is suddenly 'sorry'.

Is Mr.Lee sorry enough to restore freedom to Singaporeans by freeing the press and stop the stifling of freedom of speech? Don't even think about it! Mr.Lee is the Prime Minister who recently gazetteed TOC in a crackdown on freedom of speech in the Internet.

Perhaps Mr.Lee Kuan Yew should say sorry for blatantly threatening the voters of Aljunied, or for putting down the entire Malay community. But that day is unlikely to come.

If Mr.Lee Hsien Loong is genuinely sorry, then he should state exactly what he is sorry for. Which are the mistakes he is referring to? It is hardly just public housing and transport! And we mean details of the mistakes, like who recommended them, who made the decion, and most of all, what was the PM doing when all these mistakes were being made?

And Mr.Lee should state what he will he do about all these mistakes if he is re-elected, in detail!

Note :
We hope the list of mistakes is released in spreadsheet form. We are sure to have some to add. Microsoft Excel, please!

Looking Into The Abyss, In Abbotabad

The White House has admitted that Mr.Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot dead. His wife, who rushed at the SEAL team, was shot in the calf.

Why not capture Mr.Osama and put him on trial? Apparently, he had made a 'threatening' move. Against armed to the teeth members of SEAL Team Six with their legendary training? Was Mr.Osama a master of karate? Even then that elite squad would have easily contained him. And, if they needed to shoot him, why not in the leg, or the arm? Why deliver a precise kill shot to the head?

Clearly, it was a kill mission. By doing this, the US loses the moral high ground. The greater danger in their battle with terrorism was not that they would lose, but that they would lose their humanity, and become, like their enemy, unhesitating killers. Nietzsche understood humanity well, when he said "When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you". No matter how great an individual's crime, he must be tried, and given the opportunity to defend or incriminate himself as he sees fit. To shoot an unarmed man in the head is not an act of bravery, it is one of extreme hatred or worse.

It is unfortunate that Mr.Obama and Mrs.Clinton would choose to sit and watch this live. It is worse that only Mr.Obama could have given this order. He may win the US elections on the strength of this action, but he has diminished himself, and he has diminished the office of the President of the United States. He will no longer be able to stand tall and speak on questions of justice, or human rights or morality or preach to the world on such topics. On what should be his day of triumph, he has blundered, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Americans will find it harder to feel good, and may even be aghast, about this event now, because a sense of fair play is ingrained into them. Even in the old West, you could shoot a man dead, but that man must have a gun in his hand. Otherwise, it is murder.

This shot in the head and the hasty dumping of Mr.Osama's body in the ocean, instead of his capture and trial, will not help the US and the world in their fight against terrorism. Thanks to Mr.Obama's poor judgement, Mr.Osama bin Laden finds victory in death. He will now become the stuff of ballads and legend. His wife, Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, who was shot in the calf is destined, inevitably, to become an iconic heroine. The Muslim world is already disturbed by the nature of Mr.Osama's burial, and the circumstances of his death will now add fuel to the fire. It is pointless to warn would-be jihadists that "we will get you, no matter how long it takes", when they are only looking for opportunities to blow themselves up. It is not death the US should be dealing out, it is justice. And justice cannot be said to have been done without a trial, a prosecution and a defence.

We are proved wrong in the support we felt for Mr.Obama during his presidential campaign against Mr.McCain. We do not believe Mr.McCain would shoot unarmed men in the head. Like many Americans, though continents away, we had wanted to see this fairy tale of a black man becoming the President, come true. And so his youth and inexperience were excused.

But when that red phone rang, like Mrs.Clinton predicted, he proved himself unequal, and unready, to the task.

Ferried Crowds At PAP Rallies

The PAP organizes it's crowds by ferrying them from other locations. They are given packets of rice or noodles. Buses are chartered and they are then ferried from their RCs to the relevant PAP rally.

One such example was revealed at an Ang Mo Kio rally for Mr.Lee Hsien Loong. The citizen was from Tanjong Pagar and revealed that the food packet was given by her RC. You can watch for yourself here .

