Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WP Manifesto vs. PAP Snake Oil

The Workers Party manifesto consisted of 17,440 words while the PAP's manifesto was a flimsy document of 1,688 words. The PAP's 1,688 words included a used-car salesman type sales pitch by Mr.Lee Hsien Loong.

We are quite convinced that the PAP manifesto was written by a PR consultant. It is full of empty words, unmeasurable promises, and high-sounding rhetoric. It is generic gibberish! Whoever wrote it, he is a slippery fellow; he promises you everything, but you can't hold him down to anything. In the event the PAP loses and he is booted out of his job, he will no doubt be found standing on a street corner in some disreputable part of town, selling snake oil!

The Workers Party manifesto is, by contrast, a thoughtful and carefully put together piece of work. They seem to have burned the midnight oil, and perhaps brainstormed for long hours, with input from ordinary citizens, before completing it. It is very clear, that they have the competency, to succesfully manage Singapore.

If you think us biased, please read both manifestos for yourself.

The Workers Party manifesto is here .

The PAP manifesto may be found as a silly set of children's slides at their website. We can only conclude that the PAP is used to treating Singaporeans like schoolchidren, and so present their manifesto in this way.


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