Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stop Calling Each Other 'Pendatang'!

How, Ms.Chong Eng, are you different from those who call the non-Malays 'pendatang'? And why rake up this muck, when it is not at all an issue right now.

If you are saying such things because you are on a narrow mission to win votes for the Sarawak election, then you are being highly irresponsible. You only cause resentment where there may have been none. And you are now no different from those you castigate, for you too have called others 'pendatang'!

Unless you felt it's clever to point it out, and that you are the only one to notice that the Orang Asli got here first. Or were you trying to respond to, of all people, Mr.Mahathir? The man is an semi-demented demagogue who only understands the dated principle of divide and rule. Are you too, a racist, Ms.Chong Eng?

How do you expect to attract the Malay members that your party so desperately needs, if you will say such things?

Are we all not trying to build a society where everyone has peace, prosperity and freedom?

It is not those who stoop low who will be able to build a just, equitable society, but those who stand above the fray and work to unite and prosper us all, despite our different cultures and worldviews.

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