Monday, March 14, 2011

Solving the Opposition Voter's Conundrum

Having criticised the DAP several times recently, we realise it might leave some with a puzzle which may seem to have no answers.

What does the voter do when the party that he hopefully voted for in 2008, dissappoints him, or her?
Especially when that party, remains a member of a coalition that said voter still supports.

Our proposed solution, we shall call, Targeted Lessons.

So here then, is our suggestion :

  • In all states, vote for the Pakatan parties, including the DAP, for parliament and state seats.
  • In Penang, vote the Pakatan parties in all parliament and state seats. But in all Penang state seats where the DAP stands, vote for the BN in protest. 
  • But in Parliament seats in Penang, continue still to vote for DAP.
  • In Ean Yong, Nie Ching and Tan Kok Wai's seats, wherever they stand, parliament or state, vote for the BN in protest.

This will ensure the continued strength of Pakatan and may yet give the DAP a lesson in humility. A lesson that they sorely need.

We have focused on the DAP, as it has proven particularly arrogant of late. And seems to have become hard of hearing. For those who are unsure of what we are talking about, we refer them to Ean Yong's attempted saving of a grotesque animal-abuser or his BN-like attempt to cast long-standing animal rights activists as being politically motivated. We refer also to Nie Ching's abettment and justification of his actions and Tan Kok Wai's callousness (as reported by Kua Kia Soong) in supporting the caging of birds. They are despicable politicians, and in particular Ean Yong, not fit for public office.

We have deliberately stopped at only citing the DAP for inhumane acts. There is, of course and unfortunately, far more. We will not delve into it.

But we cannot let them get away with BN-like acts, as in deliberately not accepting a memorandum which is critical of them. In fact, even the BN, we must note, does not treat citizens with such disrespect when they calmly attempt to submit memorandums.

We are concerned that letting them get away with it clean, will cause them to further evolve into the authoritarian PAP or that they will, in Orwellian fashion, turn into the BN before our disbelieving eyes.

We do not like feeling trapped into voting for the DAP when they misbehave in the manner they have. We suspect they know our dilemma, and feel secure in the knowledge that voters are willing to overlook a lot to pursue the ideal of a 2-party state. In short, they take us for granted.

We see no other way to cure the DAP of this malaise of arrogance, deafness and disrespect of voters that they have contracted.

Our suggestions will be repeated, with such additions or subtractions as are appropriate, when the elections are called, which we believe, is very soon.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" - George Orwell

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