Friday, March 11, 2011

Gobind's Crime Of Omission

The DAP's Mr.Gobind Singh, in his press conference on Thursday, spoke strongly about the MACC's shrugging off of torture reports.

He noted that 59 cases of use of force by MACC officers, were reported between 2005 and 2010. And nothing has been done about them. He says the MACC is shrugging off torture reports.We thank him for pointing it out. We don't disagree with him.

But we must point out to him, that the DAP too is guilty of shrugging off torture reports, or worse.

Why has he chosen to remain silent, on the attempt by DAP's Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching to white-wash the cruel torture and killings of kittens by a demented monster? Why has he remained mute on Ean Yong's callous remarks? These DAP reps also went to the extent, in true BN-like fashion, of stopping people present from raising too many questions.

Why has he not condemned them, as he rightly chastises the MACC?

How is the DAP different from the MACC, if they choose to remain silent when it involves their own people?

This issue, we remind the DAP and its suddenly laconic leaders, will not go away.

Until they do the right thing.

Until they match lofty word, with principled act.

For every protestation that they make for humane government right now, stinks of self-serving hypocrisy.

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