Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Now, Here's More Threats From The PAP

According to Mr.Lim Swee Say, the PAP's well-paid Minister without portfolio, but with much to say, Singaporeans should not 'gamble' with their future. It is strange advice, indeed, coming from a member of a Cabinet which authorized the building of two huge casinos in Singapore.

Apparently, not voting for the PAP will be a losing bet, in which Singaporeans will lose their future. When you bet in a casino, he says you will lose only money! And if money is lost, will that not affect the future? Not if you're an overpaid Minister in Mr.Lee's Cabinet, it seems.

It is voting for the PAP which is the losing bet. By voting for the opposition, Singaporeans may win themselves a two-party state, their freedom and a government that listens. As a bonus win, you will rid yourselves of arrogant fear-mongerers like Mr.Lim Swee Say.

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