Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lee Hsien Loong And The Cardboard NCMPs

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong has assured Singapore's electorate that there will always be opposition MPs in Parliament. He said this today during his Q & A session with 12 members of the public on that Channel 9.  It is very generous of him. You may now vote for the PAP with no misgivings as there will always be 9 appointed members of this pseudo-opposition in the House. We can then, he said, "have a debate".

One of the 12 however, Kurt Wee, was unconvinced. They would not be, he more or less and quite rightly said, be representative of the elctorate. Mr.Lee looked suitably perplexed. Well, he tried to look suitably perplexed and went so far as to furrrow his brows, but being perhaps a graduate of the Britney Spears Shool of Acting, he did not succeed very well. He looked, in fact, like he was acting. "But why not" he squeaked, in a hurt, surprised voice. Clearly, more acting classes needed. He was quickly saved by Melissa Hyak, the 'moderator', who abruptly moved to another question!

There is one other problem with this concept. Singapore will now have to pay for, an addittional 9 MPs simply because they didn't in the first place, elect some opposition members. This would result in addittional costs, in the form of allowances and administration.

As it is taxpayer money, we have, we think, a brilliant suggestion, on avoiding this expenditure. Mr.Lee could commission 9 cardboard cut-outs and have them play the role of Non-Constituency MPs. Other than the initial outlay on cardboard and a box-cutter, they would cost nothing. They would be as representative of the electorate as Mr.Lee's human appointees would be.

He may still debate them, but would save much time, as they are unlikely to have anything to say. It would be a perfect arrangement. Singapore's electorate will have their opposition, pseudo and wooden though it may be, and Mr.Lee would have, his way!

Note :
We hope Singapore's Opposition parties, and members, reject this sham system. It only benefits and perpetuates the PAP's rule. The electorate should be informed that they may vote or not for the opposition candidates, but if none win, then there will be no opposition MPs in Parliament, not even pseudo-ones. They must take a joint stand that none of them, including Sylvia Lim, will accept such posts. It is a psy-war that Mr.Lee is engaged in, to mislead the elctorate, and the opposition should not be suckered into it.


  1. The NCMPs don't get paid the $15,000/mth.. it's much less, like $1,000 or something

  2. hello Owl,
    not just putting cardboards for NCMPs.
    PM Lee should put inflated dummies in parliament to replace all his PAP MPs, perfect reason to pay them a token sum and keep the savings for himself.