Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Different Rules For Different Parties!

The opposition's team in Tanjong Pagar was disqualified today. Apparently, their seconders, proposers, and assentors were not all seated at the end of nominations! So what, if they were standing? What has it to do with an election? It is a silly rule, enforced selectively by the PAP's Elections Department! To add insult to injury, they were apparently only 35 seconds late! Perhaps they should add more rules, like you should not scratch your nose, or pull your earlobes, or raise your eyebrows at discrimination. Why not, the rules would only be enforced on the opposition, after all!

If Mr.Lee Kuan Yew had been standing, or even standing on his head, we doubt the Elections Department officials would have enforced this rule. In fact, they may all have taken to standing on their heads as well!

Mr.Lee then unashamedly proceeded to give a 'victory speech'. We are certain he did not want a challenge, for the ballot boxes would have been filled with many protest votes against the PAP and it's policies. Mr.Lee would have been embarassed by a victory with a small margin, or even a loss, and he would have been proven to be merely a tin god . We will never know, for they have chosen the poltroon's path to victory. Mr.Lee and his team are not legitimate victors, and Singapore's unfair elections are off to a troubling start.

Meanwhile, the SDP's protest on the PAP's Ms.Sim Ann has been dismissed with no reason given by Election Department officials. She had written on her papers, that she was 'unemployed' while the SDP says she is still serving her notice.

If this is accurate, then writing a falsehood on your nomination papers is apparently acceptable to the Election Department's officials, if you're a PAP candidate. However if you're from the opposition, and are standing instead of sitting, you will be promptly disqualified!

The Election Department's decisions seem to have little to do with infractions of rules, and everything to do with which party you're from!

Note (Update):
The Public Services Division has come out and said that Ms.Sim Ann is no longer in the civil service. Whether this is true, or was made to come true after the SDP's protest, we will never know. The fact remains that the Elections Department chose to quickly dismiss the protest, when it clearly warranted a detailed investigation.


  1. I agree it's silly to be disqualified over 35 seconds, but you should know that Ms. Sim Ann has come out to clarify that she finished serving her notice on Apr 3, and has been unemployed since then.

  2. This is third world politics!

  3. this fiasco will become a non-issue if LKY and his PAP stooges end up as the minority in parliament and his spineless son is also booted out.