Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Samy Tries A Gaddafi

Mr. Samy Velu was at his blustering worst today. His scheme to retain life-long control of MIED allegedly exposed by his former supporter Mr.Nijhar and the online website Free Malaysia Today, he threatened to sue all those who had accused him of attempting to hijack MIED.
He had, he warned menacingly, instructed his lawyers.

He and Mr.Palanivel, he would have us believe, have a wonderful relationship and are 'constantly' discussing about the MIED. We wonder if they have discussed why he hasn't stepped down as MIED chairman yet. When he is no longer the MIC President. And the post of MIED Chairman is usually held by the MIC President.

Those invited to join as MIED trustees are all 'MIC leaders' or 'educationists'.
He did not mention whether they were on his side or Mr.Palanivel's. Because, of course, there are now two sides in the MIC. Despite Mr.Samy's vehement denials.
Our guess would be that they are all his 'men'. Who will vote for whatever he wants. Including retaining him as Chairman of MIED. Forever and ever.

For Mr.Samy neglected to provide a credible answer to the most important question of all. Why did he suddenly want to add these new trustees?
Nor did he provide any intelligible response to the widely circulated sms sent, allegedly, by Mr.Nijhar.

Mr.Palanivel, meanwhile, continues to act like a frightened schoolboy. One minute, he throws a stone at Mr.Samy, by appointing Mr.Murugesan as Secretary-General and removing the Samy-Friendly Mr.Rajagopalu. The next minute, he hides.

He does not, as a brave, forthright leader should, confront Mr.Samy and establish once and for all, that he really is the new President of the MIC. Instead, he accepts the indignity of being denied his rightful role as the Chairman of MIED. As he accepts being, humiliatingly, a deputy Minister while his deputy in the party, Mr.Subramaniam, lords it as a full Minister.

Mr.Samy, despite being relinquished of his post as MIC President, has yet managed to wheedle an envoyship out of poor Mr.Najib. Ensuring himself, as he has managed for the past 30 years and more, of an undeserved place at the public trough. Where he continues to gorge himself at taxpayer expense.

And, still unsatisfied, proceeds to bluff, bluster, cajole and threaten to hang on to his remaining posts. Needing only a Russian fur hat, a wrap-around shawl and perhaps a green-coloured book in his hand, to take on the role of Malaysia's Mr.Gaddafi. And like Mr.Gaddafi, Mr.Samy simply does not know when to quit.

Neither Mr.Samy nor Mr.Palanivel is fit to lead anybody. Pity the Indians, for having these
bickering charlatans cast in the role of 'Indian Leaders'.

Fortunately, however, for the Indians, and for everybody else who has to watch this tiresome melodrama wind its way to it's dreary end, they now have alternatives to vote for.

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