Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sorry No Cure!

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong has said he is sorry for past mistakes. It's funny he should choose to say it now, in the middle of an election campaign where it has become clear that the PAP is going to take a bruising.

We know what it is of course, it is an 'Election Sorry'. An 'Election Sorry' is much like an election promise, it means nothing. His sorry did not stop the flash floods in Ang Mo Kio today, a result of poor planning by his PAP government.

No, Mr.Lee is not at all sorry. He just wants you to keep voting for him, and will say anything he thinks you want to hear.

All this time Mr.Lee has been adamant about how good his government is, and how wonderful his Ministers are. Mr.Lee has also consistently insulted the intelligence of Singaporeans by trying to sell the NCMP idea. Now he is suddenly 'sorry'.

Is Mr.Lee sorry enough to restore freedom to Singaporeans by freeing the press and stop the stifling of freedom of speech? Don't even think about it! Mr.Lee is the Prime Minister who recently gazetteed TOC in a crackdown on freedom of speech in the Internet.

Perhaps Mr.Lee Kuan Yew should say sorry for blatantly threatening the voters of Aljunied, or for putting down the entire Malay community. But that day is unlikely to come.

If Mr.Lee Hsien Loong is genuinely sorry, then he should state exactly what he is sorry for. Which are the mistakes he is referring to? It is hardly just public housing and transport! And we mean details of the mistakes, like who recommended them, who made the decion, and most of all, what was the PM doing when all these mistakes were being made?

And Mr.Lee should state what he will he do about all these mistakes if he is re-elected, in detail!

Note :
We hope the list of mistakes is released in spreadsheet form. We are sure to have some to add. Microsoft Excel, please!


  1. Giving your vote to the PAP after LHL's apology will be the biggest mistake, ever!

  2. the cure to Lee Hsien Loong's incompetent government and worthless apology is to make his fxxking PAP the minority in parliament.
    the extraction of truth from the PAP hypocrites will follow thereafter, whatever it takes.