Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rebutting Lee and Goh

Mr.Lee Hsien Loong says he doesn't get why Singaporeans think NCMPs aren't real. After all, they get to ask questions in Parliament, even if the answers are evasive. And they get to introduce bills, which will never be passed by the ridicoulous PAP majority. And they get to vote, except on anything that is important, like finance and confidence motions. The answer to Mr.Lee's question, is that Singaporeans aren't stupid!

Meanwhile Mr.Goh Chok Tong has taken to running down his former employee, Mr.Tan Jee Say. He was not good enough and so left the civil service, he said. Mr.Tan has exposed his lie by rebutting him that it was Mr.Goh who asked him to stay on when he resigned the first time. It is most unprofessional of Mr.Goh to say such things, even if it were true, which in this case it patently is not. Mr.Tan is doing a good job of exposing the going-ons in Temasek and the GIC, and he can take comfort in the fact that Mr.Goh's low attack has only made him(Mr.Tan) more popular.

Incredibly Mr.Goh described the campaign so far as gentlemanly! Yes, the opposition may be, but Mr.Goh most certainly is not, a gentleman!

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  1. It is a clear sign of desperation on the part of both Lee and Goh. Under pressure, both men show they are acually 3rd rate leaders and wthout a doubt, product of LKY's selection and mentoring.