The PAP's Mr.Chan Chung Sing, now an MP from the dubiously won seat of Tanjong Pagar, interrupted the reporter and tried to stop the conversation.

It was sad to watch the citizen's reaction when approached by Mr.Chan in his all-white PAP garb. She said 'sorry' and cringed away from him while holding tightly on to her food packet. Mr.Chan tried to put on a show of camarederie with the voter, but it rang patently false.

The PAP rules by fear, threats and open bribery in Singapore today. Their election rally attendees are often bussed in to avoid embarassing empty seats at their rallies. Their support is clearly dwindling and they may yet learn a harsh lesson on May 7th.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Luca Brasi Sleeps With The Fishes?

We do not know if the US has got around to sending a dead fish wrapped in Mr.Osama's jacket to Mr.Ayman. But we are not at all sure about the identity of this executed individual. So far, the only proof we have is say-so evidence. Mr.Obama says so, Mrs.Clinton says so and so do all their officials, in chorus. But we live in a place where the government routinely lies, so we are sceptics, and expect proper proof.

No news service seems to have seen fit to demand more proof before publishing this news. Not CNN, not the BBC, not even Al-Jazeera. All journalistic rules were forgotten in their rush to get this news out. There were no sceptics. CNN, in fact, was behaving practically like a propaganda channel. Doubters were denounced as 'conspiracy theorists'.

Not a single picture or video has been released. Even if such a photo or video were to be released, how do we really know it's him? It could be a double. Having doubles is a common enough practice.

DNA evidence might prove it, and it has been announced that there has been a match. But doesn't it take 2 weeks to do proper DNA testing?  Even if there was a match how do we know it was not one of Mr.Osama's siblings; any one of them would provide the same match. Mr.Osama's father, after all, had 54 children from several different wives.

And why would Mr.Obama make an announcement before the conclusion of the DNA test? Clearly there was political benefit to Mr.Obama in making this announcement quickly. The impact would not have been the same if it was all over twitter and facebook for days. Mr.Obama's approval ratings had slipped to Jimmy Carter levels with presidential elections looming. Libya is a stalemate. The economy is still a mess. Clearly, Mr.Obama needed a win, and he appeared to have got it, in remarkably timely fashion.

The only real proof was the body. It could heve been examined by non-partisan experts and proper tests conducted according to procedures. It could have been identified by his relatives. Yet the US government chose to quickly dump it into the ocean.

It is all terribly fishy, we're afraid.

The Rhetorical Ms.Fu

Ms.Grace Fu, dressed like an escapee from a mental asylum, outlined her '3H' plan for Yuhua. Apparently, 3H stands for hope, heart and happiness. None of those things are even remotely associated to what the PAP offers Singaporeans.

With the PAP in power, there is no hope for change. The PAP has never shown heart, preferring to brand the less successful as lazy or not working hard enough. And how can there be happiness if you are condemned to a lifetime of drudgery just to survive and forced to face unnatural competition for jobs due to the PAP's immigration policies.

Ms.Fu then followed up with a series of rhetorical questions. Apparently these questions are addressed to the opposition, but none were invited to respond. That is the usual modus operandi of the PAP, to indulge in one-sided conversations, because they are afraid of the answers.

We will answer her despite the immaturity of her questions. She said "During the global financial crisis, where were they when we needed them most?"
They were suffering alongside ordinary Singaporeans while Ms.Grace Fu and her colleagues in the PAP were collecting fat salaries from public funds. This despite their clear incompetence in being unable to shield Singaporeans from the crisis.

"When we were losing our jobs, where were they?"
Firstly, Ms.Grace Fu did not lose her job. Neither did any other PAP functionary. What does she know about losing jobs?
Secondly, the opposition was not in charge of the government, the PAP was. And the PAP was responsible for the loss of jobs, even if, as usual, they prefer to point the finger instead of accepting responsibility.

