Friday, March 18, 2011

Shahrizat Shows Her Quality, Or Rather, The Lack Of It

Whatever was the head of Wanita Umno, a lawyer, a Senator and a Minister doing leading a protest on whether Mr.Anwar Ibrahim, should hand over his DNA or not? We forgot to add failed election candidate to her accomplishments.

It is ugly and unpalatable enough an issue that we would expect self-respecting politicians, particularly female politicians, to stay far from such low gatherings. Instead, Ms.Sharizat gleefully jumps into dirty, muddy pool, the better to grab handfulls to smear her opponent with. And failing to notice, as she steps out, that she is now a stinking mess.

Considering that the BN is costantly trying to pretend that the trial is simply a case of one individual against another, why would Umno's Wanita wing feel obliged to stage a political protest?

What did this have to do with women's rights? As PKR's Ms.Zuraida Kamaruddin pointed out, she would be better employed championing the rights of raped Penan women and children. Those are atrocities which she has ignored, exposing her for an unprincipled syncophant, who will not dare, to fight for the exploited, if it does not suit her political masters. All she has done is to grandly tour Ulu Baram, in a waste of taxpayer funds, while accomplishing, and doing, precisely nothing.

And why, of all places, have this protest in Perak, which has nothing to do, with this purposeful trial. If Perak was the scene of any deplorable act, it was the act of perverting democracy, by grabbing power using extra-electoral means.

Perhaps Ms.Shahrizat will stand in Perak in the next election and that is why she demonstrates there.

It is far enough from Lembah Pantai, we suppose, that she will feel safe.

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