Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Emperor Has No Clothes On!

He's not particularly clever, is he, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong? Certainly not on his Q & A session on Channel NewsAsia the other night.

What we saw was an average politician giving run-of-the-mill answers. If he showed any special skill during what became a duller-by-the minute session, it was in being evasive. Whatever he is worth, it is not S$4 Million a year.

He was assisted by a 'moderator', who seemed to be have been deployed for the purpose of deflecting difficult questions, and abruptly changing the topic. It is also a rare sight, to see a moderator, herself asking questions! Helpful ones, of course!

Why would his well-paid PR advisers put such mediocrity in so exposed and public a display? It seems to be an indicator of the low opinion they have of Singaporean's intelligence. Mr.Lee may waltz in wearing a pink shirt, act surprised when told NCMPs are unrepresentative, avoid the issues, make threats; and they are convinced that you will still vote for them.

He had no qualms about publicly stating that he would discriminate against those who vote against his party. It is an undisguised, uncivilized threat. In many countries, it is a crime to make such threats. It will be a pity if Singaporeans allow such political thuggery to frighten them.

Development funds should not be based on whether the voters in an area voted for the PAP or not; it should be based on need.

Yet Mr.Lee and the PAP, insist on treating Singaporeans like a pack of mules, with their carrot and their stick. Mr.Tharman offers them carrots in the form of S$800 bribes, then Mr.Lee turns up armed with a club!

Withholding development funds based on politics, has not worked in Malaysia. Those Malaysian voters so persecuted, grow more sullen still, and continue to vote for the opposition.

We doubt the voters of Potong Pasir and Hougang will appreciate, or give in, to such threats.

Nor should any other voter.


  1. Is he any different from those local village strongman who decides who live or die according to whether they submit to him or challenge the thugs he employs to maintain his grip?

  2. Heard from an unconfirmed source within PAP:

    There are many talented people within PAP that are more capable or qualify to be the PM of Singapore but the Old Man who has overstayed his welcome said a firm "NO" and groupthink forced everybody to toe the line and agreed that Lee Hsien Loong was the best person to be the next PM of Singapore after Gog Chok Tong stepped down from his seat.

  3. Let's give credit where credit is due. The first generation PAP leaders were visionaries and men of action. They toiled, crafted and endlessly fought to forge the modern Singapore. But somewhere along the line, our current MM Lee lost the plot and decided to overstay his welcome (and usefulness) and started devising ways to entrench himself, his family and his cronies.

    PAP went from a party of principled men and women working for the good of the people, to a party more concerned about their own self-preservation and their status quo. True, not all within the PAP party are thusly aligned, but the party's core principles have been usurped by Lee Senior to ensure that his family dominates and "owns" Singapore for generations to come.