"More importantly, do they know you? Do they understand your problems?"
Why wouldn't they? They are Singaporeans just like the citizens of Yuhua!

Have they walked the streets of Yuhua? Over the past 5 years, have they visited you at your home?”
We are sure they have walked Yuhua's streets, but they were not the MP, were they? Ms.Fu, meanwhile, only walks the streets during election campaigns, otherwise she has her chauffered limousine. And we are not sure how many people want Ms.Fu's presence in their home.

She finally decided to admit to the PAP's failures by giving the excuse that she is human. Well, in that case, she should immediately give up her superhuman salary!

Rebutting Lee and Goh

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong says he doesn't get why Singaporeans think NCMPs aren't real. After all, they get to ask questions in Parliament, even if the answers are evasive. And they get to introduce bills, which will never be passed by the ridicoulous PAP majority. And they get to vote, except on anything that is important, like finance and confidence motions. The answer to Mr.Lee's question, is that Singaporeans aren't stupid!

Meanwhile Mr.Goh Chok Tong has taken to running down his former employee, Mr.Tan Jee Say. He was not good enough and so left the civil service, he said. Mr.Tan has exposed his lie by rebutting him that it was Mr.Goh who asked him to stay on when he resigned the first time. It is most unprofessional of Mr.Goh to say such things, even if it were true, which in this case it patently is not. Mr.Tan is doing a good job of exposing the going-ons in Temasek and the GIC, and he can take comfort in the fact that Mr.Goh's low attack has only made him(Mr.Tan) more popular.

Incredibly Mr.Goh described the campaign so far as gentlemanly! Yes, the opposition may be, but Mr.Goh most certainly is not, a gentleman!

Monday, May 2, 2011

How About Some Proof?

It's all over the news that Mr.Osama bin Laden has been killed by US Forces. It's been reported on CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera and every newspaper you can think of. Significantly missing is any proof that he is indeed dead. Everybody has decided to take Mr.Obama's word for it. This is hardly objective journalism!

We do not doubt that helicopters flew into Abbootabad. Or that some kind of firefight took place there. But we do need to see the evidence that it was indeed Mr.Osama who was killed. So far we are told that imaging techniques were used to identify him. Surely this is insufficient!

We are also informed that the body has been disposed of at sea! No explanation has been given for this strange burial. He was said to have been killed deep inland. Why adopt this Tony Soprano-like method to get rid of his body? Should it not have been returned to his family? It is all becoming, as Alice would say, curiouser and curiouser.

We certainly hope this is all cleared up soon. Or we will be left wondering whether it was indeed he, and if so, has he really been killed or is he in some dungeon wearing an iron mask.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Hypocrite Of Tanjong Pagar

Mr.Lee Kuan Yew yesterday drew comparison with the British Parliament. He wanted the Opposition to form a 'Shadow Cabinet'.

In the first place, Cabinets and Shadow Cabinets are only formed after elections, not in the middle of campaigns.

The British Parliament is also elected in a system where the press is free, freedom of speech is an inalienable right, and oppositionists are not bundled of to prison or bankrupted on whim. It is a far cry from the repression of the PAP.

The United Kingdom is a free country with a people who will brook no interference with their freedoms. Singapore is under the oppressive rule of the PAP, run by a succession of petty dictators, assisted by fawning minions.

If Mr.Lee seeks a comparative system, he should look to Syria with it's iron-fisted rulers. It would be a better fit.

Threatening the Voter, In Malaysia

According to Mr.Najib, the Chinese must vote for BN component parties, meaning the MCA, or lose representation in Government. The MCA has said the same thing recently.

This is the BN's idea of endearing itself to the voter; by threatening them.

There is a better way to ensure representation for all communities in the government, and that is for the voters to reject the BN and vote en masse for Pakatan Rakyat. It is far better than giving in to political thuggery and extortion.

Interestingly, for all it's big talk, the MCA did not pull it's existing Ministers out of the Cabinet even though it had been roundly rejected in the 2008 General Elections.