Saturday, March 12, 2011

Protest At DAP HQ

The DAP handled the protest at their HQ, we are informed, in most craven fashion. They locked their doors, switched off their front lights, and hid in their back offices.

Mr.Lim Guan Eng, to whom the memorandum was addressed, was nowhere in sight. He was, presumably, busy claiming to fight for justice and a humane society, while ignoring the inhumane acts and words, of his own representatives.
The memorandum could not be handed over, we are told, but those present did manage to slip some of their placards under the door. Including one which described Ean Yong as a kitten killer defender. Which is precisely what he is.

We note with concern that some DAP supporters have tried to depict MAWS and Shenaaz as being politically motivated. Shenaaz, to our knowledge, has a long history of activism and she has many times unfearingly stood up to BN and its agencies.

Free speech and freedom of assembly are human rights, and cannot de demonised simply because it is targetted, in this case, against the representatives of parties you support.

Or there will be little to choose between the DAP and the BN.

Update : We have learned that DAP's non-presence to receive the memorandum was deliberate. It looks like they are worse than the BN in handling criticism. In fact, they brook no criticism at all. - The Owl, 12th March 2011, 4.05 pm.


  1. I hope everybody is paying attention to how the "new" dap acts.

    Give them a little power and they have all gone mad.

    the idiotic duo Teo and Ean should be booted out of politics.

    lim guan eng is the main problem. his arrogance is umno level and so are his pathetic overzealous ignorant chauvinistic supporters.

  2. wow and here i thought lim guan eng was a fearless superman who fights for the rights of raped children (once) and pig abattoirs (many times).

    this DAP PR implosion is getting worse by the minute.

    nevertheless I'm going to pass my own memorandum to the dap people whenever i see them.

    so should everybody else. everywhere. every time.

    teo and ean must be censured and issue a public apology. and adopt a stray kitten.

    the last part optional. wouldn't want the kitten to suffer.

  3. Im making this comment of behalf of my mum. My mum, Pn. Zaiton, was one of Azmin Ali's secondary school teachers. She is also an animal lover and was mortified by the serdang kitten killer.

    So ive been following ur updates on the case.My mum she said she knows mum had actually met her a few weeks ago at the DBKL/SPCA klinik kembiri. They chatted briefly and my mum was completely impressed with this girl. After she left, my mum asked Mr. Krishnan, the managaer of klinik kembiri about shenaaz, and he had very good things to say about her. He said her mum is also a crazy animal lover and her upbringing has probably been the reason for her activism. So it is quite obvious that her only motivation here is her love for animals and not for some political reason. I hope she is not discouraged by these ridiculous accusations.

    And you're right, the DAP is acting no better than the BN!!!!

    Keep up the good work!