Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little To Choose Between Umno and HRP

HRP is organising a march on the 27th of February. We are not certain what precisely it is for. It appears to be a combination of  a march against Umno racism and a march to ban Interlok.

Or, perhaps, more likely, a march to attempt to consolidate the Indian Vote behind HRP.

Which would then strengthen HRP's shrill, intransigent hand in seat negotiations with Pakatan. Or, if that fails, perhaps seat negotiations with BN. For on their own, there is no seat that they can win.

HRP, we read on their website, has called on Pakatan leaders to support their march. But we do not believe they consulted them when organising it.

Pakatan should not support marches, or anything else, organised by race-based organisations. And on HRP's website, they clearly state that they only fight for the Indians.

We are wary of such race-championing parties. The MIC is living proof that race-championing parties in Malaysia will only devolve into ineffective groupings of individuals, bound by collective avarice. And doing little to help those who need their assistance.
Even when given 54 long years to do it.

Having said that, we respect all persons and parties right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. It will be the responsibility of the Police to ensure this march is incident-free. Using the same ham-handed tactics as in 2007 to disperse them will only result in increased support and sympathy for HRP.
To the detriment of rational, multi-racial politics in Malaysia.

A 'March Against Umno Racism' by HRP is a contradictory exercise, in any event. For HRP too, is, by representing only one race, perpetuating racism in Malaysia.

Many of us may have supported the march in 2007, for it sought to end the callous destruction of places of worship.

But we should not support this ambiguous, self-serving, march.

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