Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nazri Will Always Have A Place, On Libyan State TV

Libyan State TV is not, for those who are unsure, a comedy channel. They may be hilarious, but that is not their intention. They mean to be convincing.

We believe Mr.Nazri Aziz, Malaysia's minister with neither portfolio nor direction, faces the same predicament. He has no intention of making jokes, but people still laugh at him. It must be quite vexing.

Mr.Nazri, of course, has more in common with Libyan State TV, than just being a source of buffoonish entertainment. They both try to turn victim into perpetrator and perpetrator into victim, equally unsuccesfully. Libyan State TV tries this with Ms.Eman Al-Obeidi while Mr.Nazri takes his shot at Mr.Anwar Ibrahim. Mr.Nazri it seems, is Malaysia's answer, to Libya's Hala Misrati.

In his latest statement, he offers to protect a trio of porn exhibitors, as 'whistleblowers' and 'witnesses'. We do not think this is what the Witness Protection Act and the Whistleblower Act were meant for.

In the first place, what criminal act could they possibly be witnesses to? Unless perfidious conspiracies are a crime, in which case they will have to testify against themselves.

Nor can we understand what they have been blowing their whistles on. The whistle has in fact, been blown on them, by Mr.Johari Abdul who is the MP for Sg.Petani, for attempting to bribe an MP to leave his party. And they are guilty of a blatant attempt at blackmail and extortion, by trying to force the nation's Opposition Leader to resign, by threatening to release, what turns out to be a blatantly false video.

Mr.Nazri then notes that this issue is also about morals. In which case, we suggest he introduce a law on morals. He may then proceed to have Mr.Chua Soi Lek arrested, as he is self-admittedly immoral. As well as quite a few more of his colleagues, in the Barisan Nasional.

And while he is about it, Mr.Nazri should also consider introducing a Silly Ass Protection Act, under which, he could protect himself. As well as, perhaps, Mr.Ibrahim Ali.

Why does Mr.Nazri feel it his duty, to interfere in an on-going police investigation?

Unless he means to send the message, that those who are caught doing Umno's dirty work, will be protected by misuse of the country's laws.

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